Helen Thomas: “Jews Control W.H. & Congress”-WOW, All 1 On O’s Direct Administration.

View ImageLiberals/Progressives hate Israel and the Jews. Obama SHOULD have been a wake up call…BUT-This must be a Jew that controls EVERYONE, this Jacob Lew, below…Lets look at some facts for a change we can believe in.  First of all, the left wing historically hates the Jewish peoples guts. Why Jews are left wingers is beyond all of my comprehension.  There is a total of  ONE Jew on O’s direct admin. And what? 48 in Congress/house/senate combined? That leaves the majority with the non-Jew.  Sorry, its the truth. I can only call out my people so much, the rest is up to you all. Most of these evil people on O’s admin are majority “Roman Catholic”. So, you should start rebuking bad Catholics..Catholic people that are righteous.

  Rahm the Bolshevik and his buddy Axelrod are no longer there.  I guess they didnt ‘feel the love’.  Left wingers do not like Israel, Thomas is proof, so I dont know wtf “JEWS” she is talking about.   Anyway, the left wing is  in good company with the neo-Nazis.   Helen Thomas says she is not ‘anti-Jewish’, she is ‘anti-Zionist’. Nah.. She just hates the Jews is all. She has a right, but we also have a right to tell the truth.

  This blog endorses the holy land as spiritual and believes that God will protect the PEOPLE of Israel. This blog is NON government, UNTIL we see a govt that acts right, which the Israeli government does not act right either, but no reason to dump on the Israeli PEOPLE. Yes, a lot of Hollywood has a lot of Jews, but you also have a choice to not engage in what Whorey-wood puts out. OR, be a dumb sheep. Yes, the ACLU and SPLC also have Jews. But there are more NON-Jews with these orgs.  What the hell is everyone going to say to the judge on the last day of judgement? “IT WAS THE JEWS THAT MADE ME NUTS?” You think GOD will listen to your ranting? I dont think so.  People, Jew OR non-Jew CHOOSE evil or good.

In order of succession to the Presidency:

Vice President of the United States
Joseph R. Biden

Department of State
Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Department of the Treasury
Secretary Timothy F. Geithner
Department of Defense
Secretary Robert M. Gates
Department of Justice
Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Department of the Interior
Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar
Department of Agriculture
Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack
Department of Commerce
Secretary Gary F. Locke
Department of Labor
Secretary Hilda L. Solis
Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary Shaun L.S. Donovan
Department of Transportation
Secretary Ray LaHood
Department of Energy
Secretary Steven Chu
Department of Education
Secretary Arne Duncan
Department of Veterans Affairs
Secretary Eric K. Shinseki
Department of Homeland Security
Secretary Janet A. Napolitano

The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:
White House Interim Chief of Staff
Bill Daley

Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

Office of Management & Budget
Jacob J. Lew, Director-Jewish
United States Trade Representative
Ambassador Ronald Kirk

United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Ambassador Susan Rice

Council of Economic Advisers
Chairman Austan Goolsbee

Right-wingers are Un-educated according to Media Matters Bloggers

Steyn attacks “the educated left” as among the “threats to Jews in the world today”

by NiceguyEddie (15 minutes ago) 1   Well… seeing how the educated Right is to small in number to be a threat to anyone
{Dumbass Eddie, it is SMALL (r) and TOO, NOT ‘to’.}
Well… I take that back.

ASSAULT: They’re well funded enough to keep misinfomring the UNeducated Right,

..who are in fact VERY LARGE in number.

Wow, new word?  “Misinformring” ShockedElite left wing Snobbery.

IMHO <The stupid Jerks Website- this is where YOU, too, can get ‘edumacated’

Well, so much for YOU/us all being dumb.. Has it escaped “NiceGuyEddie” that he cannot even spell, let alone carry on 2 hours away from being a treasonous rat bastard?

Now….on for the ADL spew that is totally UNCALLED for…the “Jew remarks” over there;

by AB-001 (1 hour and 22 minutes ago) 4   Like all the educated Jews who lean left?

The more this clown defends Rush’s weasel-worded anti-Semitism, the more patronizing he becomes. {ME:} There was ZERO ‘anti-semitism’ in Rush’s statement, and Norman Podhoretz is WITH LimbaughThe underlying message he sends out is “Jews” are a frail group under siege from Islamic extremists and liberals and don’t understand what threatens them, The only obvious solution is have the Israel lovin’ Rush defend those poor misguided Jews. {ME:} It is too bad that we can’t send YOU, jackass, a nice Jihad-Jelly Sandwich, you know about Islam as much as you do that Obama is a “Christian”

That may not be (in their minds) anti-Semitism;{ TRUTH:} {HE IS NOT AN ANTI-SEMITE, YOU TOTAL MOONBAT} it may actually be an honest opinion on their part. But it is patronizing, discussing “the Jews” like a third person apart from mainstream, who need good conservative thinkers like Steyn and Limbaugh to take up their defense.{My thoughts:} Real Jews have STRANDED the left wing, knowing that Democrat FASCISTS hate their GUTSAtlas Shrugs: Obama: Lethal for Israel

Now if those Jews start complaining about a Christmas tree or their kids singing “Silent Night” in public schools, how fast would these guys switch from “protecting” Jews to denouncing “liberals” who want Christmas eliminated from the public schools? {My thoughts:} OK, look asshole… YOU left Wing self-hating Jews in name only have been messing with Christmas, because the TRUTH is, you are ATHEISTS. Jewish people have written OVER 35 Christmas songs, The leading “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin- which probably makes YOUR ass foam at the mouth, AB-ZERO. 

