The 1980’s, Forever Etched In My Mind…

An art collage from May 2014Last night, I was watching the propaganda box.  They said that the 90’s was “The last great decade.”  What?  Nothing happened in the 1990’s that is of any consequence.   We had a pitiful president (Clinton) who was busy getting his knob sucked and bombing Serbia.   There were no real songs that were great.  The only thing that was invented was the internet which was actually created in the 1970’s.  The 90’s is when God turned our country over to sin.

It’s the 80’s that was fun, inventive, & carefree.  Funny, little songs and one hit wonders.   Rubix cube and big hair.  The women looked like ladies, not fat schlubs like now.  The 1980’s had an identity.   Anything after the 80’s is just a blob of massive confusion and you can thank a Liberal for destroying the place with their insane debauchery and filth.

Now that I have said a few words about my fav decade… Let’s enjoy a few songs   😀

I LOVE how the white man bands sang about women – fabulous!  Who wants to sing about American hags now!  LOL

I hate the songs now, they’re NOT songs..Just noise pollution. and, the ‘fashion’ is just slut clothing.

1980 • 1981 1982 • 1983 • 1984 • 1985 • 1986 • 1987 • 1988 • 1989 •

Rock On Gold Dust Woman…

An art collage from May 2014

Rock On Gold Dust Woman.. By TMJ, P. AsheDina  C. 2014

 This is in tribute to artiste’, Jean Gabriel Domergue.  I mixed her with elements from the net.  I love this artist.  She reminds me of that song “Gold Dust Woman” – Fleetwood Mac.

Here is the song…

I was never really a Fleetwood Mac fan, but a few of their songs, I did like.  This is one also:

Hope you liked it.. Anyway, I am getting over the C-Diff.  I am getting better because I went off the anti biotics and now on plus faith in God…   It’s the ONLY thing that is healing me from this dastardly disease.  I highly recommend this product to anyone that is sick with a heavy duty disease.  Take LOTS.  If ever you like my Digi-art, you can email me: and I can canvas it and make it a giclee for you.

Did Ya’All Know That Famous Rock Band, Led Zeppelin Were Song Thieves?

Did Ya’All Know That Famous Rock Band, Led Zeppelin Were Song Thieves?

I used to be a big Led Zeppelin fan when I was younger (like 16-18 years old).   But, I never believed that Robert Plant was a great singer, so I stopped listening to them.   If a band does not have a great singer, I just toss their music in the ash-can or send ’em to Goodwill.  For eg: Journey had a dynamic lead singer, ditto Foreigner.  I did think that the musicians were excellent in Led Zepp.. Just a little shocked that they copied so many artists..

Here is a compilation of 10 artists who have either won legal battles/settlements against Led Zeppelin or are currently in court:

Here is a good write up on the subject:  Song Thieves…

AND: It’s not whether or not Led Zeppelin took basic chord progressions, specific instrumental parts or the lyrics and made them their own renditions.. IT’S THE FACT That they did it and claimed on their albums That “THEY” wrote the original music/lyrics – when they obviously did not.

Shame, shame, shame…

Kiss Is On My List..

I wish Hollywood would put out a movie that doesn’t exude sex, violence and horrible music.  I feel sorry for today’s kids-most of who have NO idea of what romance is in this hate-filled world of left wing insanity..  As I was surfing through Tumblr, I found these silent film kisses.  Were they not so romantic?

Looks like he could swallow her up:

He can’t get enough of her:

Intense eye contact before swapping spit   😉

I doubt you would see this type kiss in modern Pakistan LOL:

She’s saying… I can’t resist!

Of course, with today’s must be hard to kiss an American gal who is a man hating shrew.  Here is a song to go with it…Of course, from my era:


Gall Stone Giggles

I just dont feel like blogging about the news.  I’m tired and cold.  Have not been eating a lot because I don’t want this thing to start acting up.  Which is why I am cold.

a41I want to say that God will get me through this.  I also want to tell you all that there are so many people who go through so much worse and God is with them, too.  He never leaves us.  It may seem like he does, but he won’t leave us.

a40Take good care of your health the best you can because you only have one body.  Don’t learn this in your 40’s like I did.  Learn this in your 20’s.  When mom or dad tell you not to eat certain foods, take it from me. Dont eat it.  And, when you do, eat in moderation.

a41At any rate, these past few weeks, I have been called a Putin sympathizer, Putin apologist, etc.  When American leaders start behaving like leaders on both sides of the aisle, then, maybe I will consider it.   But – until they do, I have witnessed leaders in other countries acting as they should and I will give THEM moral support.   Don’t like it?   Too damned bad.

