I Am Taking A Few Days Off, Hurt My Hand Again!

Im always hurting my hands and arms! I am benching close to 150 Lbs. Plus, I am banging on this keyboard lately. So, Im going to take off until Monday if you all don’t mind. I need to get rid of this agony.

Have a nice weekend. Love you all. Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

I thought this movie was cheesy but I really LOVED the songs….a LOT!

7 thoughts on “I Am Taking A Few Days Off, Hurt My Hand Again!

  1. Such a positive vid. Take down the obama punching bag. Put arnica/ icy hot or some thing good on your hands. Prayer going up the weekend all resolves.

  2. Remember not to push the envelope; light stretching exercises to warm up your muscles and joints will keep you limber. Non impact cardio is more important than weight training. I DON”T see the need for you to be benching any more than 60 lbs. 1Tim 4:8

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