BIRTHERGATE! Photo-Shop/Adobe Author, Mara Zebest: “Obama Birth Certificate A Fraud”..


  Now, Adobe/Photoshop-author Mara Zebest says Obamas newly released “Birth certificate” is a fraud.  

  Plus tons of other people with experience in photoshop and Adobe saying ITS FAKE.  So, go fight them, you dumbasses.  Man, am I sick of this crap.  Why cant Obama just show the REAL birth certificate?  Think about it. Is it because he was born in Kenya, OR, is he Malcolm X’s son, or, is he just the anti-Christ, who appeared on the scene…

The saga continues and the BIRTHERS (  Wakka-wakka ) AINT GOING AWAY….

Wake up, sheeple…..baahhhhh baaahhhhhh  SEE: 

Photoshop Expert And Author Mara Zebest Declares That Obama’s

How I Feel About Obama’s Race-hustling, & Left-Wing Led Birtherism

This is a Comment made by a blogger:  

“I am not a racist, therefore the group I belong to is not a racist” would seem to be a hasty generalization fallacy….”

  My reply: ‘It is also a fallacy to assume that ALL birthers are racists as well, just because a small number of them are.’

       Now that we have been shoved over to the racial issue.. Do these holier than thou leftists REALIZE how many of their fellow American brethren they have hurt BY generalizing?

  I have been called a Jew-nazi, the Jew-kkk, racist, bigot, and a  phobe of every sort.. Did these ‘liberal’ people think this did not hurt? Because it hurt. It hurt badly.  It was not some type of conviction they brought to my inner being, it was accusation.  Which is evil. The New Testament says that there is one accuser of fellow brethren; SATAN.

   If I put up pictures on posts that somehow left black people out, (Vintage pictures) I was called a racist, (By psyn, a left-wing Canadian) just because things are not pleasing to my eye? I don’t think that black people OR Mexican people are prettier than white people. So? Its MY EYE! Lots of black people ONLY like looking at black people, SO? They think that black is the most beautiful, SO?  The same with Mexicans and Asians.  Its OK for them, but not for me??  Physically speaking, I like the way white people look, especially in Vintage America. I like looking at them more than any other people’s.  I also love Geisha’s. I love the art of Asians, and the bright colors of the Spanish culture, but I just don’t find it more pleasing to my OWN eye than white people. Sorry, that is not racism, it is called TASTE. 

  I truly belive that a majority should govern, not a minority-thats MY preference. Being part Jew, I know that minorities look out for THEMSELVES and not country most of the time. I vehemently disagree with this thought process.  Country/America should ALWAYS be first, and nothing else, next to GOD.  I vote based on American patriotism. Which is why I am not with the Democrats OR the Republicans, they are NOT patriotic.   

     So…..In the beginning of not liking Obama policy, I cried MANY tears–too many to count. Being called a racist, and all of this other jargon that I was called… My friends were called racists.  It is/was sickening. Totally SICKENING.

 I championed causes in my home-town, (in the 1980’s) trying to help ILLEGALS, GET LEGAL. Helped 3 different Americans of African descent get employment in the 1980′s, while I was in management…. Only to be called a RACIST just because I do not like Obamas terrible policies.

  I hated Bush policy as well, Clinton before him and Bush 41 before him. But, I am a racist now, b/c I HATE Obamas policies and I think he is a a fraud.

  It is true that leftists started the birther issue. Mrs Obama said her husbands ‘home country is in Kenya’.  Gov Bill Richardson said that ‘Obama is an immigrant’. Obama HIMSELF said that “It is good to be back home, in Kenya”.
All of those people are leftists.
All of those people had ME convinced that they were not lying.

But, now I am a racist.

  We have covered racism, and will continue to do so, on behalf of white people now. I didn’t know how terrible racism is against white people….. because like every other white person, I was brainwashed to believe that racism against white people is OK.

