Record # Of CEOs Quit BEFORE Market Crash. What Did They Know & When Did They Know It?

Record # Of CEOs Quit BEFORE Market Crash. What Did They Know & When Did They Know It?

This video below states the SNAFU we are  in.  To a T.  I have the same questions that this analyst has.. WHY did all of those CEO’s cut and run before the market crash?  It’s really something else that as the crash was happening, the virus was used as a diversion.    In the video below, he is talking about “one world Bolshevism/Communism”.    He is right.   People who claimed that the ‘left right’ paradigm was a fallacy didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.  Babel (Communism) has been with us since the beginning of time.  In other terms, it means “Competition against God” to ‘become’ God.   Which is satan. 

America’s corporate insiders dumped company shares at record levels

“Record # of CEO’s resigned BEFORE the crash” CLICK here, article written by:  / Kiril Nikolaev @kirilnikk123

This was my video: CLICK HERE. OR:

Here is this brilliant analyst’s video on the current FUBAR.  Trump should be investigating every last one of these CEO’s.  They are totally responsible for the collapse of the stock market.


*At the end of the aforementioned video, this brilliant man  goes into some moonbat Zionist rant.  Calls Sanders and Bloomberg “Zionists”.  They’re not Zionists.  Especially Bernie.  He hates Israel.  Bloomberg is no big Zionist either.  Its only about money with him.  So, that’s a fair warning for you all before you watch it if anti Zionists make you wanna puke.  Just turn it off 5 minutes  before the end.


The seriousness of the TOILET PAPER HOARDERS & their criminal activity.


Just WHAT did these toilet paper hoarders know…..and WHEN did they know it?  They were way ahead of the rest of us….

We were all laughing our collective asses off at the memes… But just what didn’t we KNOW?

Take a good look at the Toilet paper hoarders… A real good look:  EBT, FOOD STAMP collectors.  We paid for these bottom feeders toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels.  NO doubt they got an email from the DNC or the Soros ‘think tank’ from someone INSIDE who knew what was going to happen.  The hoarders were WAY ahead of us.. Whoever sent out this supposed email from the DNC or SOROS has absolutely ripped off the WHOLE nation and this person should be prosecuted.  Absolutely.  There is NO toilet paper in the stores.  NO napkins, NO tissues. In fact, the stores have very little (at least where we’re at).

The sleezeball little socialist Commie PIGS want socialism so damned bad, I say: Investigate their food stamps & just what they bought that week.  Make these pigs SHARE with their boomer neighbors they hate so much.

The little leaches will be just fine and dandy with tons of Charmin.

Just disgusting.