Blizzard 2022 Disaster Compilation. (Prayers For Believers)

Blizzard 2022 Disaster Compilation. (Prayers For Believers)

There are thousands of videos not seen before on TikTok of the US and Buffalo blizzard disaster of 2022. I compiled this one. We pray for the believers there Lord, that you will take care of them. In Jesus/Yashuas name.

5 thoughts on “Blizzard 2022 Disaster Compilation. (Prayers For Believers)

  1. Schwab hates animals wants no more buffalo. Sad sad picture. Hope many have some heat and food in their igloos.

  2. I might have left a comment on your U2be Channel. I suspected you would be posting the U2be link here.

    “Mr. E.”

  3. Awesome post/videos Pauli. Yes its sad that many times believers suffer along with the satanists. And the BIGGEST ones in NY run the GOVT! Just like California! State GOVT is destroying CA and their BS filters to other states too

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