Ann Coulter~Attention Whore, Liberal, Fag-Hag, Subtle, Race-baiting Jackass.

Ann Coulter… is…full…of…chit.  She used the race card the other day (implying ‘racism’ that S. Carolinans bla bla bla with their ‘Kenyan Colonialist‘ crap-S Carolinans like hearing “Obama is a Kenyan Colonialist).  

Miss Ann does not like Newt Gingrich, yeah, and?  Neither do I.. ~Does the hag GET that it is Anybody but Obama, 2012?” Even R. Paul??  I have been telling people for years that this is a closet liberal, feminazi bitch.  It is one thing to not like Newt, but using the suggestive scheme of the ever trusty race card is a liberal/progressive tactic. 

GET LOST Ann Coulter. Take that ugly, snotty, whiney voice with ya.  Honestly, what in the hell did men ever see in this woman….

Anns new quote:

“I love myself, I think I’m grand, I walk down the street, I hold my hand. I put my arms around my waist, and when I get fresh, I slap my face..” 

Ann is THE epitome of ‘me, myself, and I’.

SEE: Her White House Invitations Threatened, Ann Coulter Lashes Out At Newt, Implies SC/Tea Partiers Stupid, Racist

besides a long necked Barbie Doll….

CBC Congressman: “The KKK More Powerful And Terroristic Than The Muslim Terrorists?” LOL

This is the dumbest report ever. These leftists  are so stupid, its pathetic. The KKK got busted up long ago (as a big org) -Plus they don’t have the backing and money of the LEFT WING. So, it is absurd that this sub-human congressman made this completely dumb statement. 

BTW: The KKK, Nazis and leftists love the Muslims. So, this REALLY is a BUFFOON, an A$$hat, moonbat-this was found by Donna. It is so stupid, I could not pass it up. Please..

Click here: (Audio) CBC Congressman: KKK bigger threat than Muslims – Washington Times


UNBE-FRIGGINLIEVABLE “Bed Intruder” Song~ Over 2,500,000 Views, WTF!!!

Click to get I See Dumb PeopleYou know….I dont look for this insanity, it finds me. 

  I came across that stupid video of the black guy saying that “He’s Snatchin Yo Peopoh Up!” “Hide Yo Kids, hide Yo Wife!”  Absolute moonbattery beyond belief.  So, this kid, a young man made this song about Ben—seriously, this kid about 3/4 of the way through sings great falsetto, but why use this DUMB scenerio?! This is America now, people. We serve the lowest possible common denominator.

This is the original nutty scene:

WETBACKS Threatening to “KILL AMERICANS?” What If This Was In Reverse?

“Welcome to MeriKa, folks, this is the place where inferior slime get to say what they want AND get away with it.

  In my old town, where the MS-13, Nortenos, and Sorrenos are out of control, this just happened: Man shot and killed late Wednesday in Salinas Full story: Monterey County Herald They also say that this is the 2nd murder in Salinas, CA this year. I will tell you that is a straight up LIE, there have been way more than that murdered in Salinas, Ca.  When will people that are decent stop playing nice? When? When I tell you they are threatening our lives, I AM NOT KIDDING–AND, Liberal SCUMBAGS, they dont give a shit if you are ‘on their side’ they just assume kill your ass too, dumbbells.

  What if we went and charged on all of our capitals in every city we inhabit and WE said:” WE WILL KILL EVERY LAST ILLEGAL WETBACK?”  They would throw our ass in jail.

THAT IS “FAIRNESS” people, THAT is the Liberal Idea of Fairness.  Well, I am sorry, it is time for us to get “FAIR”

How The Left Has WON

I stood yonder from where the Tea Party was happening in my town, where they rejected me and my husband, to sing and speak, one week before the event. They rejected us, because the Tea Party has been de-balled, and we are very right wing and patriotic.  How did they de-ball, you say?  With “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”, “You Are Nazis” Etc. So, the left wing Progressive, mind-f-cking machine sent out psychological pharmacia to Americans to take out the fire, the bite, the anger, at the Town Hall Protests–because that is what really kicked this whole thing off–The Town Hall people.  The DNC called them “The Mob”, “Angry, irrational” people.  Which is exactly what the spontaneous Town Hall Protests were=Angry Americans.  Which is needed now, desperately.

