5,522 Dead By Vaccine In Scotland 28 Days After Jab

5,522 Dead By Vaccine In Scotland 28 Days After Jab

By David Ben Moshe-

This is a subject on Pauli’s (The Mad Jewess’s) heart and mind. She is taking time off.

The fact that the MSM keeps pushing this vaccine as well as our government tells me they are complicit in mass-murdering people.

Public Health Scotland published the results on their official COVID-19 statistical report page, where as of June 23, 2021 they report that 5,522 people have died within 28 days of receiving one of the COVID-19 injections in use within Scotland.

The Daily Expose, (British) covered the story.

Health Impact image. https://healthimpactnews.com/

4th Grade Teacher “We Have Racialized Conversations All The Time” (In 4th Grade Classroom)

4th Grade Teacher “We Have Racialized Conversations All The Time” (In 4th Grade Classroom)

Submitted by David Ben Moshe (The Mad Jewess is taking a few days off)

4th graders are 9 years old. What the hell do they know? This is why kids can’t read, write or put 2 and 2 together. We are raising another generation of retarded dummies.

You could say most Americans left race behind years ago but Leftists keep pushing everything based on race.

More lunacy:

An Asian-owned Liquor Store In Dallas Was Ransacked By A White Supremacist.

An Asian-owned Liquor Store In Dallas Was Ransacked By A White Supremacist.

Submitted by David Ben Moshe (The Mad Jewess is taking time off)

No, not white supremacists–just trying to get someone, anyone’s attention as to what these blacks are doing. I thought these blacks were oppressed by whites? Why are they terrorizing Asian people, then??

Maybe something is wrong with them.

Yoga Teacher, Planet Jessamyn Stanley Says “Whites Pollute Yoga”

Yoga Teacher, Planet Jessamyn Stanley Says “Whites Pollute Yoga”

Submitted by David Ben Moshe. (The Mad Jewess is taking time off)

We have a new planet named Jessamyn who claims whites have polluted yoga.

Whites have ‘polluted’ Yoga according to this fat, black, beastly sow. When are white people going to stop putting up with this crap? Imagine if a white person said: “Blacks are polluting yoga”. It would be front page news. They would arrest the white person who said it and destroy his/her life.

See her Instagram, click on the link:

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Submitted by David Ben Moshe:

This young woman wrote how blacks are oppressed. She was murdered by an ‘oppressed’ black.


An Israeli-born doctoral student at the University of Maryland was stabbed to death over the weekend while visiting Chicago.

If this is not embedded correct, watch it in the link above. Excellent commentary.

New Zealand Will Hunt Down The Unvaccinated

New Zealand Will Hunt Down The Unvaccinated

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Vaers recently reported that almost 7,000 people in the United States are dead from the vaccine.

To Pauli & Geir From David Ben Moshe

Pauli and Geir,

I’m the Yiddishe Papa Jew here. The Mad Jewesses husband.

Let’s keep our posts on the news & events. I’ve gotten a few emails from fellow boychicks and others and they want to hear about current events. You both post situations & issues that people are not talking about.

It’s fine to add a tidbit about faith here and there in your posts. Faith is good but most don’t want to be preached at.

Keep it pithy.


-David Ben Moshe

Fact check this, Biden “fact-check” bots

Fact check this, Biden “fact-check” bots

By David Ben Moshe aka Mr Mad Jewess:

The Facebook fact checkers don’t believe that gas soared because of Biden. To the fact checkers: the buck stops with the president and prices started shooting up when he took office and cancelled the pipeline and removed all federal lands from oil exploration.

Fact check that!!!!

‘Biden was not responsible for any of those price triggers.’ https://leadstories.com/hoax-alert/2021/03/fact-check-biden-did-not-cause-price-of-gasoline-to-increase.html?fbclid=IwAR33fYWllI-D_FQ8HSbeKNhmsreQnYYxaFBflqv-IjW-X6I5ddhCP1iQGjg

As U.S. descends into a Communist/totalitarian nation, lots of secular Jews lead the charge

By David Ben Moshe, Mr. Mad Jewess:

As I was searching through Bitchute, I came across the below graphic. According to the Jewish Bible, the Jewish people are not supposed to rule outside of the state of Israel.

But, just look at this-

Secular Left Jews create anti semitism.

The Fabulous Fifties


Dinner is Served, 1950’s Style - The Vintage Housewife


Except for technology, everything was better in the 1950’s, and I do mean everything.The 1950s saw car styles change every year. Later in the 1950’s cars got big fins and looked like they could take off. Television was new and we had only 3-6 channels to watch but there was always something good on. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hop-A-Long Cassidy and the Lone Ranger rode the TV range while Amos n Andy, I Love Lucy, Bilko and Jackie Gleason brought us laughs. Variety gave us Ed Sullivan and Perry Como along with Patti Page and Jo Stafford. Even commercials were not the mindless drivel of today. Most of them were jingles that you could sing along to all day long. More important, commercials were limited in number to each program and the programs gave us new shows almost all year long. We got a few reruns in mid June, July and August and that was it. The music of the decade was great due to the fact that only those with a good voice could make a recording and that included the new Rock n Roll where you still needed a good voice. Elvis Presley was a bigger phenom that Frank Sinatra was in the 40’s. Frankie Lymon was a Teenager who asked why do fools fall in love. The Penguins were looking for an Earth Angel and the Orioles saw you crying in the chapel. Walden Roberto Cassoto was splishing splashing in the bath and Fats Domino found his thrill on Blueberry hill. The government of the 50’s was patriotic no matter which party you voted for.

Top 10 Reasons Life Was Better In the Fifties - Listverse

The Democrats had not yet become the Communist Party and The Republicans were not yet the Socialist and timid party. Jet air travel began in the late 50’s along with launching rockets into space. Roads lasted for years before they began breaking up and Joe McCarthy knew that Communists were all over our country which you can see today. Schools actually taught you something and if you misbehaved the teacher would whack you and then you got it again from your parents at home. You sang a patriotic song every morning to start the school day and at least once per week the principal would read the entire building a passage from the Bible. You were cast out if you got divorced and white leftists had not yet destroyed the black family. Jews lived with Jews, Italians with Italians, Irish with Irish etc.–and each group made fun of each other with derogatory slang, but in the end we all got along. This was long before insanity hit America with Affirmative Action. And finally, The Supreme Court actually interpreted the Constitution instead of making up things it never said. The Constitution was not yet a living breathing document. It said what it said and didnt say what it didnt say.    Back then, you could leave your house and even your car unlocked and no one would touch it. This was before we invited the third world in to increase crime and ignorance. Maybe that’s why the 1950’s were called The Fabulous Fifties. Well anyway, we will have these moments to remember.