‘A Time to Kill’ – Sad Commentary Written By An American Soldier

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I wholeheartedly agree with this fine soldier. In sadness, I agree.  I have fought against many people who ‘want a Civil war’.  There is absolutely nothing in me that ‘wants’ a Civil war.  I would hope that we would have never had to come to this.  My heart is not in any civilian war.  Not ever.  

But, since I am a woman and am not equipped as a man- let me say; You come to destroy my home, hurt my family, put one foot on my property-you evil satanists that have bowed to Obama-Baal & I will shoot you dead. No questions asked.  I will not shed a tear.

You have pushed people to the absolute brink. You’ve devastated lives and the whole soul of our country. The murder that you have inflicted on this nation by abortion should have sent the judgements of God, long ago.  I see no reason to have mercy on you  tyrants when the time comes.

It is the abject goal of every God-fearing individual to reject and resist tyranny wherever it rears its ugly head.  

I realize that I will probably die.  At least I can say that I died fighting tyranny, that I did not try to escape it.  I know where I will go in the end.  Satans kids, the left– will not go where I will be.  I thank God for this, everyday.

Until the time comes to wipe your cancer off the face of the earth… This song is reserved for my friends who all know, in their hearts, that they, like me, will die fighting you, who love & worship tyranny.

4000 Pilot Program Students Will Be Forced To Wear RFID Chip In san Antonio, TX

Can’t we just contain this to Obama and his ‘people?’  Isn’t the something about a mark in the New Testament/Christian Bible?

“Gay” Advocates Want Teacher In NJ fired For Her PERSONAL Opinion On Queers

  Its fascism, stupid.  Paganistic, heathenistic fascism.  Tell ya what… I hope that enemies of ours go ahead and destroy most of the N.E. U.S., and S.F., the left coast.  Thats how I feel now. QUEERS want to rule your children. They want to have butt-sex with your little boy, and I dont give a damn what people say, how I am a ‘hater’. F*CK you. 

  In my opinion, now…. this once great country deserves what its got coming.  MEN lack moral strength and character to make things right.  And #OWS is full of shit. We need a revolt that will rid ourselves of the anti-God, LEFT (SATANISTS) and turn what is left, over to God-fearing Christians.

SEE THIS CRAP: Gay advocates want NJ teacher fired for anti-gay Facebook postings

If you have not taken your kids out of public schools, you damned well should, asap.
Leviticus 18:22
“‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
1 Corinthians 6:9

‘Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men.’

Al Gore, Who Never Married A Black Or Hispanic Woman Says “Anti-Global Warming Is Racism”

  Yesterday, I ventured off into chat-land, paltalk.  There was a liberal idiot on the microphone, yammering… He said “I AM NOT A RACIST“.    I asked this bloviated idiot: Are you married to a black woman? Does you have Mexican children that you adopted?  The answer was a resounding NO.  In fact, all of his friends are white liberals (jackasses).  Why, I asked, do you not have a multi-cultural fellowship with friends?  Of course, the arrogant buffoon would not answer. Why?

Because leftists are full of shit.

  Al Gore rants that people who do not believe in Climate-gate are ‘this generations ‘racists'”.  ..But, Al Gore is not married to a black woman.  He has no Chinese or Mexican children by adoption.  He does not even hang with ‘minorities.’  Al Gore….is a putz. 

Some people may be racists,  but it is 100% better than being ALL ASS.

More Gore: Global Warming Skeptics this Generation’s Racists

We don’t believe you, Al Gore, because we believe the BIBLE.  Take this global scam up with GOD, fatso.

MSM NOT Reporting On Libyan Natives. Now, AmeriKa is WITH Al Queda~Thanks 2 OBAMA

I never thought Gaddafi was a ‘good guy’. He isn’t, but that is not for us to worry about, is it??

Libya: Libyan Rebels Are CIA Funded, al Qaeda Connected Murderers

The people in this video are Libyan natives. Probably patriots of Libya.  This is Obamas plan for America:  Murder patriots and put a bunch of disgusting, mongrel horde, Mexicans-Marxists, bad Blacks, Commie-Jews, illegals and the like in charge.  This is coming to America. Got it, People? Anyone happy with this toppling of Libya is a sick, demented, psychopath.

  In a sane world, as we were in the 1950’s, Communists would be executed. Rightly so. Look how these Commies all over the MSM are rejoicing in this Muslim brotherhood ‘rebels’ toppling Libya. Why? Because they are getting ready to do the same thing here.

(Ron Paul said it as well (See below vid) I am NOT a Ron Paul fan. Anyone that votes for ‘gays’ to serve openly militant in our military is just another leftist, but he is 100% on.)

Post For Atheist People (Godless FREAKS)

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The remnants of WTC, 9-11-01

Projection: Is the disorder that a person has when they have an issue with themselves and blame it on others.

In-other-words: ATHEISM/ATHEISTS.

  I just heard the news… NOW, atheists do not want a cross at the 9-11 memorial.  Aren’t you pushy-bastards touchy..? For a God or Jesus you don’t seem to believe in, you sure are pissed at them an awful lot, aren’t you?  You make life miserable for people.  You are nasty, mean and downright ridiculous.  What did you phony bastards do when a cross was left in the remnants of the WTC?  Did you scream at this non-existent God?  Did you tell Jesus you would sue him?

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  You say that evangelicals are ‘fascist and push their way on you.’  This is a LIE.  A total fabrication of the truth. The TRUTH is, we were a nation that believed in God for over 200 years without a problem from you bastards. It was not until 1962 that one of your filthy heroes, Madeline Murray O’Hare got HER way; Kicking prayer out of schools, indefinitely. Kicking the teeth in, of 200 million that did NOT agree with the hag or you.

  What have we got in return from your pushiness and your own fascistic, unredeeming ‘qualities?’  Well, morons, nature abhors a vacuum. In return of having a CIVILIZED society, we now have: Gangs, violence, drugs, drinking, kids that graduate at 50%, kids having sex, ‘gay’ in school, sex in schools, condoms on cucumbers and insanity.  And ya’all call Evangelicals ‘pushy?’ Look in a mirror.

  Let me tell you vomitous, heathen, godless FREAKS something; There is a GOD, and he is going to destroy you. That’s right. No more tolerence, no more ‘peace and love’ is going to come from God, who you hate with a passion.  He will return to you sevenfold and avenge those that DO love HIM.

  Your time is on the horizon.  When you are wiped off the face of planet earth, I will not shed a tear. You have DESTROYED a once great nation. You will pay. You projective pieces of…….SH!T.

Don’t bother calling me a ‘hater’.  I am a ‘product of your hatred’- I HATE YOU. 

I HATE your evil, demented, psychopathic, decrepit ways. 

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