  I was beaten up at a younger age by 3 black girls that screamed “WHITE BITCH”…  And, helped black people regardless of the beating I took… But now I am a racist…Because I don’t believe a damned word Obama says re. politics, and do not believe he is eligible, according to his OWN admissions…

This is the “CHANGE” that this ‘leader’ has brought upon people.

Why Is Executive Order 13489 SO Important B. H. Obama?

Obama’s first act as President EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 banning

  President Imposter is “Above The Law”  That’s Why.   At the time this post was 1st  published it appears as though we may have been misinterpreting the section of US Code covered by this Executive Order. While this EO may not necessarily cover Obama’s birth certificate, the question raised in the post still applies. Why, with everything going on at the time, was this one of Obama’s first orders of business? President Imposter is “Above The Law”  That’s Why.. HEY! OBAMA, WHY WONT YOUR ELEM. SCHOOL RELEASE YOUR RECORDS? GO HOME ILLEGAL!

For Immediate Release PDF Version Read:
January 21, 2009

Office of the Press Secretary, GIBBS.



Sec. 6. Revocation. Executive Order 13233 of November 1, 2001, is revoked.



    January 21, 2009.
    33 Reasons to GET HIM OUT.

1, Obama’s original vault copy (from anywhere) of a long form (legal) birth certificate, if one exists, has never been released, officially. The Hawaiian news paper’s announcement of Obama’s birth announcement gave a birth address that does not exist, for it was easily phoned in and believed at that time by his grand parents or anybody in fact, and that not one local High School student, friend, teacher, doctor, nurse, hospital has ever admitted or acknowledged Obama’s birth or mother pregnant in Hawaii.
2, Obama’s short form certificate of live birth (COLB), a proven forgery and the only official proof released of Obama’s citizenship.
(forgery) SCRUBBED
(forgery) id=2697
3, Simple in 1961, no computers to photo-shop, edit or could produce Obama’s officially submitted fraudulent Hawaiian COLB document, in fact the font (type)is computer created, no typewriter had that capability in 1961.
4, You can view of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate dated Aug. 4, 1961, in question, at this site and not denied.
5, Stanley Anne Dunham and Obama Sr. marriage license, never released.
6, Stanley Anne Dunham and Lulu Soetoro marriage license never released.
7, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama adoption records never released.
8, Barack Obama as Barry Soetoro’s Besuki School Indonesian application obtained! In order to attend school in Indonesia you have to be a citizen of Indonesia, no dual citizenship allowed there. (This document is proven and not a forgery.)
9, Barack Obama’s also known as Barry Soetoro’s Indonesian Punahou School records, not released.
10, Obama’s Selective Service Registration, a proven forgery released and was a criminal act. (forgery)
11, Obama’s Occidental College records not released as Barry Soetoro, as he was a foreign exchange student.
12, Obama aka Barry Soetoro passport as a citizen of Indonesia, that is mandatory to attend school in Indonesia, not released.
13, Obama’s U.S. Passport if one exists? Never released or is known of.
14, Barack Obama also known as Barry Soetoro entered Pakistan illegally on what countries passport?
15, Obama’s Columbia University records, as a foreign exchange student as Barry Soetoro, not released.
16, Obama as Barry Soetoro Columbia University thesis if one exists, not released.
17, Not one name of any student is known who saw Obama attend Columbia released or known of.
18, Obama’s Harvard Law School records as a foreign exchange student Barry Soetoro, not released.
19, Obama as Barry Soetoro Harvard Law Review articles, if any exist, not released.
20, Barack Obama’s Baptism Certificate, if one exists, none released, because Muslims do not have one?
21, Obama’s Medical records, not released, but a one-page statement, Obama is healthy.
22, Obama’s Illinois State Senate records, not released.
23, Obama’s Illinois State Senate schedule, not released, alleged to have been lost.
24, Obama’s Law practices client list and billing records, not released.(Remember White Water, the Clintons)
26, Obama’s University of Chicago scholarly articles, none released or exist?
27, The reason Obama lost his license to practice law in Illinois, for perjury, not released.
28, Obama’s campaign certification in 2008, not his donor list, vetted and submitted by the unpardonable fraud of Nancy Pelosi, and a private club the DNC. By submitting Obama’s name to be qualified to the Electoral College in order to place Obama’s name on the ballot knew it to be a fraud and immune from The Freedom of Information Act, never released and later denied by the DNC that they did.
29, Obama’s list of campaign workers who may have been lobbyists, never released.
30, Obama or Barry Soetoro, the countries he visited outside the United States before 2008, never released.
31, Obama, never repatriated to the U.S. from his Indonesia citizenship, if documented never released, because only citizens there can attend school in Indonesia.
32, The U.S. Constitution states you CAN NOT be a U.S. president if you change your U.S. citizenship. “104 FIRST CONGRESS. SESS. II. Cn. 4. 1790.” States “That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers of citizens or have never been resident in the United States.” Obama’s father was a native of Kenya, a British colony at the time of his birth in 1961.
33, On January 21, 2009, his first day in office, Barack Obama implemented and signed
into law Executive Order 13489, denying any release of anything about him.
Kenya’s Minister of Lands. James Orengo plainly said on the floor of
Kenya’s National Assembly, “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a Native American, become the President of America?”

