WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Obama Is In #Monsanto’s Pocket

WSJ: Before TX Explosion, West Fertilizers Had #Monsanto Lawsuit. Monsanto Is In Obama’s Pocket

This is not ‘my’ news.. I’m just giving you information as it comes up. What say you ‘liberals’, now?  Anything? Or are you just going to keep covering up for the madman who occupies the White house by fraud and deceit??

Critics slam Obama for “protecting” Monsanto – CBS News

Here is the link to the Wall Street Journal re. Monsanto Lawsuit.  

Hat Tip, Donna (NOT Donna from here before)

Perhaps this will explain a rocket hitting the plant?  Who knows, anymore.  I don’t trust this government.  And, Monsanto is in Obama’s pocket. Or vc. Versa.

Rocket hitting the plant :

Possible Monsanto connection:

If I ‘mysteriously’ die..It’s because I posted this information. Yes, this government scares me THAT much.

With Holder On Vacation~Murdered Border Agent, Brian Terry’s WHOLE Case File Is Missing!!

I was wondering why this racist, piece of shit was just ‘gone on vacation.’

Here is the reason:

BREAKING: Entire Case File On Brian Terry Killing Missing

Where is that big, fat, talking-head, Issa at?  He is worrying about some scam with NYC Acorn. I have lost patience. 


As Many Congress People Call For Holders Resignation: He goes On Vacation To Caribbean On OUR Dime

SEE: The fugitive of justice, bastard, Eric Holder goes on  Caribbean Junket on Taxpayers’ Dime

When does this end?  How long O’ Lord, shall we put up with the wicked and not serve them justice?! How Long O LORD?  Brian Terry is dead, Other border agents are dead. How does America reward a corrupt pig like Holder for knowing all about ATF/Gun runner in 2009? We send them on vacation.  Where is Darrel Issa, the talking head, as this evil, slob is on vacation?! Justice is supposed to be served to poor as well as rich. Not just us peons in the middle.


Judge this wickedness.




Well Respected California City Councilman Shot Dead: Probably Pro-Illegals, He Found Marijauna Plants

City councilman killed after finding Calif. pot field

Well-respected community leader gunned down after finding remote illegal operation

Latest: Calif. Councilman Shot Dead, More

Melo, a forest land manager, was murdered Saturday while he and a co-worker were patrolling forestland on foot in a rugged area of timber land just outside town. Melo, 69, was investigating reports of a marijuana farm along the Noyo River, authorities said.


I have NO doubt that pro-illegals, OR leftists OR illegal Hispanics shot him to death.

This is OBAMAS America.  We can thank Open borders BUSH for this mess as well. But, we need to learn to be f*cking tolerant, don’t we?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

  Leftists cause this murder and mayhem. This is why I dont even care to cover Izlam, what the f*k for?  We have over 35K Americans MURDERED by illegal occupiers since 9/11/01.


I am so mad, how the HELL can I sleep tonight.

Wall Street WILL Be Headed Toward Panic- Gold Going Up To 5K ounce (CNBC)


CNBC is reporting that Gold will go up to 5K an ounce. This will set off panic at Wall Street very soon. All of those rich people that you want to tax, you leftist lunatics, their money/the USD will be GONE.

Then what will you do?  Act like heathenistic slimes?

Take some small advice. Most of you don’t have a lot of money. In fact, many readers have sold furniture, vintage items, collectibles, etc.  Do yourselves a favor: Get prepared. Buy dry goods. Beef jerky, raisens, pop-tarts-you know what I am talking about. And get locked and loaded to protect your home.  What is really terrible, is we have the worst ‘leader’ America has EVER seen. So:


  Why? Because this media lies all the time. So, panic about this. It is better to be safe with the fear of the Lord than to be without food and money.  Panic is not always bad, IF you do it ahead of time, and before America goes into a huge panic and starts looting, rioting.. People had better start waking the hell up, this is a serious report.

When these leftists at CNBC start reporting, you KNOW this is severe.

NAZI/FASCIST GESTAPO Brownshirts Of the ACLU Say To TX Students; “U Pray, U Go To Jail”


  Go to jail in AMERICA for praying ONE day at a graduation. ONE DAY. One Minute. One big, fat sin against the ‘liberals’ and you GO TO JAIL. 

  When are people going to WAKE UP.  When?  What will it take for liberal Jews that cry about the Holocaust every 5 minutes to WAKE UP.  Why is this OK? WHY?

  WHY IS THIS OK?  Was it OK when they told Jews in Germany not to pray? WHY IS THIS OK? When does this end?  I think that every single student at this H.S. in TX ought to PRAY LOUDLY at their graduation. LOUD, with force.

Every single JEW IN AMERICA should be a Christian now, period.  Because YOU are next.

ACLU attacks Christians; judge blocks prayer, orders jail

It is time that we totally shut up the NAZI/GESTAPO ACLU.  If someone has an idea, let me know.

Neo-Nazi Arianna Huffington Has A Blogger Watching Her Every Move.. LOVE IT

Go to fullsize imageThe left… Amazing. Imagine…A US Prez who had a pretty big support of stupid “Jews” LOVES The Huffington Post!  The ‘liberals’ always say they are against the Nazis, but their actions are 100% Neo-Nazi with their sicko Jew-hatred.  Hey, I am not saying there are not a round of super evil left-wing Jews, but come on…They (The Huff Po) ARE sick, depraved, disgusting trash.  As with Neo-Nazis and left wingers, they are usually always allies.   Imagine that.. White Supremists who believe they represent Conservative-Christian values are so in bed with Commies, its really a strange phenomenon.. See this blog:

HuffPost’s anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist bias: Fogel family slaughter edition

Here is the Neo-Nazi, Jew hating site:

Politics News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

IS Islam Part Of The “New Left, Marxist/Neo-Nazi-ism?” Yes. Look 4 Yourself

Go to fullsize imageThe picture below from the early 1940’s looks all too familiar now.  These people are ‘marching off to war’, and the left wing, OF COURSE is dismissing this. Why? Because, it is either the left-wing Marxist/Nazis that will take over the world, OR it is Islamic-Nazis. You can call Conservatives; ‘haters, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes’, etc and any name you can come up with this week. But people that are wise to you MURDERERS will not be had. Communism, IZlam AND Nazi-ism are the same thing: Death, hunger, murder, genocide.

Go to fullsize image These Communists in WI, CAN and probably WILL become mass murderers. Dont think so? Read all of this below.

Read it here: (A LOT of information of history repeating itself is in that link) 

If you still think it “can’t happen here!” you may wish to listen to this fascinating audio inteview, which explores the work and legacy of Stanley Milgram. Milgram was the noted social psychologist who shocked the world with the results of “The Milgram Experiment”, proving just how easily ordinary men and women can become mass murderers.The interview guest is Thomas Blass, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and author of The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram. Click here to listen to this 98-minute interview in streaming RealPlayer media (12Mb). Also here on JPFO as an MP3 file (17Mb).