Normally, I HATE this song with a passion…but, now, its GREAT!

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  1. I love the Bee so much! This. Is. Fantastic!!!!!! Thanks for sharing P. Big smiles here.

  2. That was great. “Got no electricitay.”


    Brian’s Dream about the United State and Africa

    19 April 2014

    Yesterday I got a ride from Challis, Idaho to Lolo, Montana with a guy named Brian. He was a Christian and we had some really good fellowship. Brian had just left California a few days before he picked me up. He said that the drought is really bad where he was at in central California. The Lord told Brian to leave California and go to Montana. I told Brian that the drought is only going to get worse in parts of the United States because too many people have turned their backs on God.

    Then Brian told me of a dream he had a while back concerning the drought:

    In his dream, Brian saw this combine in a corn field where half the field was mowed down. He walked up to this corn stock and looked inside the husk and it was empty. Then he saw these two men with long black hair and beards and they were pulling at their hair and crying out, “Africa, feed us!”

    In the last scene of the dream, Brian saw this combine in Africa. The combine was then converted into a war machine. Brian then saw these African troops going to Asia.

    In the first part of Brian’s dream, the drought could be literal where people are starving for physical food. Or else it could be a spiritual drought: people are hungry for the Word of God—Jesus Christ, the Bread from Heaven. Maybe the Lord will send more African Christians to the United States to preach to a people that are hungry for God.

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  4. There is a revival coming. Azusa Pacific & Seattle Pacific are sister seminaries to Asbury Theological Seminaries. While people are FLEEING California, some of us staying will be in charge of the HUGE revival on the Pacific Coast. Pray that the Tsunami prophecy turns out to be symbolic of a revival washing away the sins and starting a cleansing of baptism instead.

  5. USA must pay for its corporate sins, Fox.
    The ‘revival’ will be inside of peoples souls before God completely turns this place over to wrath.

  6. LMAO LOVE IT! But I loved the original CA dreamin song. Its an old song back when CA was still CA

  7. Mad Jewess, I am sensing that the Asbury Revival is part of a corporate repentance starting at this moment. I DO know that one of the aspects of the Asbury revival is for those leaving the Ultra Liberal UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. The UMC NEVER repented of its 1860s sins of supporting slavery and selling choice seating in its churches to anyone who had money to pay for choice seats. The FREE METHODISTS split away from the Methodist Church in protest to the sins. 65 years later, the UMC begged the FMC to reunite with them. The FMC saw that they were still unrepentant to their sins, and refused to reunite with them. Asbury is a FREE METHODIST Seminary, and supports God’s Holy Spirit’s moves first over tradition, while putting Scripture first over social trends. God chose Asbury to be a catalyst and a refuge for UMC refugees to run to. The FMC has been at a forefront to get the USA to repent of sins. Asbury & its sister seminaries Azusa Pacific & Seattle Pacific are annointed to play a key part in the Pacific Coast Revival Prophecy given by a number of prophets.

    By the way, I believe the Lord asked me to pray about the Tsunami-Quake California Prophecy to pray for repentance so that the prophecy will become symbolic, and that the quake and tsunami will turn out to be a shaking of the Spirit, driving out the wicked, and that the “Tsunami Flood” will be symbolic of a massive spiritual baptism across the West Coast.

    We can plead for that to happen instead, and crack the whips to drive out the evil in the land right now. But we need to start now.

    Now who is with me to pray for that, instead of judgement?

  8. The Ashbury ‘revival’ was founded by an unashamed homosexual.
    Of course, the Lord can still reach people, regardless.
    Those who the Father loves, he chastens.
    No judgment = NO change.

    Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.
    Revelation 3:19

  9. I am really hoping for a Jonah-Nineveh type of scenario in regards to the Quake-Tsunami-Flood prophecy with the Pacific Coast revival on the horizon. Satan wants to destroy us and steal the revival away from us. That is what I am hearing in my spirit. I happen to be a hearer type of person when God gives me words of knowledge for crucial times. I’m hearing He wants repentance first rather than sending out judgement against those who do evil in His sight. He wants a number of us to pray in that His Judgement Prophecy turn into a symbolic prophecy where the ones subject to being judged turn around instead and repent instead. Let the flood become a symbol of the Holy Spirit flooding the land with cleansing and revival of living water instead of death and eternal judgement. Let the shaking become the Holy Spirit reviving Dead Bones of stolen prophetic promises coming back to life instead as many repent and come to know Jesus as Their Savior and LORD. Wash away the sins with the blood of Jesus and evict the demonic principalities from the Pacific Rim, in the name and blood of Jesus.

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