Very Important Show: Improper Use of Military Might with Special Guests Col. Riley, Col. Harding & Gen. Vallely

The Improper Use of Military Might

Patriots Union Radio
Date: Sunday, June 12th
Time: 9:00 pm EST
Location: BTR Show Link

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JB Williams interviewing and discussing Proper and Improper

use of Military Might with Special Guests:

General Paul Vallely

Col. James Harding

Col. Harry Riley

Obamas WAG THE DOG Epic Fail: “Muslim Bros” WANT Shariah Law

Go to fullsize imageObama is an everday disaster. His wag the dog moment in Egypt-failed.  Everyone in EU knows this, everyone in the ‘sane’ Arab world knows this. But our Dictator, wannabe -tyrant acts like he does not know….but WE ALL know that when the winds went in an ugly direction, O would side with the Muslims; Who would have ever thought he would side with the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Bros that were the Egyptian brotherhood, who were responsible for bombing the WTC 1993? Obama IS A TERRORIST. PERIOD. Ya all drank the Kool aid and were happy. Will you be happy when something terrible hits America in YOUR neighborhood, you stupid asses??

BTW: In the end with you terrorist enablers that are atheist;




Obama To Thrust Through Agenda W/ Executive Order Like A Dictator- I Warned You All

Go to fullsize imageFROM DRUDGE: 

 The GOP will do nothing and I warned you all about Obama thrusting through his sicko, bloody agenda, but everyone told ME that the GOP will ‘change’ things. NOT A CHANCE. In my personal opinion, its time for bullets, not ballots.  Thats my opinion. Of course, nobody agrees with me on that either.  Oh well, let this animal take charge of your lives, then. I am up in the hills and will hide with my 22 g and .357. You all should get the hell out of the cities like I did.

My NOV Writing: 

Gridlock? Please..People.. Worry About Executive Orders

  Go to fullsize imageThats all that I’ve heard all damned night, gridlock, gridlock–its a good thing.  Whatever.  Has not anyone been paying attention to this madman?



  Are people insane? Has everyone lost their brains?  Obama does not care about gridlock, ok?  Didn’t anyone hear his tone-deaf speech for almost an hour this am?  Progress, progress, progress.  Progress to Obama does not mean the same thing as what we think it means. To him, it means to move his Progressive/Communist agenda ‘forward’. 

  If you think this fight is over just because a few GOPers got in, think again…Progressives never stop for a minute with their fighting and division.  “The issue is never the issue, the issue is ALWAYS the revolution”  -Saul Alinsky. 

  Take a look at Obamas Executive Orders, and then tell me that he will not try to use his power to push his whole ‘progressive’ agenda through.  Here are the facts: Obama has not had a proper vetting process. If the GOP was smart, that is where all of their concentration would be.  Where’s his birth certificate? Where are ANY of his records?  This should be non-stop. Ed Shultz is running scared and thinks that the GOP will ‘investigate this’, good going Ed Shultz.  That is exactly what they should be doing, dumbbell.

  I will tell you all, who read this site, (and this site has grown, thank you all very much, Donna and I + thank you).  This fight has just begun. The GOP should not just be the party of “NO”, they should be the party of ‘HELL NO!’  ~They should not work with this man, and they should do everything they can to expose who he is to the American People, before the bastard pushes through Executive order after Executive Order.  Look at that list above.  Presidents know that Executive orders are a last resort, Not a first.  He will not work with Congress. You can take that to the bank.

GOP DID NOTHING while this Dictator-TYRANT Usurped us!! IMPEACH THEM ALL

Did Republicans demand proper vetting of Obama for the White House run, NO!Did the Republicans demand proof of citizenship, NO!
 Did the Republicans DEMAND his college transcripts and papers containing radical Marxist Nihilism.., NO!
Did the Republicans demand that he account for all the racist sentiments that he expressed in his BOOKS, NO!!!
During the debates and campaign, did the Republicans put Obama on the spot regarding his radical politics, associations with Nihilist, anti-American organizations  and racist Minister NO!
Did they go after ACORN for rampant, bald faced voter and election fraud committed in the middle of main street at high noon…NO!!!
Did they out Obama’s racist wife’s membership and activities in the Black Panthers?  NO!
Did they close the border during 4 year of Bush Traitor the 1st, another 8 years of Clinton and another 8 years of Bush, traitor bozo the 2nd? NO!
        [20 years of a massive Mexican invasion in the tens of millions and countless millions of various Middle Eastern and Muslim browns] 
And Graham, McCain, Jeff Flake and the rest are preparing to sign a bill to continue it!! 
When a moron has a pet snake and it gets loose and kills somebody, the snake is doing what comes naturally, they hold the owner responsible…
We know that the Democrat Party is the US Communist party, we know they are snakes, the people we entrusted with keeping these snakes out of our lives, the Republicans are selling US down the river. Why? Because they believe that we do NOT have the numbers to change the tide…Because they let 50 million Mexicans and browns, who will vote a dozen times, into this country..
And because YOU will continue to vote for them!
And the rest, sitting in Hooters getting beer and bimbo buzzes are too stupid to give a damm…  
When he admitted his MUSLIM faith to the little weasel George Stepanopoules ON TV, Did the Republicans jump on it, NO! 

