Obama To Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslims To US. Not Christians, MUSLIMS:

Obama To Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslims To US. Not Christians, MUSLIMS:

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Outrage? There is no outrage at anything Dumbozo the Clown does to the U.S. He’s keeping his promise (the only one he’s kept) .. to make the U.S. into a Muslim nation by the end of his second term. Congressmorons won’t say anything, because they don’t want to irritate the little man-boy .. ‘cuz he’ll pout, and they don’t want to see that. If there aren’t enough jobs left for these muzzie refugees, Bozo will give each of them an apartment, food, clothing and a new car, all compliments of the American people. Not enough money for that? Well, he’ll just slap another tax on Americans. We’re a RICH country, don’tcha’ know?

Remember when Barack Obama told a French TV Channel that the U.S. is a "Muslim 
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Army Officer Wants YOU Disarmed …

Army Officer Wants YOU Disarmed …

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Well, it looks like they have it all figured out .. they have officially tossed our Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment, along with their OATHS OF OFFICE, into the crapper. The officers remaining unscathed by Dumbozo the Clown, their Conmander-and-Thief, are going to play the role of “big tough dudes” in order to keep their disgusting jobs. They’re showing signs of desperation, which does not bode well for sanity …


Proof Militant “Gays” Don’t Want Freedom: Fed Judge Declares Anti-gay Sermon A Crime Against Humanity

Proof Militant “Gays” Don’t Want Freedom: Fed Judge Declares Anti-gay Sermon A Crime Against Humanity

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Evil, insane, psychopath judges! Just watch now, the pastors across America will quake in their boots, fearing that, if they even mention homosexuality, they will lose their precious 501(c)3 status. Take $$ from the gubmint, and they own you. But, of course, they’re only trying to protect our GayBoy-in-Chief residing in the WH.
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Preaching a sermon is not a crime against humanity, it is a conviction from the Bible.  Maybe ‘gays’ should move to Iran to see what it’s really all about.

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

Countries Banning U.S. Agricultural Products

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Thank God somebody has a brain in this world .. several countries have not only banned GMOs, but others have cancelled thousands of tons of U.S. corn, soybeans and wheat. I think the farmers will soon get the message that they’ve been duped by their fascist masters. Maybe these countries will save the dumbed-down Americans from the Monsanto monster.

Obama Is Not A Legal POTUS. Which Is Why He Must Be Arrested, Tried & Convicted …

Obama Is Not A Legal POTUS. Which Is Why He Must Be Arrested, Tried & Convicted … & hanged?

Contributed by GoldBugGal

I want to point out that Obama CANNOT (MUST NOT) be impeached .. since he is not a legal sitting POTUS. He has to be arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and .. hanged?
Isn’t that the current punishment for multiple counts of treason and sedition? Congress may attempt to impeach him, with a two-fold purpose: (1) to set in stone his illegal EOs, bills he’s signed into law, treaties he’s signed, outrageous weakening of the constitution, impersonating a President, providing fraudulent documents, and massive and continuing theft from the American people; and (2) the phony impeachment proceedings will divert attention from their COMPLICITY in all of the above.
All 535 members of Congress (and all nine SCOTUS inJustices) KNOW that usurper Obama was placed in office to take down our economy, currency and sovereignty; this is the ultimate COVER-UP .. by all of them! Not one of them has the balls to throw the Muslim slime under the ugly black bus purchased with American tax dollars.

Now, The US Prepares To Try To Over-Throw Malaysian Government?

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Now, The US Prepares To Try To Over-Throw Malaysian Government?

Isn’t is past time that we over-throw our own government and stop this?  Is there any place that our government has not screwed up?

May 15, 2013 (AltThaiNews) – US-funded opposition fronts have vowed to overthrow the Malaysian government via disruptive and potentially violent street protests in the wake of general elections that saw their leader Anwar Ibrahim soundly defeated despite massive support from Western media, NGOs, and direct government intervention. Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported in their article, “‘BN will be toppled this year’,” that:  Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.
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Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes AZ Gold & Silver Bill

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This doesn’t surprise me .. She also vetoed the legislation to require presidential candidates to prove their eligibility.  She said the bill was poorly written .. so why the hell didn’t she demand that it be “rewritten” and passed?  Gov. Brewer is one of Dumbozo’s pet monkeys .. she’s on his Governors Council.  What is it with AZ Govs anyway?  They elected Butt-ugly bulldyke Napolitano .. maybe AZ should find someone NOT named Janet?
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