ACLU & Far Leftist Groups Defeated Mental Health PROTECTION Law In CT Just Months Before CT Shooting

CLICK & read:  ACLU & Far Left Groups Defeated Connecticut Mental Health Protection Laws Just Months Before Shooting


I have worked with mental patients at great length and for many years in the 1990’s.  There is NO such thing as ‘rights’ when a mental patient is out of their mind.  They don’t even know what they’re doing. You have to medicate them, with or without their ‘permission.’


How stupid can these people be??  CT does not have INVOLUNTARY OUTPATIENT.   Involuntary outpatient /or/ inpatient (in) is when the patient may have to be admitted to psychiatric care at the hospital by diagnosis or (out) watched around the clock in the rehab (by diagnosis) or home by professionals because he/she is a danger to others and himself.  When a patient like this, is this far gone, psychiatric care in the hospital is really the only alternative. A parent really cannot handle this type insanity.

I hope you assholes are happy.. This is what you have created:  A violent society.  And, in this violent society that you CREATED, you don’t even have the decency to help heal and medicate individuals who are succumbed to your craziness & Marxist madness.. AND, you deprive persons of their faith!  Why not face the fact before you get started?  Your Bolshevism/Progressivism is a FAILURE.

ACLU is also against Christianity and prayer. They are behind EVERY SINGLE ousting of prayer and banning of spirituality in public.  They must be brought up on charges, their ‘rights’ completely revoked, their org shut down and they should be charged with manslaughter and murder.


“Liberals”, NAZIs, Jihad-Muslims=ALL THE SAME, More Proof I am 100% RIGHT

Just a little Youtube before I go off to celebrate..

I keep telling “White Supremacists” that they are all in it together with the ‘liberals’ who they profess to hate.  I keep telling ‘liberal’ Jews that they are in the SAME BOAT as the NAZIs~But they brush it off.     Well, this Youtube sums up the facts I have been presenting about these 3 movements for over 3 years on the blogosphere.  In order for Nazis, ‘liberals’, and Muslims to have ‘utopia’ here on earth…They will have to murder Christians and Religious Jews.  And when they are done with that; They will turn on each other.  Sick, huh?

Anyway, enjoy:

America’s New 3rd Rail; NO TALKING ABOUT ISLAMIC INSANITY-Geller Banned From Speaking In TX, & TN

  Move over seniors, Hispanics & black people. Nope, not saying Jews, because Jew-hate is all over the place.  And I can debate you animals that hate the Jews. The ADL can’t, because they are LEFTIST COWARDS, but I can.   

  There is a neo 3rd rail: ISLAM.  Nevermind that this ‘religion’ is murdering people all over the world, the most courtesy should be given to B. Hussein Obama, by the way, for his love for Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood.  Nevermind how these SAVAGES rip apart female genitals, have sex with goats, and cut off hands.  Not to worry, it’s all for the ‘greater good.’  Islam and Leftism are great friends, with their ally, The “American” Nazi party. 

  Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs has been banned from 2 hotels, for excersizing her 2nd Amendment right of free speech. One hotel in TX, one in TN.  Imagine the south allowing this. Unbelievable.  Pretty soon, they will be taking your daughters and sons, indoctrinating them in school and you, the parent will not be able to say a word, because it will be a hate crime if you dont allow your own flesh and blood to become an Islamic nut.

See these links:

AFDI/SIOA Condemns Nashville Hutton Hotel’s Cancellation of Freedom Conference, Capitulation to Islamic Supremacism

AFDI/SIOA Calls on Hyatt Hotels to Apologize, Institute Sensitivity Training After Caving Into Islamic Supremacist Pressure

Helen Thomas: “Jews Control W.H. & Congress”-WOW, All 1 On O’s Direct Administration.

View ImageLiberals/Progressives hate Israel and the Jews. Obama SHOULD have been a wake up call…BUT-This must be a Jew that controls EVERYONE, this Jacob Lew, below…Lets look at some facts for a change we can believe in.  First of all, the left wing historically hates the Jewish peoples guts. Why Jews are left wingers is beyond all of my comprehension.  There is a total of  ONE Jew on O’s direct admin. And what? 48 in Congress/house/senate combined? That leaves the majority with the non-Jew.  Sorry, its the truth. I can only call out my people so much, the rest is up to you all. Most of these evil people on O’s admin are majority “Roman Catholic”. So, you should start rebuking bad Catholics..Catholic people that are righteous.

  Rahm the Bolshevik and his buddy Axelrod are no longer there.  I guess they didnt ‘feel the love’.  Left wingers do not like Israel, Thomas is proof, so I dont know wtf “JEWS” she is talking about.   Anyway, the left wing is  in good company with the neo-Nazis.   Helen Thomas says she is not ‘anti-Jewish’, she is ‘anti-Zionist’. Nah.. She just hates the Jews is all. She has a right, but we also have a right to tell the truth.