  So, what did the left wing psycho-mind f-ckers do?  Brilliant plan.. Paint these people out to be horrible, racists, haters, angry, Nazis-etc.. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  At least I know I did…for a short time. But, I am at my end with it all.  See, if you have never been around these evil tyrants and soul assassins, you do not know how to fight them.  One thing about the left wing; they are good on offense and defense. Why?  Most of them are in the psychiatric field.  They know how to play mind games.  They have won, unless you wake the hell up to their game. They are not afriad to ‘offend’ anyone. They, thousands of them, stood on the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, stopped up traffic for hours. They have been responsible for starting riots and race riots for 4 decades. You really should not give a damn what they call you. You are losing your country, people. When Savage, Beck, Horowitz, etc tell you what is happening and you brush it off, you are just not listening.

  I have been politically active for over 20 years in the city I lived.  I shook down a Newspaper in a town of 500,000, painted the Mayor out to be the passive/agressive bitch she was, she was allowing murders, too many to count print on the back pages of the Newspaper. *Letter to the Editor- 2000

   I have stood in City Halls and had streets closed down, streets infested with MS-13, Nortenos, Sorrenos, and illegal gangs that were terrorizing my city.  I have had my car shotgunned and rocks thrown through my apartment windows. You name it. You must get in the face of these people and fight fire with fire. Who gives a damn what they call you? WHO CARES?  “Racist?”  Are they kidding? Please.. We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik brainwashing schools that ‘racism is the worst thing’ even before murder. Which enabled the scum of the earth, white trash, black miscreants and etc to act like the pigs they are.


WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, before your country is GONE forever. 

Shut Up, Americans! you Racists, You Haters, You Angry People. NAZIS!

Left Wing With PHONEY, Bugus Claims Of Racism Are Like “PETER AND THE WOLF!”

A liar will not be believed, even when telling the truth.

There was a Shepherd Boy who tended his sheep at the foot of a mountain near a dark forest. It was lonely for him, so he devised a plan to get a little company. He rushed down towards the village calling out “Wolf, Wolf,” and the villagers came out to meet him. This pleased the boy so much that a few days after he tried the same trick, and again the villagers came to his help. Shortly after this a Wolf actually did come out from the forest. The boy cried out “Wolf, Wolf,” still louder than before. But this time the villagers, who had been fooled twice before, thought the boy was again lying, and nobody came to his aid. So the Wolf made a good meal off the boy’s flock.


L’Estrange version (A Boy and False Alarums)

A shepherd boy had gotten a roguy trick of crying (a wolfe, a wolfe) when there was no such matter, and fooling the country people with false alarums. He had been at this sport so many times in jest, that they would not believe him at last when he was in earnest: and so the wolves brake in upon the flock, and worry’d the sheep at pleasure.


He must be a very wise man that knows the true bounds and measures of fooling, with a respect to time, place, matters, persons, Etc. But religion, bus’ness and cares of consequence must be excepted out of that sort of liberty.


********Nobody will take these instigators serious anymore with their “THATS RACIST” shit. I certainly don’t. The real wolf is the jackass that is OCCUPYING our White House without any eligibility, but like stupid little children, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, they are following him, and moving forward with their insane diatribe of immorality and lawlessness.

Didn’t their parents teach them these stories while they were ‘educating’ their little mother-f*ckers with the Cuban Missle Crisis? Honestly, we who see this craziness, are definitely stunned by the sheer stupidity…

Here, liberal moobats, get some education, you missed the basics in 2nd grade while you were choking the cucumbers with rubbers..

Latest Victim of the “THATS RACIST” Syndrome~ Jason Mattera of Big Govt.

Jason Mattera


 Jason Mattera of “Big Government”

First of all, this young man grew up in the ever ‘tolerant’ Brooklyn.  So, racism, schmasim, and garbage of the first order accusations.

 As I stated in my last post, the left wing is the American Titanic: The Left Wing Idiot Fringe last hymn aboard their sinking TITANIC agenda.. They ARE sinking lower and lower into the abyss, eating each-other up & preying over innocent people that are pro-American/ patriotic by labeling them “RACISTS”. 

 In fact they are RACE BAITING.

SEE: The NYT Should Terminate Character Assassin Zernik…

 Read the whole thing.

(I dont like to source other articles, but I am very tired of this with the “RACIST” crap, it is, quite frankly, BULLSH*T.)