Who would those “liberals” be? Jews like me and these clowns know it. We know folks from Limbaugh’s organization reads these things; certainly his defenders read it as well. Kids, tell your boss to be honest…or would that mean bye bye to $400 million?

So, we are all UN edumacated.. Liberal Jews NEED the ‘left wingers?’ (like a hole in the head) and they are still ranting about Limbaugh, who made an anti-semitic remark, which he didnt. 

Just another day at Soap Opera Central, and how you right wingers never ‘report truth in the media..’ The comedy in all of this is, I really don’t personally like Limbaugh, but this is NOT right, this character assasination!

Media Matters Today: “Beck is a very dangerous Propagandist”

It is very discouraging to see @ Media Matters, that they are NOT seeing the ENEMY, because the ENEMY is THEM.  Today, these people are beneath the pail.. Hitting way below the belt.  “Tralier-Park-Trash” “Beck is Dangerous”………..for telling the TRUTH?  What a bunch of disgusting traitors.

Beck is dangerous.

by bintx (4 hours and 34 minutes ago) 6   They went, believing that Stalin had created a Utopia, they found out otherwise.

Communism in its true form would BE Utopia.

{^Really, Sparky?

 So why not turn AMERICA into a Kommie state to find out?}

That’s why no government has ever represented true communism. It flies in the face of human nature. Utopia is a fantasy and not a very appealing one. <Really? NO shit, Sherlock..

by themidnightreview.com (3 hours and 30 minutes ago) 3   A guy I worked with was telling me how Hitler was pretty much a communist, and that the use of the terms “commie” and “fascist” to describe Obama were interchangeable, because they were both liberal.

Why is it that Beck gets so much air time to misinform the populace? Communism is way different from Fascism. <BOTH are MURDEROUS- stupid, little man. While they both contain socialist aspects to a degree, the two are at other ends of the political spectrum, and considering the language that came out of the Fascist party, I would associate them closer with the Tea Party movement, with their speech on national identity, Christianity, and desire to suppress ideologies left of far-right. <Uh, Hi dumbass, the ‘right wing’ is NOT in power, therefore, they have NOT the power to take this nation to fascism- YOU and YOUR left wing Cronies of TREACHEROUS snakes DO have the power….Moonbat. BTW, stupid IGNORAMOUS: there are thousands of liberals and democrats at the T.E.A. Parties…MORON.
The MOONBAT Review

by rkcomments (1 hour and 33 minutes ago) 1  

Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News…all have made millions by catering to trailer-park trash.

  Well, shithead.. I would rather BE living in a damned trailer (which I am not) than be a TREACHEROUS, no good, rotten SOB. These are the supposed people that WANT Obama DEATHCARE?  Look how they would treat the elderly?! ELITE SNOTS.

by bintx (6 hours and 11 minutes ago) 9  

I can’t figure out if this man is truly as uneducated, unintelligent and dishonest as he appears or if he truly believes this crap he’s shoveling.

  Whatever . . . he is a very, very dangerous propagandist.


ADL Blasts Limbaugh’s Comments About Jewish People On Wall Street As “Offensive” And A “New Low”


Let me be quite frank. Liberal Jews are seriously demented about Obama.  This is fact.  Obama is a Muslim.  His name says it all.  Anybody that knows anything about the Muslim ‘faith’ knows that a Muslim MUST change his Muslim name, IF he converts to Christianity, or any other religion.  X-Muslims must also renounce publicly, and face a fatwah, and he/she would be an apostate, and Muslims would seek to kill that person. 

Barack HUSSEIN Obama- that is a MUSLIM name.

Muslims are anceint enemies of the Jewish people.

We all know this, except, of course, the Liberal Jewish people, because the (L) Jewish people in America would vote in their worst enemy, as long as he had an anti-Christian agenda.  Its just a fact.  It is a fact that makes ZERO sense to me, because the biggest supporters OF the Jews, ARE Christians, namely evangelicals, which is a huge number in America. 

Limbaugh is NOT anti-semitic, nor is he a Jew-hater. 

 This is a terrible character assassination that the ADL is  playing on Limbaugh.  Norman Podheretz also explains why Jews are Liberals, and why he is not anymore;

Norman Podhoretz: Why Are Jews Liberals? – WSJ.com

David Horowitz, & Mike Savage are also right wing Conservatives that Liberal Jews should start listening to.

I have met Jew-haters, they are very mean spirited individuals.  They never let up for a minute on Jewish people ONLY.  To anti-semitic, Jew haters, it is always the JEW.  They never get better,  they get worse.  Limbaugh is not a Jew-hater, he is not anti-semitic, he reflects nothing of the sort.  Liberal Jews made a HUGE mistake in this last election.  THEY KNOW IT.

The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright did FAR worse re. Jew-hatred, and the ADL said NOTHING. 

 Jeremiah Wright is a total Jew hater, so is Obama-Obama was in that  evil, “Black Liberation Theology” “Church” for over 18 years..  This is fact,  this is all hypocrisy on the part of the ADL.  They cannot be trusted by people like me, not even a little, in fact, I go through more “INTOLERANCE” from Liberal-Jews on THIS website, that try to force me to change my ‘evil’ right wing ways against Marxism and Multi-culturism which is a DISASTER.

A good read for Liberal Jews would be this:

Atlas Shrugs: Obama: Lethal for Israel


In her now classic If I am not for Myself, Ruth Wisse argues that Jewish identification with liberalism no longer makes historical sense and today it is liberalism which presides over the destruction of Israel and the Jews.