Klimt Inspired Abstracts


I really love Klimt patterns. Not necessarily his figuratives or ‘message’. It’s the colors that are wonderful. I’m at this crossroads in life….because I feel that we are going to be hated worse than ever merely for having beliefs and opinions that are not Communist/Progressive/Left/Lib.

How do you deal with hatred that is focused on your beliefs? Do you hate back? I don’t believe so. I believe you look for common ground and try to admire something about a person & get past their beliefs. Look for something you like about a person who you are at odds with.

In my case, I use Klimt abstracts to make myself remember not to have strong animosity toward all Liberal people. After all, Klimt was a Lib. I wear a klimt necklace to remind me not to hate these people and remember that God put something good in all humans.

With that.. Here are my Klimt digitized fashion abstracts.

Underwater gymnast. [Klimt background, altered]
Purple people eater
Golden Back

These are only inspired by Klimt. I don’t market them. I just like digitizing.

It Is Impossible To De-Program Leftists Because It’s A RELIGION

It Is Impossible To De-Program Leftists. I’ll Explain Why

This morning, a religious Leftist said: Anti-Trump Scholar, Brian Klaas: ‘Nearly Impossible’ to ‘Deprogram’ Trump ‘s supporters. That’s not the issue, Klaas. The issue is your religion has no room for people who do not agree with it.

Klaas’ religion teaches..

1. Leftism (Communism, Progressivism, Liberalism) is an extremely strict religion. Leftists are taught from cradle to the grave that Liberalism is the only way to achieve ‘world peace’. If you are a young person in college— you see the world out there: How violent it is. You, too would want ‘world peace’. Except the fact of the matter is: Every problem we face in most of the world has been caused BY the religion of Liberalism.

2. Leftism really only wants the supposed poor of society. If you are a new Leftist, chances are you are in college. When you look at your college loans and see it is not reality to even pay for your college, you join the Liberal club. The Liberal club teaches that you may not be held responsible for your own choices in this life, starting with a 100K debt. When you hear people like Bernie Sanders offering you HOPEIUM (fake hope) with his promises of removing all student loan debt, this causes elation. You suddenly realize that you will probably end up possibly not having to pay for your stupid choices and you throw ALL of your support behind Daddy Bernie. BUT: When the supposed down-trodden and their stupid choices do NOT get paid for by “Average Joe”, you attack “Average Joe”, day after day, night after night. Make “Average Joe” miserable until he buckles and pays for you. Things are looking up in the religion if someone is promising you the moon. The only problem is someone ELSE has to pay for YOUR choice. You know what that means? It WILL come YOUR time to pay.

3. Leftism is a MAFIA type religious family with mob rule. So, you’re never alone. If you are ‘picked on’, you run to the Leftist club and explain to them what happened, for eg: “Someone called me fat“. When the Leftist MAFIA mob hears that, they immediately run to Twitter to find the person who called their Leftist bro/sister, “Fat”. When they find that person, they ‘gang up’ on him/her. Not only do they gang up on the person, they DOX that person, find where that person works and get that person fired from their job, destroying that person’s life for calling someone ‘fat’. Never mind if you ARE fat and need to lose weight. The ‘perp’ must be destroyed. Its a mob rule religion and psychological operations aforementioned gives a person a feeling of real power. Only, the ‘mob’ cannot be there when you face death and serious life issues, cancer, kidnappings, etc. Those things do not matter to the religious Left.

4. Leftism has it’s own language with made-up words for the religious Left: “Misogynist”, “Xenophobe”, etc and so on. If you do not speak in the language of the Left-wing Lingo religion, you are a person who must be converted. So, they spread their accusatory ‘gospel’ of shaming until you become a Leftist. I experienced this on a bus in HS. I said something not ‘politically correct’. The whole year, I was shamed, ridiculed, harassed and mocked. My seat on the bus was constantly shaken by the Leftists who sat in back of me. I still did not ‘take back’ or ‘apologize’ for my ‘politically incorrect’ wording. I refused. I bore the endless mockery. But, that’s how Leftism is. Its not a loving religion. It is a submit or be outcast religion. Excommunication as well. Death threats for those speaking out against the Leftist cultic religion: WATCH – Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Flees The Country over death threats …


5. Last 2, but not least: You must renounce your faith in God by compromise. You must succumb to Leftist ideology & seek to shame the almighty God by denouncing his scriptures. Water down the Bible. AND: If you are white, you must admit that you’re a ‘racist’. You cannot be a good, fellow, religious Leftist unless you pour that guilt on yourself and prove it even by resigning from your job on account of your ‘whiteness’. This is the ultimate Leftist “Baptism”. Smaller confirmations would include pinning a “BLM” hashtag or icon on your Twitter, Facebook, Ipad, IPhone, Laptop skin, a Tee shirt, bumper sticker, etc. You have to PROVE your Leftism to your fellow, religious Leftists. Just like a person who is Christian gets Baptized – only with Leftism it must be CONTINUOUS. Not a ‘one day in the water’ Baptismal event. You must call Conservative people ‘racist, sexist’, xeno, etc’ DAILY. Even without proof. Your mouth is what validates you in the religion of Leftism. NOT real human action.