Obama’s African paternal grandmother affirmed she “was in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born Aug. 4, 1961.”

This is just a sample of a traitor’s failed open and transparent policy and campaign lies, Obama promised and gave America.

Vice President Biden, under intense pressure to invoke Article 25, Section 4 From DEM Party

  Vice President Biden, under intense pressure from some Democratic Party officials and Cabinet members to invoke Article 25, Section 4 of the Constitution and have Obama temporarily or permanently removed as president because of his mental incapacity to fulfill his constitutional oath as president is reluctant to take such drastic action. Biden feels that the country would “become unglued” after such action and he doesn’t want to be the one who would be responsible for “picking up the pieces,” according to a source who works within Biden’s office….the whole story:

White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror

***Suggestion to the DEMS…Stop laughing at ‘birthers’, you know that we have been right from day one***Don’t think so? Ask Hitlery, or…better yet..Remember Lou Dobbs..

What America Expects From This House Win: The TOTAL Impeachment Of Obama & His Staff

Go to fullsize imageLet’s be honest; America knows that no jobs are coming back, and we are bankrupt.

   In 1993 Clinton signed NAFTA.  NAFTA not only opened the doors for outsourcing to Mexico and Canada, (China, as well) it also brought in the illegals through illegal back door amnesty programs called ‘sanctuary cities’.  The Democrat/Clinton had a choice in 1993, either to keep America sovereign, or sell her out to the highest bidder. The Democrat party chose to sell America out and follow the Bushs with their NWO agenda-which is  what the REPUBLICAN party stands for– all of you GOP or bust people. This is why I, personally left the GOP. This is why I do not trust Republicans either, and do not endorse them.

  Now we are faced with a fraud CIC, who we know nothing about. We know not where he was born, we know nothing about his records, we know zero. The far left wants this alien to stay in power because they want a dictator.  The far left wants America completely obliterated, most of the far left is comprised of people that are Communists. Obama is one of them.

  The only way to restore America, at least back to basics; is to impeach Obama and throw him out. Impeach all of his appointments as well; Kagan, Sotomayor, his 32? Czars, etc.  It is time to do this and get it done. This is the ONLY reason that America put the Republicans back in.  Much of this mess was created by Bush 41 and now it needs to be ax’d by Republicans that should start acting like Americans instead of worrying about special interests.  The Republicans have done nothing to vet out Obama, nothing. They better do as we say.  There are no exceptions  to heal America but to rid ourselves of this enemy within, the only exception being:


Gridlock? Please..People.. Worry About Executive Orders

  Go to fullsize imageThats all that I’ve heard all damned night, gridlock, gridlock–its a good thing.  Whatever.  Has not anyone been paying attention to this madman?



