If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can Thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, & Beck Plus Others For Being COWARDS

If The Kenyan Wins Re-Election, You Can thank Malkin, Coulter, O’Reilly, Beck Plus For Being Cowards

I will not EVER forget the cowardice of these ‘conservative’ pundits & talking headed morons. EVER.  I wouldn’t forget it even if George Washington himself, were to win the 2012 election after being raised from the dead…..  

  Just how much money did these bastards make off of not reporting how Obama was born in Kenya, by his own admission–in writing??  How much money did these jakobite-creeps  make when Obama’s 1990’s pamphlets were posted by Breitbart’s & they did zero?  I hope it was worth it for you idiots to sell us out.   Breitbart paid the price with his life, you sold us out with your silence.

You watch the video, below.  Jodi Foster (Sarah) is like America.  Her lawyer, Kathryn (Kelly McGillis)reminds me of every sob coward that sits on FAUX News and spews garbage-nonsense that never really matters…

Bloomberg Is Banning Baby Formula Because He Is A PERVERT That Just Wants To See Women’s Boobs

Bloomberg the evil has a history of sexual harassment

Come on… Who’s kidding who..??  There can be no other reason why Bloomberg would even suggest such a ban.  The  slime is totally obsessed with women’s breasts. It’s so obvious.  Mike the kikel does not care about anyone in NYC at all.  Case in point is that he ran a 3rd term.

 In NYC, mayors are only allowed 2 terms. He is illegal.  Citizens of NYC should resist this filthy tyrant & throw his ass out.   The disgusting perv is craving ladies walking around with their breasts fully exposed (as most city women do when they breast-feed)  …Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you about this breast-feeding in public.  I did and now it will be a requirement in NYC.  I spoke about it.  People thought I was just being mean.  

Women of NYC that are preggers and packed with breast milk should march straight to his office and douse Bloomberg with some booby-milk. 


Santorum Calls The Blowhard, Drudge- Absurd. He’s Right, Drudge Is A Gasbag

Santorum: 'I'll defend everything I say' (GOOD! Satan DOES control America)...

Calls DRUDGE report 'absurd' (Good, he is absurd, he's a GASBAG)...

'A JOKE' (Drudge is now A Bad Joke. A Dis-uniter)...

Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter:  2 bags of baked wind. They spend 24/7 dis-uniting Republicans. They attack anyone who is not Mitt Romney. AS IF Romney is any better than Obama.  He is definitely NOT my pick. (I will vote for him if he wins the primaries) 

  Even though I left the liberal party, the GOP long ago, to become Independent/Conservative, I am with the GOP to unseat this Muslim usurper. Period.  BUT-Not Drudge, and not Ann.  These 2 paved the way, and now their heads are puffed up with pride, thinking they are power-movers.  We have a Marxist revolt going on and these 2 spend ALL of their time dividing the opposition.  Drudge is SOOOO upset this AM over Santorums comments, meanwhile, America is crumbling. 

As my blogger-brother, QV says: “Enjoy your green peas, AmeriKa!”


FedEx Guy Throwing A Computer Monitor Instead Of Delivering It

Where is pride in a job, anymore? FedEx people get paid good money, to just throw items this way? Just more proof that most Americans don’t give a rats ass about anything but their own precious hides…


Breast-feeding in public… Ew


  So-I am in a debate with a moron at Breitbart’s.  This person (I don’t know if IT is a she/he)  but calls me ‘sanctimonious’ because I do not think it is classy, and also believe that it lacks manners and decency.. Of course, I used the word ‘tit’, to get a point across, because I believe it is totally primitive, and I like to sort-of shock people… 😀

  So, back in the day, even 20 years ago, women did not do this in public… And, NO, I am not saying it is a ‘dirty act’ which is also what the jackass accused me of on Breitbart.   My question is; If you didn’t have a baby, would you do it?  The answer is a resounding NO (IF you are a half-way decent woman)    Now, why would a decent woman not do this? BECAUSE IT WOULD SHOW A WOMANS BOOB, THATS WHY. And a married woman, especially, should only be showing her breasts to her man…. How stupid are people now??  Men are visual, physical.. If a good-looking woman happens to slip the little blankie off her boobie…what will a present man see?  He will see her BOOB..And, yeah, it will entice him a little. It is the way it is..Even with all of the ‘p.c.’ garbage, men are still men, gals, whether YOU like it or not… One man on Breitbart told the truth, he said:


I rest my case..

