God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists, Jotting Down Their Actions. Jeremiah 2: 34

God Is Watching Pro-Abortionists,  Jotting Down Their Actions.  Jeremiah 2: 34

*Notice it says: “IN” your skirts.

We will all stand before the creator, the maker, the LORD, Elohim, God, Jehovah, Adonai is his name because we all have good and bad in us.  God cares about every little life.  Gods will is that people: Elderly and babies – live and not die.  The left-wing satanists have NO say in the moral department.  God will have to turn his judgments and even wrath on the pro ‘choice’ murderers.  It is what it is:  Abortion is the murder of a defenseless baby.  Most women who have abortions are too irresponsible to go buy condoms or get on the pill.   Others use it as a means of birth control.  In this day and age, there is NO reason to ‘need’ abortions.  The only acceptable procedure is a D & C in rape or serious sickness.   Majority of ‘unwanted’ pregnancies originate from women who can’t keep there panties on. Period.  And, it will not be an accepted excuse before your maker.

America, repent.  Get in sack-cloth and ashes over this horrible genocide of American babies.   55 million plus babies have been murdered since Roe V Wade. FIFTY-FIVE MILLION.

Pro-Baby Murdering Bitches Still NOT Happy That They Get To Slaughter Their Children..

Pro-Baby Murdering Bitches Still NOT Happy That They Get To Slaughter Their Children..

They are angry that they cannot murder their babies after 20 weeks.  Talk about sickening.

In Texas, they are passing through a law that will disable women from having an abortion after 20 weeks.  Let’s look at a baby at 20 weeks in the womb:

Its still murder of a defenseless baby.  If you can’t see this, you’re just plain dumb or a murderer or both.

Before this law started being debated, these sluts thought it was OK to murder their  baby at will and this is what a baby at 9 months looks like:

Commie-Liberal, Democrat women are murdering psychopaths.  NO person in their right mind before 1995 or more would have thought of perpetrating this horror.  But leftist women get up every morning, chomping at the bit to murder babies.


My answer to this is:

Keep your panties on you hag.

Evil, mangina is coddling these witches:

SEE: “Pro-Forced-Birth” Democrats and the “Pro-Women’s Health” Republican

American #ProLifers, Let’s Rethink Our Position When We See HAGS Like This…

American Pro-Lifers, Let’s  Rethink Our Position When We See HAGS Like This

Sorry, but ‘females’, or I should say – monsters like this do not deserve to live.  Please abort these evil bitches from our soil, expeditiously and find it in your heart to let their offspring die.  They are not worthy of life and their children will be a cancer as well.

Abortion, in this case…is not murder, it is justice. Ridding the earth of one of their evil seeds is good at this point, in my personal opinion..

New, Much Creepier Video of Pro Abortion Activists Chanting Hail Satan Outside Texas Capitol

These abortion-supporting provocateurs  have also been rejected by even Satanists.   (THAT is how evil these man-looking tramps are)

Sorry I feel this way, but these, uh…. people… have made me sick.  This is the face of great evil.

The Bad Seed, 1956:

The Only Thing Leftist Women Care About Is Killing Their Babies (Abortion)

That’s all these mongrel hordes care about: kill, kill, kill their babies. The ‘right’ to kill more babies.  They want their wombs chopped up and bloody, baby body parts all over.  What is totally fascinating about this is that they pretend to be against war.  I flipped the channel on to Hannity, tonight and they were talking about the bogus ‘war against women.’    Any sane person knows – without a shadow of a doubt that there is NO war against women.    The war is against men in America- predominantly white males.  

I really am sick and tired of these lies that leftists and ‘moderates’ tell.  Abortion is baby-murder and it is horrible.  

But, what can you expect?  Left-wing women are the scum of the earth.   If I was a left-wing woman, I would commit suicide.  They care nothing for the country, just the right to kill babies.

They’re sick, demented, murdering, psychopathic monsters.

This is what these Leftist women hate:

They would rather have this:

NYC, Brooklyn: Largest & Oldest Abortion Clinic Closes Due To Pro-Baby Protesters

NYC’s oldest & largest abortion clinic stops due to pro-life protests  Reports Jill Stanek: New York Daily News, October 1, comes this article.

HoweverThe  Brooklyn Clinic says: 

WYNC News Blog:

“We closed for economic reasons — not because of protesters,” Lazar said. “This is something we’ve been working on for a long time. We weren’t forced to close.

So, women are tired of murdering babies… They closed for ‘economic reasons’.  NO, the abortion ‘business’ is a multi-million dollar business.  They closed because people ‘harassed’ them for murdering babies.. the gall of these left wing pigs.   The ‘champions’ for ‘civil’ rights.  Sickening slime.  We are really deserving of punishment.  

This little baby has NO ‘civil rights’

A baby deer has more rights than an innocent child.  Think about this. Hard.

NPR Debating About A Forced Abortion In China, But NOTHING About Gender-Based Baby-Murder In AmeriKa

NPR is debating about this abortion which was forced upon this young woman in China. (NPR does not care if a baby lives or dies. They are Commies and this is sooooo typical to not care about babies here in AmeriKa.)  The Demo-fascist party,  even voted FOR gender-based baby-murder.  SICKOS.  National Public Radio, naturally, is Democrat… The hypocrisy…
Many outlets seem to not want to talk about the issue in our own backyard; 40 million dead babies by murder through abortion.  “Partial-birth” abortions- where they snap the head off of an innocent baby, Jihad style.  FORTY MILLION here in AmeriKa.  We are worse than Stalin with the genocide of innocents.  Yet NPR and others are crying foul about a Chinese issue?? Again, none of our business??   NPR is FOR ‘planned parenthood’ and the ‘choice to murder your baby.’   You know what this is?   Phoney ‘outrage’.
We have a government that takes away OUR freedom and rights…everyday. Rights granted to us by God.  Suddenly, government-ran, tax-payer-funded NPR is FOR the human rights of a baby….in China?   Lies.  
SO-lets dish the dirt on China (our CREDITOR, by the way).  Why are AmeriKan Commies dishing the dirt on the Chinese?  NPR specifically?  Because Obama the Hillary is trying to start WW3 with the Russians, Chinese AND the Syrians.  So, get ready for the ‘Dirty Chinks, Drunken Russians‘ propaganda.  And watch how many AmeriKan morons fall for it…
Russia and China both rebuked the feminazi-evil-beast-woman for interfering in Syria, which is NONE of her/OUR business, seeing that they are in a Civil war, where she wants to aid the Jihadists (Muslim bro’hood.’).  
This was on my facebook page, my friend, RH gets as outraged as me with the double standard, blame-game.

Ashley Judd Supports Planned-Parenthood (Baby Murderers)-This Is What We Think Of The WASHED-UP Has-been:

Ashley Judd Supports Planned-Parenthood Baby Murderers-This Is What We Think Of The WASHED UP Has-been:

Ashley Judd whined like the murderer she is, with her BIG, FAT mouth , railing against the GOP for supporting babies. She defends Planned Parenthood against recent attacks.  Judd told ‘Meet the Press’s‘ David Gregory that Republicans are “doing really dumb things about women’s reproductive health.”    We say she is a baby-murderer.  How dare this bitch support the murder of babies? This is the same type slime that calls troops, baby-murderers.. Some nerve.  SHE IS A CANCER and the very reason America is being judged with the demon-occupier, Kenyan-Born, Muslim-usurper, Obama.  Enjoy your life while you can, Ashley…Its just too bad that your Mom (a decent soul) didn’t abort your lousy ass. We would have one less feminist slob to contend with.