My Video: America IS The Problem, NOT Russia

My Video: America IS The Problem, NOT Russia

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  1. Tor. If go to play store told its not compatable. If go to android told it can harm the device but can proceed at risk if i want.

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  3. Pauli: Here is a video that you have to see; it is excellent. The Bit Chute channel is SonofEnos. Most of the video is about the Wagner Group: a private military company in Russia.

    In short, the head of Wagner has declared the governments of the UK, Canada and the United States as illegal and as terrorist organizations and will gladly help the people of these countries to overthrow the criminals that run these governments.

    Wagner Vows to Free Canada, UK and the USA from Genocidal Governments

  4. Wow ! That is an exc vid, Tim
    I love that guy in the beginning with the red hair.

    That girl yelling is heartbreaking Tim

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