OH Goes 2 Obama. USSA Has Chosen COMMUNISM Over Freedom. Abortion Over Life. Anal Sex Over Traditional Marriage


Enjoy your AmeriKa, you g’d-damned fools.  I will totally enjoy watching God start to obliterate it. Much deserved. How do you stupid shitheads feel now that you told me and QV that ‘the best of AmeriKa was before us?’ (You dumb assholes know who you are..)  You tried to rebuke my brother, QV- time and time again…Just look at you now.  You LOSERS.  You female bitch losers.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

 I will LOVE watching so many more Sandy’s, Katrina’s, Joplin’s, Bombs, etc.  You made your choice: The filthy Muslim FROM Kenya-a dictator, defacto.  I will be SO happy when you are starving to death in the streets.  Take a GOOD look at Staten Island, because that is coming to AmeriKa.  AT LONG LAST. The WHORE, America – will be destroyed.  Praise Elohim.  

  Hussein will seek to destroy Israel in the next few, upcoming mos (He IS a Muslim, you stupid dirt-bags).   Enjoy what you did to your blood-brothers in Israel you filthy, dirty, rotten, treacherous, satanic AmeriKan JEWS. You voted for this pig.  Just as some of your family members voted in Stalin who murdered Jews- and in Germany, Hitler.   I myself – will not shed ONE tear while you are suffering in the AmeriKan gulags.  YAY! FABULOUS!!!

And as for you FRAUD Christians (especially black bastards that put color over country); I can’t WAIT until the para-military goes insane with making your lives a misery. Good, well deserved.


The rest of us know:

We Have Been Abandoned, My Friends

I am re-posting this from a man by the name of “VTX”-one of Ulsterman’s posters, (below).   The Communist/Bolshevik/Marxist/Progressive establishment has demolished the country to the max. They have brought in foreigners that care nothing for the founders of this once great nation, freely gave away the sacred right to vote, exalted bad blacks, built up the drek of society and threw  Americans under the bus for their Commie-utopia shithole that will FAST become the gulags.

If Obama takes away this night, I will be saying adios this website and looking into moving to the ‘turning’ conservative country of Canada or whatever.  You dumbbells that fought the ‘birthers’ can have your mother f’cker ‘CIC’.  Sane people will exodus, I may just be one of them.

Until it all comes to pass: I pray that AmeriKanistan will receive the much needed wrath of the almighty. More Sandy’s, tornadoes and hopefully, for the survival of the world against the Muslim; I pray Putin bombs AmeriKa into oblivion.  Ya all asked for it. (Of course I dont mean sane people)

  • VTX

  • As the race slips away, I can’t help but think, contrary to what WHI said: “we ain’t done good.”No recriminations for Romney – a decent man who made few mistakes and who conducted himself with honor and dignity and who put more effort times a thousand than the useless John McCain; no recriminations for UM and the loyal posters. Those to blame on our side? Chris Christie; Ann Coulter; Karl Rove. Lame Cherry is right (EDIT, The Mad Jewess has been right as well) – and has been right about everything but the end result. Ann Coulter can get back to selling outrage with her boobs.(I wrote about that here: If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being Cowards)You can’t run against the press – the entire press establishment, none of whom would print or speak the first word about Sheriff Joe’s findings; few who would take on Fast and Furious; most who hid information about Benghazi and largely ignore our weakness in Afghanistan and the loss of a helicopter flight full of men – mainly SEALs – because of insane rules of engagement. The treasonous press has sold out – has sold us out.

    There were thousands of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and tens of thousands of reasons to vote against Barack Obama; this should have been 70-30, on the economy alone; this should have gone 70-30 on the issue of competence; this should have been an historic landslide on character alone.

    We are witnessing the end of a great nation; we are also about to witness the total destruction of the nation of Israel, and another Holocaust – G0D let it not be so, but consider those Jews like Axelrod and Debbie W and the rest of the Dems – who seem to want to see the end of a great nation, of G0D’s nation.
    I saw this coming for over three decades – as we slowly turned into the next Useless Rahab.

    And what happened in Libya to Ghaddafi? No one in the middle east – not even the Sauds – trust us one bit. We are unworthy of trust – this administration and the party it hails from.

    I’m gone; I plan to close my business down and to let the country go to its own hell – I don’t have plans. I’m gone from here, too, from this blog – I won’t be posting any more. I will miss you folks.

    We have been abandoned.

CO S.O.S: ‘Early Votes In Favor Of Romney’. Dems KNEW This Was Going To Happen & Filed “Ethics Charges” A Couple Days Ago

An email from a friend:

Colorado secretary of state says that ROMNEY is far ahead in early voting. -tones

I want you to look at all of these links, below.  The ACLU is after Scott Gessler Grassley.  Read this link. The “Progressives” are hot on his trail.  First, they tried getting him on investigating voters that he thought may have not been legal.  Now, they are trying to get him over 2 grand for some extra expenses.

Colorado secretary of state target of probe over ‘expenses‘ Chicago Tribune

    1. ‎- 6 hours ago
      DENVER (Reuters) – Colorado’s secretary of state is the target of a criminal investigation over allegations that he spent public money to attend

Video-Is Valerie Jarrett The Real Boss? ‘Valerie Jarrett: ‘It’s Our Turn. Payback Time For Those Who Oppose Us’

I put this post up 4 days ago (It is the Ulsterman’s website that reported this, not mine)  and the net has been buzzing with this line spoken possibly by Jarrett.    If this is true and the Muslim from Kenya gets placed on the throne once again, you had better believe it will be a Bolshevik AmeriKa. Hell, it already is…

I think this is an important line; “It is payback time for those who opposed us, there will be hall to pay’.   They are scary sonofab*tches.  

Youtube by 

Hurricane Ravaged, Belle Harbor Queens, NYC: Begging Our White-Hating, Muslim Pres Obama For Help

Are you still going to vote Obama, self hating White people in NYC??   What if this was Bush and 4 days had passed??

Belle Harb, Queens:  Navy hits shores of Belle Harbor to help victims of Hurricane Sandy

Electoral College Projection: Obama: 216 (-20) Romney: 249 (+13) Tossup: 73 (+7)

Be prepared should the foreign usurper win.  Either way, the country is finished because of the demographics.  You can thank the left wing that our country is a cesspool of 3rd world dummies.  Eventually, even AZ will be a ‘toss up’ state as more cucarachas take over Phoenix and Tuscon.

Obama: 216 (-20)       Romney: 249 (+13)       Tossup: 73 (+7)
Without Tossups: Obama: 276 (-4)       Romney: 262 (+4)

Read more:

Hat tip @ Race for 2012

Embrace Yourselves For Possible Muslim, Obama Win & Jarrett Punishing All Of Us

Be prepared to have the dictator and Jarrett punishing all of us with Muslim-style head-choppings.


GALLUP SWING: O 48% R 48%…


PEW: O 48% R 45% [WITH D+6]…

FL: R 52% O 47%…

MI: R 47% O 46%…

VA: R 50% O 48%…

Bolshevik NYC Rag Newspapers Dump Obama