7 thoughts on “Lol……What I Heard When Prez Joey Diapers Spoke:

  1. I listened/watched the whole thing last night. YEA I was angry the whole time. His LIES!!!! And Sarah Sanders rebuttal afterwards! SHES AWESOME

  2. But I dont believe it was the REAL Joe biden giving the speech! IT WAS THE DOUBLE!!! LOOK ALIKE made up to DO things like last night. It WASNT JOE!

  3. Ive tried to foreward things to this blog in past. It doesnt allow me to. BUT I seen a post today! 2 joe bidens side by side. EYE color was different! So were teeth! Things that make up artists CANT change!

  4. Joe & jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of money, joe fell down and broke his head and continued to rule.

  5. And for a minute there, I thought maybe JILL biden might swallow Kamalla Haris husbands tongue that night. Their passionate kiss on air

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