My Late 1920’s, Art Deco Boudoir


My Late 1920’s, Art Deco Boudoir

Luscious loves: Art Deco illustration

Here are some of the photos. I’m caught between the Art Deco era and the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau era. I really love both.

I’m almost done finishing my room again.. I recently bought an Art Deco brush set, which is bakelite (a type of plastic from the turn of the 20th century). I’m getting rid of my nonsense collectibles that someone gave me. I wanted a “Great Depression” looking room to mimic the times we’re in. Yeah…Goofy, huh? I like living in reality, though. It’s where I see we are headed.. I used to LOVE hearing my Grandmother’s stories about the Great Depression. They lived on a farm, so they didn’t starve. The people in the nearby city – many were very hungry. My Great Grandmother fed many poor in her garage and they slept there at times.

My Bakelite set, above and below. The perfume bottles, I got here: LitttleBits. The little doll to the right was given away at the Carnivals in the late 20’s, early 30’s when you won the game.

May be an image of 2 people and indoor

The purse in the back of that little doll is a late 40’s evening bag – celluloid (I think), all encapsulated with bronze beads. You can’t really see the purse on top of it but it is a 30’s Whiting and Davis bag. The little white trinket round box is from the 80’s actually. It is Hedy Lamarr.

May be an image of indoor

I made these photos dark on purposeto give it that ‘boudoir’ look… (You can right click and see them larger)

May be an image of 1 person and indoor

The pink fabric next to this Jumeau repro doll is a flapper night cap. Its adorable. The lovely lady in the green dress is a Ballerina figurine from the late 30’s.

May be an image of 1 person

I like sepia photos of the silent era movie stars..

May be an image of indoor

This is a shadowbox that is “OOAK”, [One of a kind]. Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m finishing my room! Maybe I’ll put it on a Youtube vid 🙂

Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure:

I could just weep over what the Communist radicals have done to this nation

The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥


The Horrible Things Coming I Need To Share, Some That God Has Put On My ♥


Prepare Yourself

I need to share what is on my heart and spirit from the Lord to you all. Or at least those who will listen. These are things that I believe God has put on my heart. Some are from observing the situation. Some God showed me. You can take heed or you can sift thru it and determine for yourself. Some of you can see the obvious ones happening.

In no sequential order; soon future and also at later dates/times:

  • I believe that stores are going to run out of food.
  • I believe businesses will close down again.
  • Mask mandates even more restrictive
  • I believe that this time could be much worse than last time (lockdowns)
  • Food riots
  • More lootings
  • Covid Pass cards here in the states.
  • No traveling state to state.
  • I believe that many people will become totally reliant on govt for their food.
  • MANY More cyber attacks, especially on the internet. The net will come down. Communications will suffer.
  • More altering of the dead from vaccination on major websites such as the CDC, VAERS and more.
  • At some point, if you do not get the jab, you will be declared a danger to all people around you by government.
  • Because you don’t get the jab, the state will order you quarantined to your home.
  • Many will grocery shop online in the near future more than ever.
  • There will be intense pressure on those who refuse vaccinations.
  • Family will become enemies.
  • Military of the USA becoming an enemy of the people.
  • Sporadic lockdowns
  • DEW weapons attacking many unvaccinated people’s homes
  • More plagues that are made by evil people
  • Plagues from God
  • Rats, mice, spiders, all sorts of bugs, (pestilence), worms
  • Weather will keep becoming more unbearable
  • unheard of diseases
  • Homelessness like we have never seen
  • People will be living in train containers, tents and cardboard all over the USA
  • Starvation
  • Serious Mentally ill people roaming city streets
  • People murdering each-other over food
  • Horrible natural disasters that we will not ever recover from.
  • Property stolen by the government and given to black people
  • Enemy bombings on major cities
  • No healthcare
  • Burying people in backyards
  • Rape gangs, brutal gangs with guns that they stole
  • Babies thrown in dumpsters, woods, even in the streets
  • A.I. false miracles from the White House and other governments.

These 2 prophecies, I believe are coming:

In One Day – Brian Lake

Jim Farrell’s prophecy of July 3, 2015 entitled “Seven Woes Unto America.”

This prophecy is from 2009 & it is coming & already here

Aug 13, 2009:

Satan’s Rotten Son, Obama’s New Book W/ “The Boss” Called “Renegades” (How Clever For The Devil)

Satan’s Rotten Son, Obama’s New Book W/ “The Boss” Called “Renegades” (How Clever For The Devil)

I keep telling ya’all that Obama is the Anti Christ and so does Geir Smith. Isn’t it ‘in ya face’ to call himself “Renegade?” GOD MAKES satan tell the truth.

You really think this bottom feeding pond scum names his book “Renegade” just because? I certainly do not.

Renegade: traitorous. an apostate from a religious faith.

Go find his satanic book about race hustling yourself. Im NOT promoting the Anti Christ.

You can click here to listen to satan cry and whine about not being born white: BOO HOO

Three Ohio Judges “Die Unexpectedly” In 9-day Span After Vaxx Mandate In Cuyahoga County. Don’t Judges ALWAYS Just Drop Dead Like This???