  Are people insane? Has everyone lost their brains?  Obama does not care about gridlock, ok?  Didn’t anyone hear his tone-deaf speech for almost an hour this am?  Progress, progress, progress.  Progress to Obama does not mean the same thing as what we think it means. To him, it means to move his Progressive/Communist agenda ‘forward’. 

  If you think this fight is over just because a few GOPers got in, think again…Progressives never stop for a minute with their fighting and division.  “The issue is never the issue, the issue is ALWAYS the revolution”  -Saul Alinsky. 

  Take a look at Obamas Executive Orders, and then tell me that he will not try to use his power to push his whole ‘progressive’ agenda through.  Here are the facts: Obama has not had a proper vetting process. If the GOP was smart, that is where all of their concentration would be.  Where’s his birth certificate? Where are ANY of his records?  This should be non-stop. Ed Shultz is running scared and thinks that the GOP will ‘investigate this’, good going Ed Shultz.  That is exactly what they should be doing, dumbbell.

  I will tell you all, who read this site, (and this site has grown, thank you all very much, Donna and I + thank you).  This fight has just begun. The GOP should not just be the party of “NO”, they should be the party of ‘HELL NO!’  ~They should not work with this man, and they should do everything they can to expose who he is to the American People, before the bastard pushes through Executive order after Executive Order.  Look at that list above.  Presidents know that Executive orders are a last resort, Not a first.  He will not work with Congress. You can take that to the bank.

Jake Topper Asks Axelrod Where Obamas Long Form Birth Certificate Is

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…

       Obama…. Wheres the L.F.B.C.? Fascist. NAZI, Marxist, CREEP! H/T:

  hungry4food, a Mad Blogger like me..


Uh Oh..IS My Career Through?


Communist China!People are suggesting a “Velvet Revolution”, I vehemently disagree.  More than a few people have gotten beaten up by the radical left wing, and there was NO ‘public outcry’.   Our nation is  hardened and too desensetised.  Politicians are chicken shit, as well as the MSM.   It will be up to the people to oust the Communist dictator from our White House.  The longer we wait, we WILL be slaves of Communism. That means you too, you dumbass liberals, the ‘useful idiots’ are the FIRST to go–ALWAYS.


Here is his whole list of information, a good man named “Commie-Blaster” has provided this for all of us:


49 Of 50 States Didn’t Even Certify Obama’s Eligibility-NOT MY PRESIDENT!!

Whiny Little Bitch: TheObama is not qualified to be our President. I have been following this story and blogging about this since June 6, 2008.  The DNC is treacherous and should be hung, if this was a sane world.

Here are some posts below: (I have too many to count, in an audio in 2008, JAN. I stated to the JTF.ORG that I didn’t even believe that Obama was an American citizen, and that was before even Polerick and TX Darlin said it.)


I wrote about this before Obama In SERIOUS Violation Of “The Logan Act” For SEDITION Against U.S.A. and just now it is hitting WND: Report points to then-senator’s indirect responsibility for deaths in country

Liberal Minorities, Black, Mexican, Jew ETC~Can’t Handle Our Black Kenyan Prez

you cant handle the truth‘I happen to surf the net a quarter of my day. I have come to the absolute, positive conclusion, that liberal minorities cannot handle having a black president.

It is the truth. They cry, whine, and the posts that they write are so childish, it’s pathetic. They can’t handle Obama in the office without going insane when we criticize his insane progressive policies, that have ZERO to do with his blackness. 

 If they were past all of their OWN racism, they would want Obama treated as any other man that is upstanding, and the men that were REAL Prez’s before him that were WHITE.’

