I Had A Post Removed Off Of An A.I. F.B. Art Forum: My Beef With “Real” Artists, Aka Leftist Chit-Bags:

I Had A Post Removed Off Of An A.I. F.B. Art Forum: My Beef With “Real” Artists, Aka Leftist Chit-Bags:

Below is ‘The Blue Dog’. A piece of garbage ‘art’ that is worth thousands.

Or this idiot: Piss Christ – Wikipedia

Let’s face it: Today’s ‘art’ is only Leftist filth and it absolutely sucks. The people who ‘text to prompt’ on A.I. ‘art’ forums are having fun texting to image the photo’s they want to see in art form. ‘Real’ artists don’t paint anymore. Nobody buys their junk and now, they’re crying because A.I. is ‘generating’ art from images.

SO: This is what I wrote to the crying Leftists:

I would like to say something if I may about A.I.. My beef is totally different. I feel that in the last 25 years or so, ‘Real’ Art/Artists have become a horrible JOKE.

In many paintings I see, its just awful: Scribble-scrabble, boring caliginous junk with NO meaning, just trash.

(And ‘artists’ have the audacity to say: “There is a message here”) there is NO message, its crapola.

I LOVE paintings of ladies with a LOT of jewelry and frills. I hardly EVER see anything like this.

Take a good look at Thomas Kinkade – I am NO Kinkade fan, but he should have spoken loud n clear to the current band of (PUKE) ‘artists’ – that people want BEAUTY. They want flavor, they want to see life.

‘Artists’: A.I. texters are NOT the problem: YOU ARE.

So, my post was removed by Leftist chit-bags. They got their little feelings hurt because someone told them that they SUCK. Their ‘art’ is the pits.

And, they do suck-bigtime!

I’m not a huge A.I. ‘fan’ because it takes over every aspect of life through algorithms.. That being said.. I like messing around on the “A.I” fake art generator forums. It’s fun!

Paul Joseph Watson sums up the horrible art:

10 thoughts on “I Had A Post Removed Off Of An A.I. F.B. Art Forum: My Beef With “Real” Artists, Aka Leftist Chit-Bags:

  1. Well my Mad Jewess, I will be more than happy to invite you to a Google Blog “Rattrapper’s MyFox Trappings” to post any artistic post you wish, and anything else on your mind. I have several Google blogs, including “Mystere’s Moonbat Slayer Club” where you can vent freely, and post on your own terms freely. You are highly trusted, and I support free speech. I’m not sure if you saw “The Eleventh Hour” this past Tuesday on $©Гμ – μ & F – μ2be, but I have the link on my Cleveland Foxers blog. I don’t think very highly of U2be. I like how Rumble has been getting those banned onto their sites, and Bitchute has as well.

  2. I thought art was supposed to be pleasing to the eyes as music is supposed to be pleasing to the ears. Art is individual expression and not all favors all viewers or it may have a message in it, but puke art isnt art.
    In israel a pig with Jesus or moses name on it is considered puke art but still art by the govt. But miss harshefi served 3 years in prison as govt said pig with mohammed on it didnt even make puke art !
    Whats sad about puke art is the state of minds of the creators and looney admirers.

  3. I agree.. Renoir, nor Monet nor any true artist would be famous if they lived today. The ones who had true talent and appreciated beauty. They would never be appreciated if they were new on the art scene today. The modern art snobs only love what the reprobate, so called elite, designate as worthy to be art.

    In their minds, perversion, disgusting images pass as “art”. And the leftist idiots just eat it up. They can’t think for themselves. I bet if someone vomited on a canvas and then painted with it, they’d all applaud. Just like Maria Abramovic’s filthy painting using menstrual blood. The world has lost it’s mind.

  4. As of today, Paul Joseph Watson is my favorite art critic. Watson’s expose on modern garbage (what leftist’s call “art”) is brilliant. Satan has done an excellent job of infiltrating every aspect of our lives including the art world. Reminds of me of that reporter saying “mostly peaceful protests” as the city behind him is burning down in flames.

    Modern art/conceptual art is the theater of the absurd on steroids. Looking at modern garbage is like pulling teeth without Novocain. It is assault & battery on the eyes. It is noise pollution to the ears. It is beyond ridiculous.

    Compare modern garbage with the works of Vincent Van Gogh or Zinaida Serebriakova: it is like reading William Shakespeare’s MACBETH and then watching a mangy, old dog take a sh*t. Modern garbage is without form and without meaning: it is another way of saying that mankind evolved from primordial sewage.

    I think the first video I ever saw by Paul Joseph Watson was “San Francisco is a Sh*thole”; it was hilarious.

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  6. Speaking of art critics, literary critics and film critics, I think this clip from INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is a great work of art. Someone described this scene as the most British interview in film history:

    INGLORIOUS BASTERDS – Mike Myers & the Film Critic Scene

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