How To Recognize A.I. GENERATED “Art” Figurative’s +. AND: Beware Of Tools That Do NOT Detect A.I. Images Accurately.

How To Recognize A.I. “Art”. Beware Of Tools That Do NOT Detect A.I. Images Accurately.

I’m not against AI prompt specialists. If they can evolve images all day long to get something perfect (almost), that takes real work & patience. But, for me, it’s too frustrating to have absolutely NO control over one’s work. I should know, I have evolved many pieces and walked away totally frustrated and angered. The AI art sites are FAR from perfect. FAR. Believe me!!!

I digress….So: How can we recognize A.I. Art? Some of us are true art collectors.

First: Not everyone cares if an image online is A.I. or a real art print. They just buy what they like. They know its not ‘the real deal’ to begin with – only a print.

BUT: For true art collectors, some of these issues follow an AI generated image:

  1. If 2 heads are in the image, it is usually A.I.. Of course there are artists who use 2 heads (one on top of the other) but that is rare.
  2. Earrings: See the earrings on an image of a woman. If they are undoubtedly 2 different earrings, then it is probably A.I.
  3. Hands: A.I. does not have the ability to paint hands well at all.
  4. Missing limbs, not symmetrical body parts. Strange looking body parts.
  5. Watermarks or a differing signature of the supposed artist.
  6. Hair can be uneven and strange looking.
  7. 2 color eyes. A.I. often produces 2 color eyes as well as real mistakes in the eye work.
  8. Necklaces can be lop-sided, uneven, hanging in an odd place.
  9. TEETH!! Ugly teeth is usually A.I.

Here is an example of one of my digital collage pieces. The first one was ALL cut out by me. There is quite a lot of work in this digital collage. This is not an “AI generated piece”. It is however – run through the AI as an example for you.

Below is the AI ‘enhancement’ of the above piece. I utilize AI occasionally because I want deeper or muted color for my digital collages. However, notice the arms on the 2 dancing girls compared to the one above.

I DO like the way the dresses turned out (the design) and I like the hats on the dancing girl’s heads. But, look at those arms! LMAO! And, my butterflies are missing and turned into some type circular things the dancing girls are holding. So, it can’t be used or sold because of it’s obvious flaw.

I do use AI for eyes, lips, hair, jewelry, props etc . It cuts time for me since I work in digital.

Now, let’s look at some generated, no photo (just generated by text only) AI’s with the issues:

^Looks really nice, huh? Except for the FACT that the tea-cup has 2 handles and a hook on that cup. Classic A.I. issue.

^Looks pretty? It’s really not. Look at that nose. Not symmetrical at all. The earrings are a mess. That feather in front of her face doesn’t fit. That Grey Poupon dot on her cheek looks terrible. Classic A.I. issues.

^Looks really lovely, doesn’t it? Look closely. The teapot all the way to the left is missing it’s handle. The sugar bowl to the right of that tea-pot is missing a handle. Lots of real issues. Classic A.I.

^She looks really pretty. And, she is. Her features are perfect! Except….look at her hair. A large piece of gathered hair seems to be placed on the opposite side. Classic A.I. issue.

^This one is atrocious. Look at those arms! And the fingers! Holy Makarel! Anyway, that is an obvious A.I. issue.

^By now, you can probably see… She has mans arms. Typical AI problem.

So, now you are a little more alert to the AI issues.

Another issue is the AI detectors which are supposedly accurate. Welp, they are not. See the comments in this feed and post:

citypainter·7 hr. ago

I just ran a photo of one of my oil paintings through this tool. It took me approximately 25 hours to paint. The tool says it’s 80% artificial. Please understand how devastating these sorts of false positives could be to some people, particularly if tools like this become widely used and trusted by people who don’t understand their limitations.

No-Conclusion7515·2 hr. ago

SAME thing happened to me!!! I painted my own with gel, pen, acrylics, even ADDED druzy to my painting and it said ARTIFICIAL.

Like what!!

It is better to train your eyes to detect because REAL paintings have been dubbed as ‘artificial’ on the detectors. Also: Ai prompt “artists” really only sell prints. On occasion, possibly an A.I. prompt specialist may paint the image they ran through the generator but I believe that would be considered art since the person is actually working/painting a piece to sell.

The A.I. prompter specialists are great with texting what they want to see. They are EXPERTS at this! Their actual talent is having knowledge of great artists. Perhaps they are educated and always desired to be real artists. Kudo’s on them for playing around with AI. It probably makes them feel good.

Hope this helps you.

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