  Women in America don’t seem to care about decency in public places, anymore.  Flopping a tit out for all the world to see, in my opinion is disgusting.  …..Of course, I have had a personal experience… When I went back to working in a restaurant in the early 2000’s (After losing it all in the S.E.)  I was waiting on a woman who was inexperienced with her gadget.. I knelt down, and bada boom, bada bing, SPLASH!!  In my face, went the boobie milk.  Thank you very much, lady… You made my day. The cherry on the top of my cake..


I am sure it is a wonderful thing, between a baby and the mother, and I LOVE babies… but, in my opinion, it should be a private thing to enjoy.  SO SUE ME!


Fatso Michael Moore Wants To Get Violent With The Rich: Open Season On Millionaire Michael Moore :)

This is one, fat, lousy bastard.  He wants to get ‘violent’ with the rich…So, it is open season on the billionaire for us 😀

CLICK HERE: Michael Moore Threatens Violence Against ‘Rich’


Bob Beckel: “I’ve Lied To People My Whole Life About Social Security, To Help Democrats Get Votes”

  Yep, believe it or not, that is what Beckel said last night on “The Five”. I heard it with my own ears.  Rick Perry said: “We are lying to this generations younger people about S.S., it is a Ponzi Scheme”.   Perry made no mention of Democrats or Republicans, he just told it how it is with S.S.  He said Perry was lying.  What was Perry lying about? Does Beckel casually forget that it was Bill Clinton who taxed social security checks?  Jes saying…  bob Beckel is the liar. He says he lied his WHOLE LIFE, so that Democrats could get votes!” LIAR!

While we are at it, here is some truth:

“Barack HUSSEIN OSAMA Does Look A Lot Like Malcolm X”: Checking In On The Birthers

  Let’s hope that Beckels big, fat mouth overloads his ass more often, then we will find out what is going on in the ranks of the genocidal ‘progressives.’

(Does this mean I ‘endorse’ Rick Perry? No, I will not endorse any candidate, this blog is rated R for adults.)

“It’s Not Cool 2 Be An Obama Supporter Anymore”~Say Former Obama-Nuts

What the hell was so ‘cool’ about it in the first place, is what I would like to know.  Why did they think it was cool? Because black people are cooler than white people? Hey, it aint me that started the insanity with the racial epitaphs. I have only reacted TO them and like the leftists say ‘fight the oppressor, because you are the minority’. Well, I do. 

  It is obvious to me, that people ONLY voted Obama because he was/is black, and that be cool, MAN.  “Cool” is not a lasting emotion. Freedom and Liberty are-which Obama takes away everyday. 

What the hell is so ‘cool’ about people ripping off your freedom?? He said that “We are just days away from fundamentally transforming America.”  He promised to take your freedoms, and he has accomplished this, little by little.

You gasbag, Obama voters can go straight to the devil. We warned you, and you called us ‘racists, haters, homophobes, xenophobes, ETC and so on.

Punishment is coming.


From Michael Savage: ‘It’s not as cool to be an Obama supporter’



Communists Live In TENT CITIES Outside Of Wisconsin Capital

Go to fullsize imageWhat do these Soviet pieces of drek not get? There is NO MORE $$$. And, you know…It is always the same; KIDS-useful idiots that are not even involved in teaching. Spitzer, the Bolshevik says that Walker is ‘anti-union’.  I don’t believe that anyone is ‘anti-union’.

I believe that WI like every other state is


Muslims In Dearborne, MI HATE The 1st Amendment

 Thumbs Down I dont care who you are. If you do not GET that we have freedom of expression, you need to get the hell out of America.  Muslims, left wing Jews, and Marxist/Christians really hate the 1st Amendment.  They need to get the hell out if they hate it so much- LEAVE. Go to Iran, go to wherever, just get out if you cant take it.  Muslims are constantly screaming and yelling about the ZIONIST JEWS, and THATS ok… Talk about a Christian…THATS ok.  But talk about these 3 things: Black on white crime, left wing Jewry, the govt in Israel and ISLAM, and they (the ‘progressives’) yell, scream and dominate.  To these type people: I wish you well, go in peace.  We just dont want you here anymore.