My Summation:

I’ll stick with being my traditional, God loving self. If person sins against God, I still love them but I might be a friend and challenge their deed. I will just leave the person to their own choices after a healthy challenge. I’m too old to convert to a new religion and I don’t want to. It’s much easier for me to be responsible for my OWN financial choices and mistakes instead of demanding people I don’t even know pay for me.. I also cannot just go around on offense, pissing people off, no end. Accusing people, day and night of being a racist or sexist is just not my gig. I cannot renounce what the Bible says. Its been written for thousands of years, Leftism is barely a 100 yr old religion. I don’t want a mob family. I like traveling through life alone defending my own stances and walking with God in my peace.


One cannot de-program a Leftist. One must simply live by example, showing religious Leftists that leaving people just ‘be’ is a better world. Allowing God to deal with others is much easier, way less stress and in the end, it is everlasting peace. If someone is a sexist, racist, xeno, Jew hater, etc….. I couldnt care less. Sure, I’ll battle an occasional Jew basher in debate. It’s fun for me because I like a good fight. But, I just move right along, knowing full well, the human soul must answer to God. I give ’em a ‘Cya-wouldnt-wanna-be-ya’ and poof, Im gone…I don’t ‘turn people in‘. I just move along, happily. I answer to God for MYSELF only & my own actions. Its too much of a ‘cross to bear’ demanding everyone live a Leftist, self righteous, irresponsible, unaccountable, accusatory, uber-religious life.

God is great and:

Here’s another synopsis of Leftist religion: 6 Ways Leftism Acts Like A Religion – The Federalist

That Time @ChrisMurphyCT Incited & Fomented A Violent, Bloody, Pro-Nazi Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

That Time @ChrisMurphyCT Incited & Fomented A Violent, Bloody, Pro-Nazi Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

Today, Chris Murphy is projecting his own violence and blood coup onto Trump who is not in office anymore. As a typical, demonic Democrat, he feels the need to project his own rebellion onto Trump for an almost non-event that happened at the Capital: SEN. MURPHY: STILL A CHANCE TRUMP ‘IS GOING TO INCITE ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT THE CAPITOL’

Communist Democrats are always projecting. USA Today partly acknowledged what other presstitutes entirely ignore: America is funding Nazi’s in Ukraine.

@realDonaldTrump WHY Was Sen Murphy Fomenting Revolution ..

.Here is Chris Murphy inciting a huge, pro-Nazi riot in Ukraine with John McCain:

@realDonaldTrump WHY Was Sen Murphy Fomenting Revolution ...

The Kiev ‘revolution’ was partially funded by Soros. Instigated by John McCain and Sen Murphy. The revolution was extremely violent and it saw the coup of President Viktor Yanukovych. Fascists and Svoboda party (a Neo Nazi extreme party) helped take over the country.

Why is Murphy OK with Fascists and Nazis taking over in Ukraine but NOT ok with the supposed same thing here? It’s the Democrats who call everyone in America that isnt a Democrat; “Nazi”. Democrat war-mongers are AOK with REAL Nazi’s as long as they’re not supposed American “Nazi’s”.

Eric Manifests His Inner Demons Of Darkness

Eric Manifests His Inner Demons Of Darkness

I’ve had experiences with people who are demonic and possessed by devils. Their eyes have no soul. None. It is as if they are devoid of human emotion. Eric Holder’s photo with the Brookings Institute Zoom call on Monday shows he is in darkness and needs the light of the Lord really bad.


Click to see it larger: CLICK

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Rebuke satan from these Leftists. REBUKE!!

DEMons Manifesting…

DEMons Manifesting…

AddText.com generated Image

According to the new “Domestic Act of 2021, if you are a patriot, an Evangelical Christian, Conservative or just a traditional American like me, the DEMon party just may target YOU for being a domestic ‘terrorist’. How long before they haul you away in the middle of the night for just speaking? Some may want to rethink if FEMA camps exist. (I believe they do). Maybe they’ll take us all to empty mall stores and shackle us for thinking about God. Who knows.

I believe the DEMon party is capable of mass murder. They had NO problem at all closing the whole nation down and demanding everyone wear a mask and most obliged them without a wimper. In my opinion, many of you showed them by mask-wearing that you were willing to die for the DEMon party.

If you cherish faith, family and freedom, you might want to keep a low profile for a while.  The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 has been unveiled in Congress, and it has bipartisan support.  It is essentially “the Patriot Act on steroids”.

Tulsi Gabbard says:

“What characteristics are we looking for as we are building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about? Religious extremists, are we talking about Christians, evangelical Christians, what is a religious extremist? Is it somebody who is pro-life? Where do you take this?” Gabbard said.

She said the proposed legislation could create “a very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country.

“You start looking at obviously, have to be a white person, obviously likely malelibertarians, anyone who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally,” Gabbard said.

If you are a person of prayer, please pray that the DEMon party will start manifesting their devils so the whole world can finally see how they follow the agenda of satan.

Pentagon: PLEASE Leave Syria ALONE

Pentagon: PLEASE Leave Syria ALONE

The war mongers in DC wasted absolutely NO time in bombarding Syria – Biden Invades Syria with Convoy of US Troops and Choppers on First Full Day as President

Why can’t these horrible monsters just leave other countries alone? One thing you can say about the Trump administration, he didn’t start any invasions because He knew it was no damned good: But he still worked to coerce Bashar Assad into submission.

How much more destruction do these animals want to bring? Isn’t the biblical destruction of Damascus good enough!?

Anytime I see the ruins in Syria…. I feel terrible guilt. The United States military is being used as a force of evil. They use the sons of the United states as cannon fodder. Our big, bully military bombing the hell out of small, poorer nations makes me so sick.