My Art…

This one I finished up today: “Beauty Attacked

If you look close at the silver balls…they are round thorns. Portraying how our spirits (which have been made beautiful by God is constantly attacked)

This one is called “I need magnesium” (I’d rather just eat chocolate, lol)

“You are the light of the world”

This one is Jerusalem with Russian onion domes (instead of a mosque, lol)

Hope ya liked em.

Here’s a little Christmas cheer:

8 thoughts on “My Art…

  1. You are very creative, They are beautifully done Pauli. I’ve seen a lot of thorns
    I eat a lot of cherry’s, I know the pearl of great price, He is full of wisdom; to make one wise. I never waste them on Swine! Cutting Onions make me cry ! In this case, they made me smile.. LOL

  2. Nice art work and music is a gem. Will see if can tape to casette as can read bible etc to it over and over.

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