Breaking: Audit finishes on June 14: Trump’s Birthday. That’s when Obama gets his jail term. Out Of The Darkness — HUGE AZ AUDIT UPDATE!!! (Video)

ARIZONA UPDATE: Georgia, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada Delegates Tour Maricopa Audit Floor

Further audits to begin across the country?

Delegates from Georgia, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada have all toured the floor of the Maricopa County forensic audit in Arizona this week, suggesting further audits potentially coming across the country.

As the forensic audit of the 2020 election results from Arizona’s Maricopa County is currently taking place, delegates from all across the country are flocking to observe the enormous effort that is currently taking place in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. As National File reported, the first state to send people to observe the audit was Pennsylvania, with Doug Mastriano, the pro-Trump Pennsylvania state senator, joining two other Pennsylvania lawmakers, Representative Rob Kauffman and Senator Cris Dush. “This audit is so secure, transparent and organized that other states want to duplicate the process,” Mastriano said at the time.

Out Of The Darkness — HUGE AZ AUDIT UPDATE!!!

When’s AZ Closing it’s border?Denmark Cracks Down on Mass Migration “The Current Asylum System Has Failed”

The Danish Parliament has passed a new law that will allow the government to deport asylum seekers to countries outside of the European Union to have their cases considered abroad. The legislation is widely seen as a first step toward moving the country’s asylum screening process beyond Danish borders.

“Denmark is committed to finding new and sustainable solutions to the present migration and refugee challenges that affect countries of origin, transit and destination. The current asylum system is unfair and unethical by incentivizing children, women and men to embark on dangerous journeys along the migratory routes, while human traffickers earn fortunes.” — Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye.

“Gang crime in no way belongs in Denmark. When foreigners or persons to whom we in Denmark have granted Danish citizenship participate in the gangs’ ruthless crime, it is a fundamental expression of contempt for the society of which they are a part.

Georgia In Arizona


Georgia In Arizona The audit train is coming full circle as more and more states are joining the battle for truth and as soon as Arizona falls they’ll all fall but as soon as Arizona rose, they all rose as well

Hi Pauli, got a story to tell you. It’s not about talking about religion or anything like David talked about. I’ll keep it to the comments anyways, and not the headlines here.

Hey people, we’re entering the danger zone. Imagine if Obama and Biden get jailed for voter fraud. Imagine your Dem neighbor going crazy. Brr! Bad karma.

Now I’ve got this incredible revelation to make Pauli and it’s nothing like David said about Jews converting or Christians converting: I’m not into converting anyone to anything. I’m just this university guy with lots of books and sources. I’ll tell you in the comments so it’s out of the article text. But this is out of this world, I warn you all to hold onto to your chairs or be knocked off balance by the blast.

I got a whipping post but no one to whip!!!!

MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS!!!! Huge Update North Carolina! PA making moves also! Audits on the way! Much love and appreciation✌️ ❤️

Huge Update North Carolina! PA making moves also! Audits on the way! Much love and appreciation✌️ ❤️

Excerpt: “Thank y’all for watching my videos and being a part of our YouTube family!!! We The People Will Prevail!!! If you would like to donate to the channel it would be greatly appreciated and the info is below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️”

This first video includes info about North Carolina joining the auditing. Good news!

With Georgia and PA falling, Trump will topple Biden and/reverse-annul the election.

Also Mike Lindelll updated news!

Good news is rushing in, by the hour!

Facts Matter Epoch TV Arizona audit update 🇺🇸 AZ PA NH GA WI MI

The Radical Left CNN is in full attack mode against Trump, in full assault mode. That says everything about how much panic those devils are in.

The last minute is epic. The fool reporter sounds like Nixon during his last moments in office: saying good bye to his White House staff with a “doom and gloom” voice. ROFLMAO! Enjoy!

Trump Is Taking Republicans Down Two Dark Paths, Both Lead To Madness

Butch MadCow seems to be so upset that she’s resigned to leaving to live in jail.

She says: “Its working for the Republicans.” MadCow thinks losing is not possible for Democrats. “It’s just not possible that they lose” she says.

Mad Cow is basically saying “How come we stole the election, and Trump’s not taking it quietly?” She thinks Trump’s crazy because he says Mad Cow stole the election. hahahaha!

This is gold!

Mad Cow sounds like it’s the end of the world. hahahaha!

Yeah, Penn’s got 100000 signatures soon. 73000 Signatures Gathered for Election Audit in Pennsylvania!!! Forcing Trump back into the White House! Apocalypse!!!

Yeah, Penn’s got 100000 signatures soon forcing Trump back into the White House.
73000 Signatures Gathered for Election Audit in Pennsylvania!!!

Domino effect! Steamrolling the Dems back to the cave they crawled out from.
So Team! Keep up the good work – spread this like crazy. We’re cruising right into the Apocalypse!!!!


“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.” ~ Attributed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Benjamin Rush accurately foretold a grave possibility facing Americans today, namely, that the art and science of healing be restricted to a select class of allopathic physicians, who have the sole legal right to recommend and administer medicines, and whose pharmacopeia excludes – as a matter of principle – all the healing foods, vitamins and herbs which have been used safely and effectively for countless millennia in the prevention and treatment of disease.

