FAT-LESBO, Rosie O’Donut: Call It Communism, ETC.~ MY FAV Post Of 2010

HOSE-Y is a fat lesbo bitch. An Irish Militant Bolshevik SLOB.  She wants Communism, and only wants it so that Rush Limbaughs ‘head will explode’.  In a sane world, we would hang this bitch for treason, along with her debaucherous, counterpart, whore friend, Madonna. You cannot ‘seize the assets’ of a foreign company, you insane asshole!!!!!

I am sorry, people, you left wing gasbags WANT Obama now in charge of the Gulf? He is the fking REASON that ZERO is getting done.  See who is the blame, Rosie you dipshit: UPDATE~Who Is To Blame For Oil Spill……..? ENVIRONMENTALISTS

Cookie Cookie This is the fat witches blog: rosie.com » r blog I can’t even believe I lived in the same town in the summers as this insane militant creepy slugRemember what this fatass, carpet-munching bitch did to Tom Selleck? About the guns? And the bitch had body guards WITH guns- what a GORDO hypocrite!  That was when I never watched this sickass, psycho-dyke again. The scuz tried to humiliate Selleck and got her ass in a sling and basta, off of TV, Halle Lu Yah. Too bad people like her don’t roll over and fking CROAK.


FEED ME & I might shut the F&%K Up!

Yeah, Rosie: Buy A Gun...You

Racism & Sexism! Ads That Would NEVER Be Allowed 2-Day Even 4 Humor Purposes..

OMG!! I found these ads, and I will put a couple pics up, but you have GOT to see this website to LOL. IF you have humor…The rest of the funnies are here (48 of them) 

Black Sabbath; The Album From Hell..


   I was 14 years old…and of course, a little curious, at that age…My grandmother had asked me to check the mail, so I went to check the mail, and brought it to her…She told me to throw away this certain envelope, but I couldn’t, it was a Columbia House Records packet… I opened it up, and OMG!!! 5 albums for a penny!!! I could not resist! I got a penny, and put it in the little slot provided, filled out my name, and sent it out.

    Four weeks later, it was my birthday, and I had seven girls, come to sleep over, we were having great fun, and listening to music, dancing in the bedroom, to some disco records…then my mother came in, and said “AsheDina!!!! Get in here! I want to talk to you!!” what could this be about?, i wondered….It was about the penny I sent out, and the five albums, and now a bill for $25.-  I got yelled and screamed at for about a half hour- But how could I have understood? All that I saw- was “Send a penny” the offer seemed great, and it felt like a lottery…She told me, that nothing could be done about it now, and told me to pick one of the albums…I chose Black Sabbath- but I knew them not. My Ma-ma/Moboly, she was MAD at me for this, understandably, just what kind of spiritual/religious young girl, would want anything to do with this kind of EVIL music? I have always been very spiritual…

    Back in my room at the party, I held back that I got in some trouble,and gleefully told my friends that I got a new album for my birthday…So, I opened it….SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!……….. filled the air in the bedroom, and I was as horrified as them…(I was a MAJOR fraidy cat) inside the double album was a photograph, of a dead woman in a coffin, it was ghastly!!! I was horrified!!! But…I wanted this to be a memorable night…So, I played a song….”ding dong, ding dong” …Eeery Church bells played in the background of the first song, I could hardly stand it, the lights were turned off- Every young girl were crying their heads off…begging me to STOP….

  Nowadays…this is NOT a frightening thing…but I can still remember the horror of this photo, and how that album was ugly, and really….straight up Evil…Easy it was to detect at that time, hard it is now, to see at all, it is common place…How I long for those days…

This was evil shit, but nothing like the evil of Gag off, Gaga.

The Day I Gave A Marxist, Tattoo, Pierced-faced Hippy A Ride Home

face tattoo - Boing BoingLeft wing moonbats preach an awful lot about tolerence, but we all know they are full of shit. 

 Gypsy Girl Painting by I was on one of my little gypsy moves, 8 times I have crossed this once great nation. I lived upstate, NY.   I use to go through placement agencies to work, while in my gypsy phase. So, I went and worked at Fleet Bank- Income Tax Processing Center. I processed tax returns. I lived on the left-hand side of the Hudson, 9 miles from Woodstock, the place where 65 year olds think they are 17 years old.

  One day, I was observing this young man after work. He had a tattooed face, that was pierced.  None of his clothes matched, his hair was dirty, he looked dingy, it really was a grotesque scene. He had a sign that said “I NEED A RIDE TO WOODSTOCK”.  So, I watched the diversity crowd, (in which, the whole place was so ‘diverse’), for about  1/2 hour.  Every single left-wing, snotty, jerk gave this poor, sick, kid.. ugly looks, that were sooooo intoLLLLLerent! Unimaginable, eh? 

our hit parade: White Liar{This is a big reason why I tell you these people are SOOO full of shit, and cannot be taken serious. If they were soooo toLLLLerent, they would be a lot nicer to the so called ‘evil’ conservative Americans, instead of calling them every ugly name in the book, without an expectation of retaliation.}

  Onward. I had already decided to give this kid a ride home. Of course I could, because I am an evil, right-wing, nut and carry weapons 😀  ~I told him “Come with me, I will give you a ride home.” The young man, who was once a handsome blonde/blue eyed kid, who was once normal, was so grateful.

  I started to converse with him, asking what his Mom thought of all these tattoos, and he replied that his family were born again Christians, and at first, she was devastated, then hurt, then accepted it. Which seem to make him happy. OK. I just kept listening to him.  He was preaching to me about toLLLLLerence. So, I allowed him to keep on talking. He hated Bush, so, he was in good company with that, because Bush was terrible to me as well, but not for the same reasons as this kid. Then he went on how the ‘evil’ right wing was so intoLLLLLerent.