Three Ohio Judges “Die Unexpectedly” In 9-day Span After Vaxx Mandate In Cuyahoga County. Don’t Judges ALWAYS Just Drop Dead Like This???

Nothing to see here, folks. Im convinced Judges always die in 3’s—in the same county… (SMH)

No Jab, No Job? - Page 2

Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

Unmasked Jewish Man Ejected Off NYC Bus By Black, Masked Nazis:

Just a quiet, religious Jewish man not wearing a mask is confronted by evil, black Leftists and tossed off the bus. Sorry… but I would have hit back and hard.

HAT TIP: Unmasked Jew ejected from NYC bus by black passengers…

Victoria Fyfe SAYS:

2 hours ago It is disgusting to hear the other bus passengers being blatantly racist. The guy who took the man’s hat and then shoved him should be sued. Everyone else on the bus who didn’t stand up for this man is a coward. The segregation has already begun and history is repeating itself. Wake up or rot in hell.

Is Celine Dion Suffering Muscle Spasms From The Vaccine? 9,312 People Have Suffered Muscle Spasms Due To The Vax:

Is Celine Dion Suffering Muscle Spasms From The Vaccine? 9,312 People Have Suffered Muscle Spasms Due To The Vax:

A news report says that Celine Dion is putting off her new Vegas revue due to muscle spasms. Celine Dion Cancels 21 Shows Due To ‘Severe’ Muscle Spasms …

Did she get the vaccine? Inquiring minds want to know….

WORLD FAMOUS SINGER SEVERELY INJURED BY VAXXINE? This video enclosed shows a VAERS report that 9,312 people have suffered muscle spasms from the vaccine.

@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

@Toure, America’s #1 Example Of Perpetual Victimhood. He Cries Day After Day That He Isn’t White:

Before I rant about this whiner.. My sister’s rent got raised $200-, the black people down the hall got their rent raised $200- There is no such thing as ‘white privilege’.

Sad Baby GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I read this post by Temper-Tantrum Toure: He is crying about Condoleeza Rice and how she doesn’t whine and weep like he does over not being born white.

….Because that’s the REAL issue here, people. Most Left-wing blacks HATE that they are black. ( Latin-‘X’ & Leftist Jews, also.. Sorry, it’s true) This isn’t about ‘racism’. Its just an issue with allowing covetousness to rule your mind for these Leftist groups. A burning envy. A lust for something that they can’t acquire and never will.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, boo hooooooooooo, I’m a victim because I’m not beautiful”

When we see people like Hershel Walker and his successes, he just didn’t allow his skin to take precedence over his life. He sees himself as a human. Not just a black-skinned person. As does Mark Robinson, LT GOV of N.C. ( & one of the most patriotic people in America, in my opinion.) Allen West does not rant and rave about white skin because he was an outstanding military official. He has many successes. As do many patriotic American blacks. Millions of them. They made something of themselves…So, just what do they have to be jealous of? Nothing. They might be jealous but they just marched on and did what they desired and made successes of themselves.

Toure, on the other hand would never have amounted to much if he didn’t write books about race and inflaming Americans that are not black. His books came out at the right place at the right time and it’s the LEFTIST whites (who buy this crap) that made him semi-famous as a race-hustler. He knows this. That’s why he hates them also.

Face it, Toure cant make money without white people. That must infuriate this race-hustling hater.

Poor Toure makes money being jealous of white success and achievements and first and foremost: not being born white. He believes whites are ‘privileged’. Well, they are. As an ethnic, Sephardic Jew, I see their ‘privilege’ myself. I see white art, white music, white musicals, white Broadway, white Opera, white ballet, white inventions, white architecture, etcetera!!

All Toure sees is: Whites are mean to blacks and should feel guilty for all whites through history. That’s how he makes money. That’s ALL he sees because that justifies his seething jealousy and envy.

I’ve been jealous of the beautiful whitey-white blondes…. Of course. Almost every Latin/ethnic gal I’ve known is and was jealous of gorgeous, Marilyn Monroe-looking white girls and their gifts. Jealous that they are the cheerleaders, models, etc… Of course, we laugh at our jealousy because we’re not crying Leftists like Toure.

Crying Baby GIFs | Tenor

Here is a great song for Toure.

THIS is what jealousy looks like & confirms I am right:

THX DEMS: INFLATION RUN AMOK! $9.45 A Quart For Heavy Whipping Cream In Northern Mississippi!

THX DEMS: INFLATION RUN AMOK! $9.45 A Quart For Heavy Whipping Cream In Northern Mississippi!

From my friend, T— who lives in Northern Mississippi:

Food prices are going insanely crazy. Went to the grocery today to get a few things I’ll need to get us through Shabbat and into Sunday. Things I can’t really buy in bulk to store up. Cream for my coffee. Fresh fruit and veg. Take a look at this…. the price of a single quart of heavy cream:

The price for heavy whipping cream is usually $4.00-4.75:

Google search.

