Demonic Portals Above The White House? Looks Like It To Me:

Demonic Portholes Above The White House? Looks Like It To Me:

I corrected it.. I wrote ‘porthole’, LOL!

I know ya’ll don’t like TikTok but Bitchute is lagging on uploads and I thought you should see this. It’s so obvious that the White House is the throne of satan. The people operating inside are absolutely disgusting with militant sodomy, pedophilia, child trafficking and more. Just VOMIT!

See it for yourself:

Pray this prayer with us, please: HaShem God: I PRAY Darkness & Pain Over The Throne Of The Beast (D.C.), It’s Time The Evil & Wicked PAY For Their Evil Deeds:

10 thoughts on “Demonic Portals Above The White House? Looks Like It To Me:

  1. The White House has been empty since 20 January 2021. Since 20 January 2021, the White House has been cursed ground. Washington, DC has been cursed probably for a number of years. DC is a ghost town. When there is not enough light of the Gospel in a city, it is taken over by darkness (Satan).

    Orange Orb Over White House (3:33)

    Video of Possible Demolition Explosions inside White House

    Washington, DC is Empty – Federal Reserve is Closed – 7th November 2022

  2. Robin Bullock prophecied over this with Timothy Dixon. There are a number of streams Robin Bullock had with Elijah Streams (Intelligence Briefings) that address this portal. The portals got blocked this year when the witches and warlocks tried to open them earlier. If you go back on Elijah Streams on Rumble and look for the Intelligence Briefings with Robin D. Bullock, you will see the programs. I have blog links on my blog site Cleveland Foxers. The ones to U2be are dead because they banned Elijah Streams, so you need to click the Rumble link to see them.

  3. I guess watch and wait for further confirmation, information, and results! These things arent easily proven!

  4. In the video above with David Nino Rodriguez, someone left a comment in the Live Chat replay. They said that the most demonic cities in the world are Washington, DC, London and The Vatican City.

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