Woostock  Now, we were in Woodstock, downtown.  He opened the door to get out, and said “Peace Man”.  I said, yeah…”Peace”.  Then before I took off, I told him; “Mark (that was his name) I, am a right-wing American, I am the ‘evil’ that you hate. I am your so called ‘enemy’.

please look ..and tell me

  Let me tell ya, this kid was flabberghasted. I told him; “Mark…not ONE of your toLLLLerent friends lifted a finger for you.  Remember this, when you tout the tolerence & fairrrrness, ok buddy?” 

  I saw Mark a year later. Mark is now an independent/centrist that goes to his church with his mom, and since, has had 2 of his tattoos on his face, lazered, and I believe he got married, because he was engaged.

  One Way Baruch HaShem.

A Republican Resurgence?

  NO RINOThe scoundrels in today’s Republican party, the ones joined at the hip with the radical jack booted Obomo henchmen furiously attacking the Tea Party must be purged.  NOW!                          
  These rats led by that craven mealy mouthed empty suit Romney, political chameleon Gingrich, Huckabee, the yellow bellied-fag Graham, duplicitous McCain, jackass in the George Bush mold, Brown the lily livered, Karl Rove and the despicable scheming devil, Jeb Bush are as much of a plague feeding on the heart of America as the Bolshevik cancer and Obomo now incinerating the soul of America.
 This is the same club of deceitful bastards who paved the way for the Bolshevik’s jackboot on the neck of America.
 They are licking their chops at the prospect of going back into power in the next election cycle and replacing the Bolsheviks as our slave masters…. Never underestimate the America’s goof balls capacity for stupidity…look at the cast of characters, snakes lurking in the weeds in the Republican party…

UNBE-FRIGGINLIEVABLE “Bed Intruder” Song~ Over 2,500,000 Views, WTF!!!

Click to get I See Dumb PeopleYou know….I dont look for this insanity, it finds me. 

  I came across that stupid video of the black guy saying that “He’s Snatchin Yo Peopoh Up!” “Hide Yo Kids, hide Yo Wife!”  Absolute moonbattery beyond belief.  So, this kid, a young man made this song about Ben—seriously, this kid about 3/4 of the way through sings great falsetto, but why use this DUMB scenerio?! This is America now, people. We serve the lowest possible common denominator.

This is the original nutty scene:

Senior Citizen Couple Wake Up To Their American Flag BURNED.

of Treason(2005)Everything you were taught about the liberals being toLLLLerant, was a total lie.  They are not tolerant, they are the enemy within. How and why they are this way, I will NEVER GET.

Marcus Tullius Cicero quotes:  
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.


UNBELIEVABLE! 2 Year Old Baby Smokes 2 Packs Of Cigarettes A Day!!

CLICK: Toddler smokes two packs a day

Unbe-friggin-lievable! Well, what can you expect from a 3rd world shit-hole for a nation with a bunch of Moslems….?

  Adults are responsible to make sure kids stay away from cigarettes, but in OBAMAS childhood home, they smoke cigarettes at 5 years old. That is why Obama is braindead. Cigarettes make people stupid, edgy, and sick. People die from Lung Cancer and all sorts of terrible diseases. Although, I am for freedom of making mistakes, this little KID is one mistake that just goes too far.


For Feminists: How To Make Your Husband Happy..(IF You Have One)

The world could be a better place, if women knew their place. It’sjust a fact. In the feminist quest to be ‘equal’ to a man, they have failed…miserably……..I might add..They cannot seem to retain their identity of being a woman. So, I have concocted up the right recipe for the female to have a happy household, and love her husband. This is especially for women that have no children yet, this is for  a Sunday or Saturday AM.

 #1. When you get up in the AM, RUSH to the bathroom (make sure you get up way before your other half) take a shower, quietly, you don’t want to wake up Daddy-O.. Get that curling iron, and fix your hair really sexy.

#2. Pick out a really gorgeous outfit that looks nothing like a business suit, find a pretty dress that is flowery, (short) and shows off your better attributes. Find a really kick butt pair of stockings, with a sexy pair of heels. Make sure you have some really sexy, fabulous undergarments. They make these in ALL sizes, btw, NO excuses.

#3. Make a picnic lunch, with all of HIS favorite foods, like Roast beef, potato chips, coca cola (most men don’t like wine all that much) Make sure to bring a nice little cluster of grapes, so you can peel them and place them nicely in his mouth. Make sure to bring some really great music… Men like 50’s music, and rock n roll, so bring that.  Remember, this is NOT about YOU.

#4. Tell him all day how wonderful he is, how he makes you feel so pretty and sexy, how you love his…nevermind.. 😉

  Tell him you think he is the smartest man in the planet. How grateful to God you are for him. Tell him sexy things in his ear all day long; like how you want to be a vixen and tear his clothes off later on…something to that effect.

5. When it is time to go home, tell him you can’t wait to prepare his favorite meal. Go buy a sexy little apron and wiggle your derriere while you are cooking, make the table look nice too, none of the candles and junk, just make it simple- with only a place for him to eat, while you sit on top of the table and stare at him. Trust me, this will heighten the senses, make you feel nice, and make him feel like a king.

#6. OK…. time to put on a show. Go get out a song like “Let Me Entertain You” Or, “I’m A Woman” and get ready to dance like crazy, or do your own dance of the ‘7 veils’, belly-dancing, etc.. just make something up out of your own imagination, that you know he will adore.

The rest is up to you. But, I guarantee that if you do these things once a week in a spontaneous way, you are sure to have a great marriage, after all, this IS in the privacy of your home.. I’m just trying to help you out. I hope you found this fun and enlightening, I did.