Is Satanic OBAMA & His Communist FILTH Leading The “MAIDAN” Against #Israel? You Be The Judge:

Is Satanic OBAMA & His Communist FILTH Leading The “MAIDAN” Against #Israel? You Be The Judge:

The word “Maidan” comes from the time when the “Maidan” (group) led the overthrow of Yanukovych in Ukraine. We believe the current “Maidan” (left wing group) is funded by Soros & run by OBAMA. I believe that the satanic Obama “Maidan” will seek to overthrow Netanyahu.

I believe Obama is starting his anti Israel move. He is losing in Ukraine. Any country who aligns itself with Babylon USA (now) will find themselves on the short end of the stick. Israel is NO exception to this rule. See the whole write up.

We are not Bibi supporters ourselves. He is not a leader that can be trusted because his hands are IN everything in many countries. We are not Israeli citizens and we have NO right to undermine an election and wouldn’t even think of overthrowing one. We believe that Israel (as well as any sane nation) should have strong, serious, uncompromising traditionalists in charge.

On January 6, 2021, Americans had the audacity to enter their own government buildings while police held the doors open for them. For these “crimes”, the “January 6th Committee” proceeded as a kangaroo court (herehere and here), with a result called “predetermined.”

The United States, under the Biden Administration, is has been trying to “thwart the will” of Israel’s voters — again (here and here). The Palestinian Authority payments amount to $300 million annually. Not bad for a Middle East jobs program, funded by the US and the European Union (hereherehere, herehere and here).

The organizers of the anti-government protests in Israel, backed by the Biden Administration, are apparently trying to “create anarchy” to force another election.

According to Lee Smith:

“The anti-Bibi coup looks and feels like the anti-Trump operation because it’s run by the same people—the Obama operatives who hunted Trump and now run the Biden White House. It was Obama’s spy chiefs who fabricated Russiagate, the politically funded smear campaign designed to destabilize the Trump presidency. And it’s Obama’s State Department that created the machinery to take down Netanyahu nearly a decade ago by funding anti-Bibi election campaigns with U.S. taxpayer dollars.”

In any event… I can tell you that the whole end age scenario Armageddon will be run by Barack Hussein Obama. I believe he is the anti-Christ. I agree with Natan in this video:

Start at 30 minutes-

Obama, the UN and Mystery Babylon USA will lead the end time battle against the LORD in Israel. It is coming. Zechariah 14: 2  I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped. Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the cityThen the Lord will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights on a day of battle.

Euromaidan (/ˌjʊərəˌmaɪˈdɑːn, ˌjʊəroʊ-/;[82][83]Ukrainian: Євромайдан, romanizedYevromaidan, lit.‘Euro Square’, IPA: [jeu̯romɐjˈdɑn][nb 6]), or the Maidan Uprising,[87] was a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine, which began on 21 November 2013 with large protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv.

9 thoughts on “Is Satanic OBAMA & His Communist FILTH Leading The “MAIDAN” Against #Israel? You Be The Judge:

  1. Israels dilemma is terrible type of govt. Only one house of parliament, not two. The executive & legislature is combined as one. No checks & balances. Supreme court totally lefty corrupt and needs restraind

  2. Restrained but not straight jacketed as bibi wants. Bibi is right but going to far, thus becomes wrong.
    Only party heads can become rulers. All are incompentant except bibi who is competent and why he keeps coming back. But bibi is a political coward and father of israels death poke potion and wrote a book on him and bourla and his pride of the poke. He even calls his opponents as trash like anti poke people. I pray he get his due reward double from God.
    Of course bibis left ememys are evil or stupidly blind.
    Israel like us all only has Jesus Christ to turn to. May it be pronto.
    On a side, russia rounding up and destroying all poke potions. Apparently putin felt russia own poke potion was safe until found out the who had its people inside russia labs too.
    Israel on its way to its own hell on earth. Sadly this is Gods only way to save souls there in Christ.
    The potter can remold a person. If he is plyable clay the process is not too painful. But if he is dryed hard clay, then a hammer must bust him up and be cooked to be re sculpted. Any one that wants heaven, please get with the program in the less painful way.

  3. I have no doubt that the Jew hating 0bama & Bidet BOTH have their bloody hands in this. While I don’t believe that 0 is the actual antichrist who will usher in the end, I do believe he is another Hitleresque Jew Hating satanic prototype.

    0bama and Bidet have poked God in the eye, and will be getting their “rewards” soon. As for Bibi, he’s in office for a reason; we don’t know the full picture, but need to trust God Almighty.

  4. These left-wingers are evil and horribly stupid. When they fight against Israel, they are fighting against the Lord. This could be their last incredibly stupid act. When you fight against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel), the Lord will humiliate you for the whole world to see.

    Look what happened to Venezuela and Iran:

    Venezuela Cursed Israel and Became Cursed

    Iran Cursed Israel and Became Cursed

    People Who Died For Mocking God

  5. Tim…… They ARE fighting against the Lord and now its their time to lose and I am GLAD

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