Time For A Cool Change…Dream

An art collage from August 2013

Cool Water, TMJ. P. AsheDina C. 2013

Early this am I had a dream.  Obama/Holder were going through impeachment hearings & firings.  The crimes they had both committed were so atrocious that I was kicked out of the court hearing because of the embarrassment the scandal would cause the nation as a whole.  -End of the dream.

Situations & scandals will get more embarrassing for Obama/Holder/Biden/Boehner.  Maybe the Ukraine SNAFU will do him in?  Because Benghazi won’t.  It hasn’t this far.  It will have to be an international crisis.  Russia could bring in tanks to Ukraine (after the olympics) and flatten the ‘opposition’ including Nuland, which would not bother me.

At any rate… I am going to be watching more foreign events, observing what the monster US Govt is doing.  I believe that many nations/countries would like to see us blown to bits.  Can’t say at this point in time I don’t agree.   I say this with great sadness.  Our govt. will not leave people alone in other countries that are poor & destitute.    So, my ‘change’ will be more foreign events.   Plenty of blogs are keeping up with the goings-on in our new Communist hell-hole we call America.

Dang, this dude is hot stuff in the vid (on the sailboat)   😀

Love, Me

All That Can Shake…..Is Gonna Shake

All That Can Shake…..Is Gonna Shake

What is happening at the hands of OUR government all over the world & in America has had me absolutely grieved beyond sadness.  The priests in Ukraine standing between violence and the police has shaken me to the core.  I am begging God to shake the people of America, Europe, etc…who refuse to wake up regrading our miserable government/s and many of its people.  GOD must shake our country.  And, those who believe in HIM must have the courage to pray the same as I.

This is a song from 1987 called “Shake.”

Live Version from 2013:


All that can shake is gonna shake
All that can quake will quake
To break the fact from the fake
All that can shake will shake

Too many choices competing for
My short attention span
To many voices selling chances
To the Promised Land
I’m tired of great big men
With ego kingdoms in mind
Trying to tell me how to spend
My money and time

I like it easy, the strain to change
Does not appeal to me
A God to please me,
Who’ll run the world the way I think it should be
But you can’t package faith
In some shrink-to-fit size
You can’t market truth
Wrapped up in happy happy lies

It’s all gonna shake  shake
‘Till truth comes, it’s all gonna SHAKE.

I’m tired of great big men
With ego kingdoms in mind
Trying to tell me how to spend
My money, my money and my time

Let it all shake!
Let it all quake!
It’s all gonna quake
To break fact from the fake
Let it all shake
To break fact from the fake.
All that can shake is gonna shake

Let it, let it, let it, let it shake
There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.
It’s gonna shake
Let it all fall, if it has to.

Studio version:

I Miss The 1970’s White Man Bands

I Miss The 1970’s White Man Bands

The Doobies, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zepp to name a few.  Seems to me that there are just no good white man bands anymore.  Ever wonder why?  You all may ‘like’ this neo America, but I don’t.  AND The ‘music’ reeks of satanic propaganda now,  it’s all about black hip-hop crap and slutty women prancing around on stage like wanton b’tches in heat.  Why can’t these young bands & ‘singers’  get that their ‘music’ is just noise pollution??

Some of these bands below still perform,  but never really make it to the MSM because they only build up ghetto crap to control the sheep.

“Long train running” The Doobies:

“I cant tell you why” The Eagles:

“More than a Feeling”  Boston:

“Gimme Back My Bullets”  Lynyrd Skynyrd:

I hate today’s clanging craziness.  I miss the 70’s style music.  It’s timeless.

Heart………..(The Band)

Not much news for me until after the holidays.  I’m still so tired.  I don’t know why.

SO, A Blog HEART concert

(Ann Wilson was the level best female rocker of all time)

Magic Man

Crazy On You


Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 2012

Have a nice day !