A Stupid Hospital In Maine Fires So Many HEALTHY Unvaccinated That They Had To Close The ICU: VIOLATION OF HIPPOCRATIC OATH

A Stupid Hospital In Maine Fires So Many HEALTHY Unvaccinated That They Had To Close The ICU. VIOLATION OF HIPPOCRATIC OATH

They are violating the Hippocratic oath: DO NO HARM. These idiot, psychopathic Leftists are harming EVERYONE: the patients & their families, the remainder of the vaccinated working there and the unvaccinated. You cant trust hospitals at all anymore. Trust in our FATHER, God: treat yourself, fight illness with available vitamins and die as we used to.

Useful Idiot Left as Tools of the State - Smash Cultural ...

President Putin Says “West Is INSANE”, They’re “Subverting Human Nature”….Ya Think?

President Putin Says “West Is INSANE”, They’re “Subverting Human Nature”….Ya Think?

Things that make ya go… No chit!

President Putin always nails the issues with USSA and EU. Of course he does… He also had to endure the same Communist riff-raff. Leftists are deranged psychopaths. Only a few websites will cover what the Russian President says because most are scared to death of being labeled a ‘Russian troll’. Well, I’m a PROUD Russian troll. Simply for the fact that Russia and countries surrounding it know we’re nuts and I like honesty.

Putin Dance GIFs | Tenor

GOD IS MAD AT THE COMMIE CABAL: 27 Volcanoes Are Erupting In The World: 14 More Are Ready To Erupt At Any Time

GOD IS MAD AT THE COMMIE CABAL: 27 Volcanoes Are Erupting In The World: 14 More Are Ready To Erupt At Any Time

God is angry with the evil leaders. He is righteously indignant & very angry with the wicked — every single day. Soon, the elite Communist cabal will be running to hide in the caves. It is coming. This is NOT ‘global warming’.




Isaiah 2:19
Men will flee to caves in the rocks and holes in the ground, away from the terror of the LORD and from the splendor of His majesty, when He rises to shake the earth.

New King James Version, Revelation 6

15 Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. 17 For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”

The website has published a list of volcanoes in the world that are currently erupting. In total, according to their data, 28 volcanoes are now actively erupting:

1. Dukono, Halmahera Island, Indonesia

2. Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

3. Ibu, Halmahera Island, Indonesia

4. Great Sitkin, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA

5. Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

6. Karymsky, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

7. Lewotolok, Lembata Island, Indonesia

8. Masaya, Nicaragua

9. Merapi, Java island, Indonesia

10. Nevados de Chillán, Chile

11. Nyiragongo, DR Congo

12. Popocatepetl, Mexico

13. Reventador, Ecuador

14. Sabankaya, Peru

15. Sangay, Ecuador

16. Santiagito, Guatemala

17. Semeru, Java Island, Indonesia

18. Semisopochny, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA

19. Stromboli, Lipari Islands, Italy

20. Suvanosejima, Tokara Islands, Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan

21. Fuego, Guatemala

22. Shiveluch, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

23. Ebeko, Paramushir Island, Northern Kuriles, Russia

24. Erebus, Antarctica

25. Erta Ale, Ethiopia

26. Etna, Sicily Island, Italy

27. Yasur, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

28. Aso, Kyushu Island, Japan

Another 13 volcanoes are showing signs of activity and are ready to erupt at any moment: 1. Fagradalsfjall, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland 2. Bagana, Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea 3. Villarrica, Chile 4. Kadovar, Papua New Guinea 5. Kerinchi, Sumatra Island, Indonesia 6. Langila, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea 7. Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia 8. Nishinoshima, Ogasawara Islands, Japan 9. Nyamlagira, DR Congo 10. Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania 11. Pavlov, Alaska, USA 12. Sakurajima, Kyushu Island, Japan 13. Telica, Nicaragua

Facebook Changing Names Changes Nothing. It Will Still Be A Fascist, Communist, Nazi Forum & Zuckerberg Is A Jewish, (JINO) Cyber Dictator

Mark zuckerberg doccia fredda - Dago fotogallery

Facebook Changing Names Changes Nothing. It’s Will Still Be A Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, Nazi Forum & Zuckerberg Is A Jewish, Cyber Dictator

It pains me to no end to have to yell at a Jewish or Christian person at all. I believe us Jews, like Christians are supposed to be ‘people of the book’. When we fail at that, we bring desecration to God. Totally. To the max. We bring unnecessary persecutions to fellow believers when we do wrong.

This is the case with Zuckerberg, who carries a Jewish last name.

There is a responsibility that comes with faith in Hashem God, Jesus, the Spirit of the Lord and believing in the Bible, Torah, Tanakh.

Nothing will change on FB because it’s owner is a fascist dictator who is a JINO – [Jew in name only.] People look at his name and think: “This is what Jewish is?” Believe me, they do. ALL THE TIME.

The problem with FB is Zuckerberg and his staff. Get rid of ALL of them and you’ll have a nice forum again.

They don’t make memes like this for nothing:

Facebook Censors Anti-Communist Stalin Memes
How to beat Facebook censorship and stay connected with ...
Mark Zuckerberg=Hitler??? Think about it : im14andthisisdeep
Mark Zuckerberg Openly Admits The Holocaust Never Happened ...

My 2 cents.