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Are You Prepared For This?

Read at Total Investor: Rich Dad Poor Dad ….

We all are aware of the scary events happening around this world, whether if it’s war, the Obama Regime er…Administration, crimes against innocents here and abroad, the rioting going on here and in other countries, but are you ready for an economic meltdown? Rich Dad, Poor Dad author and financial whiz Robert Kiyosaki is saying to get ready for one, and to prepare yourself and your family for it. You wouldn’t believe what he says !

Read it and see the video here.

This makes sense. Prepare for this, and pray it doesn’t happen; yet, with all the mayhem going on in this world, I have a foreboding sense that it’s going to happen.

They’ll Know EVERYTHING You Do…..

Read at The P/Oed Patriot

Want a Smart Grid in your home? Think again… according to this site, there are other sinister, Big Brother motives to installing a Smart Grid.

Smart Grid doesn’t sound so smart after all….just intrusive.

More Gals In Politics?

Just watched Jehmu Greene on Fox News’ Cavuto’s show. She seems to feel that if there were more women in politics, there wouldn’t be many scandals in the political arena as in WeinerGate, etc.

She appears to lean to the left, and works with a woman’s advocacy group.

How would Greene feel if there were conservative women tossing their hats in the political ring? Would she still feel the same way?

Tito’s Running!

Read at Tito Pac

Remember Tito the Builder during the last presidential election campaign? Well, he’s running for public office, all the great information’s here.

Tito’s a conservative who isn’t white….. The Leftists are going to hate this. I wonder what kind of new low they’ll stoop to in order to stop him from being elected….

Netanyahu’s Speech: Your Thoughts?

Read at The Blaze
I love Benjamin Netanyahu. His congressional address was great. He handled those hecklerswithout missing a beat from his speech, no doubt upsetting those whiny lefty protestors.

What did you all think of his speech?