Hurricane Ravaged, Belle Harbor Queens, NYC: Begging Our White-Hating, Muslim Pres Obama For Help

Are you still going to vote Obama, self hating White people in NYC??   What if this was Bush and 4 days had passed??

Belle Harb, Queens:  Navy hits shores of Belle Harbor to help victims of Hurricane Sandy

Bolshevik NYC Rag Newspapers Dump Obama


A N.C. Dem, Obama-Maniac Voted 4x. Wants To See More Babies Killed By Abortion, Will Vote A 5th Time, Tues

The ‘American spirit’ in Mr. Jim Turners opinion (below) is for more women to murder their babies.  Murdering children are more important than his country. Women’s ‘rights’ are more important.  What rights do women NOT have??? Just b.s..Anyway-this is America now, people.  Sickening, murdering psychopaths with phoney outrage over a non issue: ‘Women’s rights’.  MEN have NO rights, they have NO say over the life of a baby/child preparing to be slaughtered by a female–NONE, zero, zilch, nada..

I see NYC, tonight and I am witnessing Gods judgement on an unrighteous nation.  Perhaps some people in NYC have seen the light, perhaps not.  All I can do is pray they have awakened.  But, even after this devastating, hurricane force, Mr. Turner wants to see more dead babies–my hopes are dashed:

FRAUD- Democrat in NC: ‘I’ve Voted Four Times Already’

BOLSHEVIK Iranian Valerie Jarrett: ‘If Obama Wins Election, There’ll Be “Hell To Pay” For Those That Opposed Him’

BOLSHEVIK Iranian Valerie Jarrett: ‘If Obama Wins Election, There’ll Be “Hell To Pay” For Those That Opposed Him’

The friendliness of the left wing, when in power – never ceases to amaze me.. Guess what JEWS that vote Obama..They WILL come for you, first.  Make no mistake.  Anytime a ‘revolution’ is carried out, you are the first to go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Meanwhile..if Obama wins, I am 50 ft underground with our neighborhood militia praying for the invasion of America by Russian and Chinese forces because we will have deserved it IF Obama gets elected, again.


Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” (WSI)

Newspaper Flashback Article, 1980: “Carter, Reagan Too Close To Call Race, Polls Say”

Remember….I do.  I know a lot of people may be mad at me for this article.  I also see Romney as just a lesser evil as well.  But, I also have GOP readers. 


Ron Ben Michael: ‘Something I found on Facebook

BORING ‘Debate’: Obama Won’t STFUP, Romney Won’t Clobber Him & They Are BOTH Wrong About EVERYTHING

Romney agrees with Obama’s foreign policy clusterfucks and failures. Thats #1. #2. “Apartheid in South Africa?”  Is Romney just a brainwashed jackass?  There has been OVER 50K murders of white people since the ‘apartheid’ was abolished. White people have it TERRIBLE in S.A. They were better off apart from black savages..Mittens Romney is clueless.  Then, its Israel.  Obama won’t sit with Netanyahu and Romney could have slapped the shit out of Obama and didn’t.   Both are full of crap about Syria. “Assad is murdering his peopleLIE.  Assad is trying to keep his people ALIVE and surviving the Obama regime of Al Qaeda drones and attacks from rebel, militant, Jihadists.

Move on to Mubarak; “Mubarak was a baaaaadddd dictator,’ said Romney. Well, sorry. Islam is insane, and Islamo idiots need a dictator. NADA on Benghazi, just Obama bla bla bla and Romney sitting there bla bla bla right back.  Yada, Yada, Yada, Islam is misunderstood…..I’m done. Finished.

Overall: NOBODY wins, nobody loses in this boring debate of ‘mularky.’ 


Liberal Rag Newspapers Are Endorsing Mitt Romney. Is The Chosen One, Obama At His End?

I wonder…

I hope that folks that are voting Mitt Romney do not have high expectations.  I truly do.  People just don’t get that men are not God.  Obama wanted to BE God, but he falls short, bigtime.  Romney will also fall short. Men are not God. 

Will Romney continue with Obama the Bush’s wars?  Not if we don’t allow this.  We have to be in his face as much as Obama to bring troops home. Close bases. Close the borders.   If there is a concentrated effort on both sides to bring our men home, I believe we all can do it.  But, don’t expect Romney to do this.  Dont expect him to bring million of jobs, either.  America has to learn that we are not America, anymore.  And strive toward being Americans again.  Leftism has NO place in America. It needs to die.  We must kill leftism.  Leftism belongs in EU, not here.  I am sick of filthy magazines, disgusting movies, TV filled with anal sexo’s.  Enough is enough.  

It is past time for the leftists to receive their due spanking.

SEE:  The Tennessean, Orlando Sentinel and Chicago Jewish Star Endorse Mitt Romney

I’m finished With Tonight’s Debate. It is Left Wing Biased With Q’s From The Communist Party, USA

NOBODY can tell me these questions are not left-wing biased.  They are.  Susan Katz, a left-wing Judenrat bitch, also one of the questioners advised that Obama’s policy’s are Bush’s fault.  

A young lady before Katz asked about women’s equality.  All leftist issues.  Nofthing about liberty, freedom, Constitution.  I have SO had it with all of this bullshit, people. 

Then, right now, a black man got up and made all black people look like total idiots. The fat, slezoid bitch, Candy is the one that propped these q’s.  I am SICK of you filthy, disgusting, debaucherous leftist women.  You have destroyed this country.  When there is a war and men are forced to shed blood because of you insane freaks.. Don’t come crying to me when you are ravaged.


God, judge this horrible, wicked people, but most of all–the AmeriKan woman.