Sad Stories of Hard Times from Foreclosures and Job Cuts~The Obama Depression

   For those of you that believe that Obama is ‘gonna change it’  You are right, he changed it alright, WORSE THAN BUSH.

Tonight I had a person crying at my desk, they are losing their house.  She was returning makeup her daughter bought that was too expensive, their house is in foreclosure, they are struggling.  I told her to let me know if she wants a food box as my dad works a food bank.  She said it was coming to that as they were eating cereal tonight.  I told her, just let me know and I’d do what I could to help her out.  At the end of the night there was a girl that used to work at our store checking out and she told me that they (her parents/her..the family) got the notice yesterday, they have to be out Wednesday, their house has been foreclosed upon.  She was hanging in there, explaining they were selling off as much as they could, yard sales, she was working a new job with more hours…

    The saddest person at my desk tonight was a lady I’m getting to know, she buys the cheapest cigarettes we have, 5.40 a pack.  She’s struggling too, I told her I could relate.  She was telling me she can’t get the hours and with the pay being so low, she just can’t make it.  I told her I’d pray about it.  She said she gave up doing that.  She doesn’t believe He’ll answer, He hasn’t in all her prayers.  It’s heartbreaking and Lord knows I can’t bring them much hope, nor give them any answers to comfort them.  I work 6 days this coming week…  sun/mon/tues I work 2-8 , off wed, thurs I work 12-8, Fri/Sat 1-8.  I’m going to be exhausted, but I thank God for the hours nonetheless.  God Help Us ….

Ramming Speed; FASCIST “OBAMACARE” Push Against the Will of the People

Unbelievable.  See the sites, people, they are working overtime to push this NAZI care through, and don’t tell me this is not Commu-NAZI.  Once they have your healthcare- WE ARE THROUGH. If they can do this, people, they WILL do ANYTHING to you.  Look on the internet, this sick propaganda is all over. OFFENSE, OFFENSE, OFFENSE- we HAVE to ATTACK now, and keep attacking, and not STOP attacking these BASTARDS.

“In Soviet Russia Grammar Communism follows YOU!!!”

- Russian Reversal on Grammar Communism

“In Soviet Russia syntax orders YOU!!!”

- Another Russian Reversal on Grammar Communism

“I don't know, speaking from a fair view point, I think Grammar Communism is a good idea.”

- Lenin on Grammar Communists

“Hey, shit, I think they're on to something here!"

- Karl Marx on Grammar Communists

“I've alvays hated left-ving Grammar Communists. Vhatever happened to Grammar Naziism?”

- Adolf Hitler on Grammar Communists

‘THE WINNER of the 2010 Health Care Summit…’

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Leads Health Care Summit at Blair House

Olbermann: ‘Last Friday Night My Father Asked Me to Kill Him’

‘It’s my health, it’s my choice’

Health Care Summit – Funny, Hillarious, CommieTunes – The Ultimate Healthcare Episode 4 – Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist / Progressive – Starring Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Alan Keyes, Dana Rohrabacher, Ronald Reagan, Michele Bachman, Max Baucus, Glenn Beck, Kathleen Sebelius, We the People, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi. See More CommieTunes and CommieBlaster Videos at

Update on Obamas Citizenship: FORGERY?

You all take a look @ the Y.T.’s, and WP site:…

Whats up with Obama? Why does he refuse to just go get a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE, like I had to– to get the title of my car (which was lost.) 

Look, I really dont give a damn if people think I am nuts… Usually they are projecting their own nuttiness.. But I have been on this damned story since 06/08, and it gets a little SICKENING that a person that is OCCUPYING my W.H. gets a pass for ONE reason….. They can use the race card because he is BLACK. End of story. 

It is the same scenerio with leftist ADL Jewish people that scream ‘anti-semitism’ when none exists, when people question their left wing Marxism.  They stop the B.C. questioning by saying “THATS RACIST” – or “THATS ANTI-SEMITIC!”  -Well, who gives a damn.  We want the truth, thats the bottom line with this issue.

Look at this as well:

^^^This video is solely for the search of someone who downloaded the utube that used to be posted at Utubes Google, but was scrubbed or removed. We know it was here as the host left its trace and many saw it. We are searching for who out there who may have downloaded a copy, as we are trying to obtain one to compare it to what we have.

The Utube includes a scene where Alan Keyes (pre or post) his second debate 2004 with Barack Obama when he was competing for the IL Senate Seat…in an offstage, nonformal recording, that was captured on film by as personal camrecorder. He was caught admitting he was not running for President, so his Citizenship should not be a concern. This occurred when questioned by Alan Keyes on his Natural Born Citizenship…again it was a ‘side stage’ comment, not a professionally video as seen on Alan Keye’s website. Email with information.

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