11 Years After 9-11-01, What Have We Learned (As A Country?)


As a country, we have allowed a foreign, Muslim dictator named Barack HUSSEIN Obama to rule over us.  In 2008, only 7 years after the worst terrorist attack the world has ever seen, America inaugurated a damned Muslim to be ‘prez.’   A tyrant who has enabled the Muslim bro’hood (Al Qaeda) all over the middle east.  Obama, Hillary, et al are all terrorists.  Terrorists who destroy countries all over the world without any remorse. 

In 2002, NYC opened up the Museum of Sex, a disgusting display of  sexual debauchery run amok.  Right in NYC.  Right after 9-11.  A few years after they built this ‘museum’, they voted to allow queers to marry in NY.  

America is an arrogant, haughty, unrighteous, proud nation that hates God and ‘boos’ God at their political conventions. (No, I didn’t, and no, our readers didn’t) but the fact that we allowed this makes us guilty by association (as a whole).  We ‘boo’ God. America calls good, evil and evil good.  A depraved society of violence and sex. My husband just said ‘Yep-that’s us’. 

So, what have we learned? NOTHING.  Anti Jihad blogs are known as hate blogs. Atlas Shrugs, Bare Naked Islam, and more are labeled as ‘extremists’ for just reporting what is going on with Muslim Jihadist murderers.

What more is there to say?  People hate QV for telling the truth, here & don’t comment because they don’t like his words, their poor feelings might get hurt….  Indeed, Americans hate to be humble and admit they are wrong.   Myself as well, I confess to not liking being humbled….  So, we hate the people who tell the truth about our decadent country.  We don’t want to hear that we are an evil empire. We want to hear that we are exceptional.  Just what are we exceptional about, anymore? Nothing.

I feel sad for survivors and remember the ‘343’, but I also wonder if the survivors do anything to try to stop the insanity.  I hope so. I hope they didn’t vote in the Muslim, Obama.  I am sorry I have nothing positive to say.  I am devastated over what has happened to my once great country. I was heart-sick on 9/11 and lived through it in NY.  The reservoirs were closed upstate (where I lived) and people without food after the attack–they had to have helicopters bring in food.   I read one obit after the next.   Weeped with those that wept.   But all I can say is that whatever happens now, we have asked for as a country.

Sorry I have nothing uplifting to say. 

Below is the photo which haunted me for many years to come. Everyone in the city knew Father Mychal Judge (He is being taken away, dead) My family knew of him. Not, personally, but knew OF him:

We Told Everyone Obama IS A Muslim. Now, Pastor Jeremiah Wright Says: “Obama Didn’t Renounce Islamic Past”

We Told Everyone Obama IS A Muslim. Now, Pastor Jeremiah Wright Says: “Obama Didn’t Renounce Islamic past.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.

…You got your change, you pathetic, idiotic, dumbass, LIBERALS. YOU PUT AN ENEMY IN. Get this SOB OUT of my White House before we start throwing him out. 

If he did not renounce Islam, it means his is a…



Nothing about Islam in that above video.

Bolshevik, America-Hating, Nazi-Jew, Rosenberg (Former AIPAC) Shows His Treacherous Roots

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Are they related??

  M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. Previously, he worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum.

Can you imagine what treachery even lies within these far left-wing Jews?! 
In Israel, they have a left wing watch. We should have one here!!!!
Tell ya… I BET that this jackass is great friends with David Duke.  Definitely.  Have you not all heard of Dukes position of p-stine? Pathetic..
What an embarrassment this creep is.
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See this:

Lovely. Media Matters Foreign Policy, Marxist-Nazi Jewish IDIOT Calls Netanyahu a Terrorist

Are we kidding!!! LOL! Netanyahu! He practically was kissing Obamas ASS!

Come on Israel-GET TOUGH! Tell the imposter moron/NON US Pres to show a REAL Birth Certificate…………THEN, you might take him a little serious..