  This blog endorses the holy land as spiritual and believes that God will protect the PEOPLE of Israel. This blog is NON government, UNTIL we see a govt that acts right, which the Israeli government does not act right either, but no reason to dump on the Israeli PEOPLE. Yes, a lot of Hollywood has a lot of Jews, but you also have a choice to not engage in what Whorey-wood puts out. OR, be a dumb sheep. Yes, the ACLU and SPLC also have Jews. But there are more NON-Jews with these orgs.  What the hell is everyone going to say to the judge on the last day of judgement? “IT WAS THE JEWS THAT MADE ME NUTS?” You think GOD will listen to your ranting? I dont think so.  People, Jew OR non-Jew CHOOSE evil or good.

In order of succession to the Presidency:

Vice President of the United States
Joseph R. Biden

Department of State
Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Department of the Treasury
Secretary Timothy F. Geithner
Department of Defense
Secretary Robert M. Gates
Department of Justice
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Department of the Interior
Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar
Department of Agriculture
Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack
Department of Commerce
Secretary Gary F. Locke
Department of Labor
Secretary Hilda L. Solis
Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary Shaun L.S. Donovan
Department of Transportation
Secretary Ray LaHood
Department of Energy
Secretary Steven Chu
Department of Education
Secretary Arne Duncan
Department of Veterans Affairs
Secretary Eric K. Shinseki
Department of Homeland Security
Secretary Janet A. Napolitano

The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:
White House Interim Chief of Staff
Bill Daley

Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

Office of Management & Budget
Jacob J. Lew, Director-Jewish
United States Trade Representative
Ambassador Ronald Kirk

United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Ambassador Susan Rice

Council of Economic Advisers
Chairman Austan Goolsbee

What Is The REAL Meaning Of The “Socialist/Communist” Fist In The Air In Defiance?

People better start waking up, because I believe this is the REAL meaning of the “Socialist/Communist fist” – In the New Testament book of Revelations, it says:

 “They continued to ‘raise their fists at God, refuse to repent and sores were all over their bodies’ ”

Revelations. Chapter 16: vs. 11

  Meaning that they are shaking their fist UP at God, who sits on the throne. How many times do you all see this now? Lets refresh:  The signs below, like most of the ‘New-Left’ insignia is fists raised to God in DEFIANCE.  Our fight is NOT ‘political,’ people- it is a fight of GOOD vs. evil.  

Read an excellent piece by Michael Savage on “Obama the Destroyer”  >> OBAMA THE DESTROYER

That is what this fist really means.  We are a nation that has totally forsaken God.  Many Jews & Christians have forsaken God.  It is time to repent.  I, personally believe in the book of Revelations.  I dont demand that everyone does, but I do. The last time I looked, I had my freedom to do so…Communism/Socialism is ANTI-Jew, and ANTI-Christian. Which is why you see many Nazis and leftists on the same side with their hatred of Jews and “Christian Zionists”… Must HATE Israel is a prerequisite.

See these pictures and tell me if this certain passage is not coming to pass in its own way:


WIKIPEDIA: Links Up American FREE Speech, To “International” BOGUS “Hate Speech” Garbage

Wikipedia is a gasbag website filled with bullshit. In this definition below, Wikipedia links up AMERICAS Free Speech Laws to INTERNATIONAL laws.  Do these baked-wind slimes, have a clue that all of this ‘hate-speech’ propaganda nonsense is NOT protected by the 1st? If you live in America, you are going to have people say things that are not always pleasant to hear. 

  Who the hell are people to tell people what to say or not to say. If you didn’t learn that as a kid, than you are an IDIOT.    I get called ‘kike, Jew bitch, dirty Jew whore, Kikess, Zio-Nazi, Zio-fascist” You name it. Fortunately, for the people that use inflammatory language, they are covered, however, I am ALSO covered for fighting fire with fire. 😉



List of amendments to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

This is what shows up:

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak without censorship or limitation, or both. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as onhate speech“.

1st Freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition.
Then-Just Click “Speech” up above, and see this junk for yourselves.





NJ TOP COURT RULES~Cops MUST Explain DWI Test Laws In THEIR Language!!


N.J. top court rules police must explain DWI test laws in native language  WTH!!!!!!  Here: Reply to INSANITY Post  new


geowb  GET THESE MIDGETS OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Record


In a 4-3 decision, the court overturned a conviction for refusing to take an alcohol breath test because the man, who spoke only Spanish, did not understand the consequences.

The court found that a Plainfield police officer failed to inform German Marquez, who is from El Salvador, in Spanish that he would automatically lose his driver’s license for seven months if he refused the test.

Police had responded to a two-car accident in 2007. The officer initially asked in English for Marquez to show his license. When the officer repeated the request in Spanish, Marquez complied.

After reading Marquez a statement in English explaining the consequences of refusing the breath test, Marquez shook his head and pointed to his eye, which the officer considered uncooperative. As a result, he was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breath test.

