If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being COWARDS

If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, Beck Plus For Being Cowards

I will not EVER forget the cowardice of these ‘conservative’ pundits & talking headed morons. EVER.  I wouldn’t forget it even if George Washington himself, were to win the 2012 election after being raised from the dead…..  

  Just how much money did these bastards make off of not reporting how Obama was born in Kenya, by his own admission–in writing??  How much money did these jakobite-creeps  make when Obama’s 1990’s pamphlets were posted by Breitbart’s & they did zero?  I hope it was worth it for you idiots to sell us out.   Breitbart paid the price with his life, you sold us out with your silence.

You watch the video, below.  Jodi Foster (Sarah) is like America.  Her lawyer, Kathryn (Kelly McGillis)reminds me of every sob coward that sits on FAUX News and spews garbage-nonsense that never really matters…

What Say Ann Coulter? NJ Gov, Chris Christie Campaigning For The Muslim Dictator ‘Prez’, Obama

What say Ann Coulter about this?  Hellooooo, Ann….!!??  Disgusting. I guess fat goes well with ugly.  This Governor is a friggin idiot.  He also thinks Shariah Law is A O K.  No wonder he loves Obama.

Ann Coulter practically worships the ground Bob’s Big boy walks on…..Puke, Vomit…Pathetic.

I'm  With  Stupid.

MORE PROOF that Democrats HATE Mothers

MORE PROOF that Democrats HATE Mothers

You can listen to the over-bloviated gasbag, Billy (BOLSHEVIK) Maher in this vid chopping up Mrs. Romney. Why not chop up Michelle Obama for staying at home with her 2 kids? Why not chop her up for taking 15 plus vacations on OUR dime??  Bill Maher dated Ann Coulter.  Why did he date Ann? Because Ann is not a mother. Maher is a Democrat. And..

It is painfully obvious:


Mitt Romney To #OWS “Make Sure Top 1% To Pay More Taxes?!” ~What Say Coulter & Trump Now? OWN IT!

Pay you rich bastards, ya hear? Ann Coulter, Trump and all of the other talking headed IDIOTS will be the 1st I want to see ‘spread that wealth around.’

Politicians should all be sent to hell after we have a great day watching them drug through the streets.


Mitt Romney is….



Yes, Anybody but Obama, 2012, even this moron.

I Have Told People For Years: Ann Coulter Is a LIBERAL. She PRAISES “Romney-Care”, And Raising Min. Wage

What is making me REALLY sick about all of this, is that we will have to all vote for this cat, come November, just to oust Obama. But, he is a WHITE OBAMA, people.  We may be able to halt some of this ‘progressiveness’, but he is a progressive all the same.

The truth is the damned truth.  Santorum is the only values Conservative.  Gingrich talks a good talk, but can he be trusted? Ron Paul is also a Liberal-tarian with his repeal of DADT.  Where in the hell is a Patton when you need him?

Ann Coulter wrote an article today calledThree Cheers for RomneyCare”  NO SHIT. But, in October Ann Coulter trashed Romneycare.  Does this WACKJOB need some hormones?!

She will also defend raising the minimum wage in another article @ Townhall.

Last week Coulter was attacking the tea party. Insinuating they are racist.  Even my friend who is from Boston likes Romney, but says that “Romney care” is a DISASTER.

She….IS…..A…..LIBERAL. Period!!

End of story!