Ted Noiz Dream: “People Worshiped A Hologram, Fake Jesus In the Sky”

Ted Noiz Dream: “People Worshiped A Hologram, Fake Jesus In the Sky”

Authored by tednoiz

I had a prophetic dream in the late 2000s during which people (just like in the photo below) were walking up my street like zombies, their hands clasped in prayer, their eyes fixed on something in the sky. I went outside to see what it was… it was a giant Jesus speaking to them. I laughed. I knew it was a hologram made by a projector, knew it was all b.s..

At first I tried to wake the people up, snap them out of it, get them to come out of their stupor. Then I realized that was all b.s. too, that it would never happen. I realized there was nothing I could do for them, as God gives us each our own choice to make, our own free will, and that we exercise it as we wish. The slaves are no different than you or I. They choose to be as they are. They want to be led. They are happy to be where they are. They seek it out and put themselves in that position.

Ted Noiz Speaks To A Feminist At The Grocery Store:

 I met a woman at the grocery today. A real freak leftist apparently. We stood in line at the checkout and she read aloud to no one in particular something off a magazine about International Women’s Day. She smiled and looked around as though she were accepting an award. Obviously she wanted everyone to hear her comment because she wanted attention. I gave her some, “Yeah, soon Women’s Day will be a thing of the past.”

“Really? What do you mean?”

“Well it has been determined by society and culture at large that gender is nothing more than a social construct, has it not?” She looked at me nervously as I went on, probably wishing she hadn’t opened her mouth. “Well, since gender is a mere social construct it can mean only that there are no women to begin with and that anyone identifying as a woman is merely fantasizing–because gender does not actually exist… it’s just a construct, a figment of the imagination. Furthermore, anyone identifying as a woman or a this or a that can never be whatever they claim to be or identify as, not only because gender is a mere construct to begin with but because they are working off the false premise and the pretense that they are something other than what they actually are. They must first positively identify and then deny what they actually are in order to claim to be that something or someone they, which, by their own thinking, are… neither. Therefore there is scant need to recognize anyone, including one’s own self, for their gender, real or imagined–because there is none, therefore they have none. It does not exist. It’s just a construct. You have to make up your minds if you want to keep Women’s Day. Are there really women–or is gender just a construct? It’s the same thing with the false premise that you can not be racist against a White person and that White people don’t exist. First you must identify the person as White before you could not be racist against them, and if you’ve done that it means you’ve identified and acknowledged that which exists, a White person, and his race, White… while at the same time denying all of it. In other words, it makes no sense.”

The woman stared at me, enraged, biting her bottom lip, clenching the handle on her shopping cart. She turned her back to me and said nothing. I turned my head and saw another lane had opened up and went to it. I got checked out before she did! Ha!

Ted Noiz Analysis: Trump Will Do Zero

Trump will do zero. All of the military leadership has written a letter and said they are 100% on board with the new administration and ready to change over. 

Trump is being completely erased from the face of the earth: .https://www.bitchute.com/video/GHEqPkLEyyY/  via bitslide

Trump should be ashamed of himself for his doing nothing. It will be best if he is impeached–AGAIN– this will ensure he cannot try to come back in 2024 and make a fool of himself and his base all over again. I can’t wait to see the look on the Qtard faces when he leaves office with Joe Biden, Harris, George Soros, China, et. al.’s boots directly up his fucking ass. He has it coming to him. Betrayer. Traitor.

Trump is a fucking loser. He could do something, yes. Fact. He has the power. But he will not. 

General McInerny is right. But, as we have learned, being right isn’t everything. In fact it’s nothing. Look at the Communists, wrong about EVERYTHING, yet God has chosen them to be in power and to turn his back on his own. God hates us with all his fury and is using our enemies to wipe us out for what we’ve done and/or for our complicity. Pay the General no mind. He’s just an old fool and wishful thinker, like the rest of them. He’s just helping to keep the delusion going and ensure a continuance of our peaceful slavery.