We have entered an era where medicine no longer bears any resemblance to the art and science of healing. The doctor no longer facilitates the body’s innate self-healing capabilities with time, care, good nutrition and special help from our plant allies. To the contrary, medicine has transmogrified into a business enterprise founded on the inherently nihilistic principles of pure, unbridled capitalism, with an estimated 786,000 Americans dying annually from iatrogenic or medically-caused deaths.*

Turning Disease Into Gold With The Drug-Based Printing Press

Many modern diseases are, in fact, created by fiat (not unlike modern currencies): age-old symptoms of nutritional deficiency or chemical poisoning are repackaged and renamed in Latin and Greek as would-be monolithic disease entities, and subsequently rolled out to the consumer as new markets; each disease representing a veritable gold mine of “treatable” symptoms; each symptom providing justification for the prescription of a new set of patented, toxic drug-commodities.

The “medicines” themselves are often devoid of intrinsic value, being nothing more than rebranded and re-purposed chemicals, intended (though all too often failing) to be administered in sub-lethal concentrations. Indeed, many of these chemicals are too toxic to be legally released into the environment, and should never be administered intentionally to a human who is already sick. You need look no farther than a typical drug package insert to find proof that the side effects of most drugs far outnumber their purported beneficial effects.

These chemicals, in fact, are so highly leveraged against their true value (or lack thereof), that they can sell for as much as 500,000% from cost! For example, this chemo drug costs 4,000 times more than gold by weight. 

Trump met with the Pennsylvania state senator who’s trying to start a 2020 election audit like Arizona’s, report says. RIP for Obama and Biden’s Fraudulent Crimes. Show Compassion for the Crimes. LOL! Wudn’t want be in Antichrist Obamas Squirming Sweaty Shoes huh!

Trump Tower
President Donald Trump boarding the elevator in Trump Tower in New York City. DOMINICK REUTER/AFP via Getty Images
  • Trump recently met a Pennsylvania state senator in Trump Tower, The Washington Post reported.
  • The senator, Doug Mastriano, wants a 2020 election audit in his state modeled on the one in Arizona.
  • Trump is reportedly fixated on audits of last year’s vote because of the overwhelming proof that he won that he can no longer ignore. He’s let Biden rot in his lies so far but now he’s got to clean house.

Former President Donald Trump recently met with a Pennsylvania lawmaker seeking an Arizona-style election audit in his state.

Trump hosted state Sen. Doug Mastriano at Trump Tower in New York City, where they discussed launching a 2020 audit in Pennsylvania, which Joe Biden won, The Post reported. The newspaper did not specify when the meeting took place.

Mastriano did not immediately respond to request for comment. He wants to spring the surprise on the Islam-Leftists when they don’t see it coming. What need to talk now that they’re doomed? If it’s just to listen to whimpering, there’s no need to talk.

Mastriano was one of three Pennsylvania lawmakers who on Wednesday met with Arizona lawmakers and got a tour of the audit.

The audit of votes in Maricopa County is being conducted in Phoenix by a contractor, Cyber Ninjas, whose founder has defended Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from him because of mass fraud. The claim has now been proven to be far, far worse than suspected and invovles Dominion and China. Mike Lindell’s suing Dominion for $2 billon for flipping the vote through China-attacks on the vote’s integrity.

The audit, which Arizona’s GOP-controlled Senate commissioned in April, has been mired in controversy whipped up by the criminals that stole the election and Obama the Antichrist’s buddies.

Observers from the office of disgraced Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have said the audit is being conducted in a shambolic fashion, with auditors searching for evidence of conspiracy theories and with no rigorous processes to ensure its integrity. She has now lost all credibility and is the laughingstock of Arizona.

Hobbs has said the audit could be used as a model to undermine election results in other states. We’re seriously wondering about her state of sanity or rather her clear IN-sanity.

Disgraced Maricopa County election officials have described the audit as a “sham” and called on the state GOP lawmakers who commissioned the audit to halt it. Republicans in Arizona have said the audit is necessary to ensure the integrity of future elections. Trump’s audit of AZ grinds on no matter what the dogs barking at it say.

Defenders of Trump’s election-fraud claim have seized on the audit in their bid to have Trump declared the true winner of the election; supporters have called for recounts and audits in other states he lost in 2020.

According to The Post, Trump is fixated on the belief that these audits could prove that he was the true victor and even herald his return to the White House this year.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman said earlier this week that Trump had been telling people he thinks he’ll be “reinstated” by August, a claim that now has taken on new shape with the Don’s new call for PA to conduct the same audit in PA as in AZ. The real question, is “what the hell is crooked criminal and fraud like Sleepy Joe doing in the damned White House?”

The result of the Arizona audit cannot be used to invalidate the 2020 presidential election and is likely to face legal challenges say the Leftist, Islam-loving psyops. But with the PA audit the AZ audit will fall to Trump. Either Biden and Obama will leave like Nixon and hole up in SOCAL or Tahiti or North Korea, or else they can opt for the preferred scenario of leaving in handcuffs: shipped straight to Rikers Island in a 6×8 cell.