Marquez said he didn’t understand what police were reading to him and that he had taken his driver’s license exam in Spanish. He later testified through an interpreter that he had taken two Percocet tablets for pain associated with an eye injury, and that the painkiller made him sleepy and dizzy.


However, even the dissenting justices found that Marquez’s refusal conviction should be overturned since the officer initially communicated with Marquez in Spanish but made no additional efforts to talk to him in a language they knew he understood. 

  The rest of this unbelievable shit: Reply to INSANITY Post  new

Ameeerika has de stupido pince Gringos, Ever!

gina23 July 12, 2010 at 2:11PM

I don’t even understand how they can live here and not want to learn to speak English. When I’m in a room full of my friends & their families and they are all speaking Spanish, I feel so uncomfortable… how do these people go through life living that way?


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What a friggin’ joke. Christie can’t throw these bums out fast enough.


  The ACLU has brought even more division  to American Citizens, with this last false, lying warning: ACLU Issues Travel Warnings to Arizona

 Nobody is being ‘targeted’ by anything racial, there is no racial profiling.  This is a law against NON  Citizens. These people are foreigners. These people are here against their own laws, as well as our laws.

  The ACLU, already bankrupted by Bernie Madoff is looking for trouble. 

It is time, AMERICA to file a lawsuit against an organization that is NOT protecting the rights of AMERICANS.  They are NOT protecting our liberties by helping in this fight to secure the borders. They are NOT protecting AMERICA & it’s civilians, rather being lead by political agenda. It is time to;







  PLEASE, I do not care who you are, what your politics are. AMERICANS are being MURDERED, kidnapped, bullied, harassed, jobs taken, robbed, tortured here on our borders & in this nation. We need a lawyer now, we need to take serious action to bankrupt the ACLU, which has acted against AMERICAN CIVILIAN LIBERTIES since it’s inception. 

  PLEASE HELP FIGHT THE ACLU-NOW. We are going to move forward now, and find everyone that we can for a class action suit against the ACLU for putting AMERICANS lives in terrible danger. We believe this is a clear attack against Governor Jan Brewer. Please Email, write, do whatever it takes to get a suit started, Write Gov. Brewer, tell her to take courage, and FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE ACLU.  Please pass this link around to every website and person in America, the 70% of us that want the borders CLOSED.

See websites & DO NOT TALK, Email, write and advise of a suit:


Stand With Arizona  

Official Jamiel’s Law Petition – The Petition Site

Michelle Malkin » Stand with Arizona

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Contact the Governor

Jan Brewer for Arizona Governor | Homepage

We Stand With Arizona, and Against Illegal Immigration Petition

Arizona: ‘Heavy-Accented’ Teachers NO MAS? WTF, OMG-RACIST!?


This has nothing to do with the ‘Look at me, I’m a revolutionary…Hispanic’ -that hates AZ, and should move to Mexico, the 3rd world dump they hail to.

The argument that the sickass left wing lunatic-idiot fringe will bring regarding this issue; “Well, I live in the N.E., and I have a thick Baaah-staaan accent, and people in the south can’t understand me.”

 Yes, that is what they will say, because they are insane. Because not all of the legos were in the box. HOWEVER, dummies, that is not the issue. The issue here in AZ is that we have the worst schools in the nation. One cannot teach correct English with a broken English accent. Teach Art. We don’t want AMERICAN-ENGLISH speaking children talking with some slang from a 3rd world DUMP that YOU LEFT behind…


See full size image

PHOENIX — An Arizona state policy about teachers with accents is coming into question and getting national attention.

Carol Keough works with kids every school day as an English Language Development teacher.

“If a student is in an ELD classroom it’s because they do not speak English as their first language,” Keough explained.

Her job is to teach the kids the best English she can.

We Are The ONLY Country That ALLOWS Illegals To TAKE, Take, Take.


You cross the North Korean border ILLEGALLY and you get detained indefinitely.
You cross the Afghan border ILLEGALLY, and you get shot summarily.
You cross the Iranian border ILLEGALLY and you get 12 years hard labor.
You cross the Saudi Arabian border ILLEGALLY, and you go to jail.
You cross the Red Chinese border ILLEGALLY, and you may never be seen or heard from again.
You cross the Venezuelan border ILLEGALLY, and you will be branded a spy and will be executed.
You go into Cuban ILLEGALLY, and you will be thrown into their “political prison” where you will rot to death.
You cross the borders of most any other sovereign country, and you will be arrested, fined, jailed and deported.

The Mighty, U.S.S.A.;

You cross the United States border ILLEGALLY, and you get…
A driver’s license,
A Social Security card,
Food stamps,
Credit card and bank account approvals,
Subsidized rent and/or a loan to buy a house you cannot afford,
Free education,
Free health care,
A lobbyist in Washington,
Free legal assistance,
Voting rights,
Public documents printed in your language,
Constitutional rights enabling you to carry foreign flags as you protest American laws in American streets and absurdly protest that you are being “racially profiled”.