CNN Poll Shows Ron Paul Can Win Against Obama~He ALREADY Gave Us Obama

I am sorry, but are people friggin insane?  CNN ran a poll and the poll said that Ron Paul has a chance to ‘beat Obama’. Ron Paul ALREADY ran, lost in the primaries, because of his BFF stance on Islam.. and gave us Obama. Lets get this straight, Ron Paul is 102 years old… Nevermind the pun…


Lets see… DADT.. Ron Paul voted to repeal DADT. Leaving our military open for ‘gay’s to serve openly. Gee, aint thhhat thweet?  Ron Paul screams “Audit the fed” every other 5 minutes, yet, thinks that people are so stupid that we have not looked into his earmarks.

 Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 15 earmarks totalling $17,113,000 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 242nd out of 435 representatives. To learn more about earmarks, visit the Earmarks section

Ron Paul’s rationalizing is so unconvincing. He has shredded all credibility on this issue. If you still follow him, you are a mindless cult member. Period. Well, I already knew you were mindless cult members.  “Oh no, no! But you misunderstand!” I understand perfectly well. No amount of spinning is going to explain this away. Ron Paul is the pork king of Houston and the pork-king of the GOP.  And he’s a fraud to boot. Too bad he couldn’t have figured out an obscure rationalization to fund the troops in Iraq.

Ron Paul thinks that a mosque at G. Zero is a good thing:

Angry Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

Maybe someone needs to remind Ron Paul about honor murders: 

Islamic “Honor” Murder In Michigan~20 Yr Old Young Woman MURDERED By Step-father

   Sorry.. I do not think that Ru Paul can beat Obama. You may think so, and worship him like the Obama-bots worship Obama, but I am not fooled. This Ru Paul says just about NOTHING to the evil Obama administration. NOTHING.  Ru Paul is OPEN to ‘open borders’ as well… NO, TYVM. More of the same, only Ron Paul:

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Islamic “Honor” Murder In Michigan~20 Yr Old Young Woman MURDERED By Step-father

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This is the ‘religion of peace’ that people on the left are taking up for: 

(H/T, John Prewett mosquitonet.com/~prewett/ )

Jessica Mokdad: Islamic Honor Killing in Michigan

And people wonder WHY we all want to see photos of OBL…….

The Truth Comes Out Re. OKC Bombing: The MUSLIMS-AGAIN~The FBI & CIA Knew ALL About It

(I already posted on this, but, of course, the left wing media didnt, neither did FAUX news for that matter. The media should be dealt with in the old fashioned way, in my small blogging opinion….) 

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  The left wing media needs a scape-goat, and a monster, so why not find themselves a ‘white-Christian male’…. And thats how it is in the mighty USSA today.  Sure, McVeigh was evil-no doubt about it-but why the cover up IN FAVOR of these sweet, peaceful Muslims… Leftists..imo.. should be hung for treason. 




Damned Zionists Refuse To Allow A Pregnant Woman With Expolsives Into Israeli Hopsital

View Full Size Image(Click on the pic, and get a T-shirt, add ‘leftists are their accomplices’ on the back while you’re at it.)

Keep taking up for these sicko p-stinians, you dumb idiots.


There. Are. No. Words.

IS Islam Part Of The “New Left, Marxist/Neo-Nazi-ism?” Yes. Look 4 Yourself

Go to fullsize imageThe picture below from the early 1940’s looks all too familiar now.  These people are ‘marching off to war’, and the left wing, OF COURSE is dismissing this. Why? Because, it is either the left-wing Marxist/Nazis that will take over the world, OR it is Islamic-Nazis. You can call Conservatives; ‘haters, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes’, etc and any name you can come up with this week. But people that are wise to you MURDERERS will not be had. Communism, IZlam AND Nazi-ism are the same thing: Death, hunger, murder, genocide.

Go to fullsize image These Communists in WI, CAN and probably WILL become mass murderers. Dont think so? Read all of this below.

Read it here: http://jpfo.org/articles-assd/armenian-genocide.htm (A LOT of information of history repeating itself is in that link) 

If you still think it “can’t happen here!” you may wish to listen to this fascinating audio inteview, which explores the work and legacy of Stanley Milgram. Milgram was the noted social psychologist who shocked the world with the results of “The Milgram Experiment”, proving just how easily ordinary men and women can become mass murderers.The interview guest is Thomas Blass, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and author of The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram. Click here to listen to this 98-minute interview in streaming RealPlayer media (12Mb). Also here on JPFO as an MP3 file (17Mb).