 Office of Minority Health Logo All of these minorities that are now in charge don’t care about country, they care about agenda.  If it is the Mexicans, they want illegal, law-breakers to have rights and be citizens. They want to give to their people from south of the border, something they never worked for.  If it is the blacks, they want ‘reperations’, from a nation, where most of our people did not even arrive until a long time after the civil war. If it is the Jews, they are concerned about Israel & think, in their screwed-up minds that America is a “NAZI” nation, even though we have NEVER needed anti-semitic laws.. The Israel, Mexican & Black lobby in this nation is disgusting.  There is NO lobby for plain ‘ol fashion apple pie Americans. Look at the recent, for ie. @ Savages website: With a whine and whimper, a presidency splits a seam


Lies It would really slow your  The lies that people tell on this blog would make your head spin too. Just to prove some idiotic, anti-American point, even one little left wing “Jewish” snot rag (who eats Kosher, and that makes her a ‘good Jew’)   pretends that her husband makes 7 figures working for the D.H.S., a ‘model’ for Stop Staring clothing, (in fact, she is the model, Bernie Dexter, herself, even though Bernie is about 31 years old-eyeroll..)  and her parents that were in the Holocaust, even though she is 24 years old.   ~We save all of these lies, too.  It is sick how these jackasses operate.   Another left wing loser Jewish guy says he lives in Israel to prove points, yet his IP is in Saratoga, NY- he is a ‘religious liberal Jew’ if this makes sense, (you know, pro-baby murder, fag marriage.. sure..)  A black man who thinks that Obama is the Messiah, and DO NOT talk about his Messiah. Another idiot that I kicked off of here, who stalked me for weeks, then put my blog on Craigs List (which gave me more readers) until I had to make his IP public. They CANNOT HANDLE this black person as prez, they cannot handle a minority liberal black in charge, honest discourse is not an option to these losers.

Senator Chuck Schumer  The despicible snot-nose, elite libo/Marxist, Chuck Schumer whined during Sotomoyors hearings, crying in front of the whole nation, so happy that a Hispanic would be elected into the SCOTUS. He didnt care if she was a La Raza Mexican Brown Supremist, he didn’t care that she threw an innocent AMERICAN WHITE man in prison for 17 years. He cared that she was a minority like him, and ‘yay, we will have a minority as SCOTUS!’.   He cares nothing for this nation, even for the Mosaic-Judaic Laws (10 Commandments) being intact, and this nation retaining its Christianity, which Sotomayor has NO intention of upholding as does not KAGAN THE PAGAN .   What a pathetic joke for a senator. SEE:  YouTube – Chuck Schumer’s Emotional Outburst at the Sonia …

Because he doesn't understand  The Racist, Black Panther lovin,’ Uncle Toms at the NAACP scream and cry racist, like the thin-skinned little pussies they are, and the first broad of the W.H., weeps along with them. This is disgusting. Imagine enemies and what they think of this fine display of absolute brattiness… A once great nation reduced to people that beg, moan and groan if they dont get their way. Finally, Breitbart, tired of the serial, phoney-ass,  race baiting,  told the NAACP to “Go To Hell” Amen. Journalist insists black leaders – not tea partiers – are real ‘racists’

 Crybaby Pseudo-Victims Media Matters are the biggest babies in the planet, they are like little children, “If we don’t like what you say, we’ll just call your sponsers and destoy your life!” Whaahhhhhhhh!! ……….I wonder what they would do, if the same assault to destroy their lives happened to them, how would these insane buffoons think?  Yes, I know, its NOT facsim when THEY do it..Well, its never too late to destroy them, when we REAL AMERICANS get back in power……..Breitbart offered $100 Grand to ANYONE that could bring some type allegations for the holy grail “N” word being said at a protest against NAZI-care bill, nobody has answered the call, yet, here is MMFA, crying like the little bitches they are:  Right-Wing Media Attempt To Erase “Bigoted Statements” From The Tea Party Movement

Go To HellWell, this website has had just about fucking ENOUGH of you pathetic little Mary Poppins bitches and faggy ass bastards- that should be thrown out and deported to some Commie 3rd world shit hole, that you hail to. Get out of our country if you can’t take the politics, go to Africa, go to some middle east ghetto, go to Mexico, just GET OUT- BYE BYE.