Clown-Asses Krauthammer & O’Reilly Want To BOMB Ukraine Into Submission To The EU

Clown-Asses Krauthammer & O’Reilly Want To BOMB Ukraine Into Sumbmission To The EU

Did any of you hear that windbag O’Reilly and his fart-bag buddy, Krauthammer last night regarding Ukraine? “Americans must take up the cause of the ‘protesters’ in Ukraine ” (Most of these ‘protesters’ are from the EU)  These 2 IDIOTS know NOTHING about the situation in Ukraine. ZERO.  They probably know next to nothing about the priests, the tents, the sudden influx of weapons and the decision that every member of the house voted on to possibly invade Ukraine for not submitting to the EU, See it!!! Whole House/Congress Votes sanction Ukraine?  Start potential war with Russia?!

What the hell ever happened with calling for peace and demanding the removal of the planet’s biggest bully, AMERICA?  We ARE the biggest bully.  If you folks can’t see this by now, you have your head up your ass.  We are.  America is not what it used to be AT ALL.  We invaded Libya, Egypt, Syria (With US operatives)  What right do we have bringing in operatives and undermining countries governments??

These 2 are pathetic jokers that lead American people astray to the max.  As if we are not already THAT stupid.  I am so ashamed.  God, I am so ashamed.

Here is what these gasbags said:  ‘Putin Is A Murderer’: O’Reilly Fights Back at Leftist Author

These asses just hate Putin.  That’s all.  Nothing more.  They hate Putin so much that they are willing to start WW3 with Russia.  Just because they don’t like another leader, we will have to go to WAR.  We are neither here nor there with Putin but do not want WW3 with RU.

We @ The Mad Jewess want America to GET THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLES COUNTRIES.

NEWS on Ukraine: 

Ukraine’s Military Releases The Armored Vehicles And Fighter Jets

Days after Kazakhstan broke out is tanks post-devaluation, the promise to “Restore order by all means envisaged” is under way in Ukraine as military vehicles are being mobilized into the city center. As Martin Armstrong so eloquently noted recently, “the Western powers represented by the EU and the US have nothing to stand on to protect Ukraine and can only offer lip-service at best. So once again, it appears that Ukraine is doomed and the best one can hope for there, is that Russia will allow the West to leave. The countdown goes forward and the political and economic crisis is indicative of what we see with the first shot across the bow in the rising trend of the Cycle of War.The US has ‘demanded’ an end to the violence

Billie Burke O’Reilly’s Fairy Factor

Billie Burke O’Reilly’s Fairy Factor

O’Reilly, last night – was bitchin’ about Putin’s anti-militant homosexual laws in Russia.  #1. It’s none of our business what laws they have.   #2. Putin does not want militant homosexuals depraving his society.   Russia has already ‘been there, done that’ with Communism, propaganda and depravity.  Homosexuals in Russia live just fine.  NO leftist, pro-homosexual propaganda is allowed.   You know what the deal is with O’Reilly?  He’s just jealous of Putin.  He is.  Because here is the bottom line with Russia:  It’s an ‘up n comer’ in nation status while the USA is in freefall.  Thanks to fruitcakes like O’Reilly who enable this bottom feeder, 3rd world craphole we’re becoming with his love for illegal aliens and militant homosexuals.

Here is my 2 cents re. O’Reilly’s gasbaggery:

A home decor collage from November 2013

Here is another funny by a blog buddy:  iowntheworld

Is It Just Me, Or Would Bill O’Reilly Just Make A Better Female?

Is It Just Me, Or Would Bill O’Reilly Just Make A Better Female?

This pompous ass is really a wuss. He stands for virtually nothing. He is angry about  pot-smoking for medicinal purposes but FOR ‘gay’ marriage.  If there is one thing that makes me totally livid…is a male who is a wishy-washy sap.  I am not ‘for’ pot smoking, legal or illegal.  In my opinion, pot makes people stupid.  But, our country has an epidemic of dumb without the pot.  HOWEVER: “gay” marriage is fascist militancy in its highest form. Proof of this is in Utah, where the majority of the populace is conservative and the ‘gays’ pushed through their agenda and said ‘f you’ to the people.  That is sickening. It builds up the populace against the ‘gays.’  Who scream that you are ‘anti’ gay if you oppose their sick fascism.

Bill O’Reilly is a wuss and would make a better female than a male. ( Now, he looks natural: )

He acts like a little mary with women…

Egyptian Media Portray Obama As Satan, Where’s PILL O’Reilly To Take Up For His Little Barack?

Egyptian Media Portray Obama As Satan, Where’s PILL O’Reilly To Take Up For His Little Barack?

Well, where is Pill? Why isn’t he crying for his guy? Disgusting…

We’ve been calling Obama, satan for almost 5 years, here on my blog.  But, we were racccccccccccccists.  Well, my hubby is kinda racist, but that’s besides the point.. If one reports the truth about Obama, DEY A RACIST. Egyptiansmay have to be sent to ‘sensitivity training’ by the Commie cabal of craziness in America..

This is the ‘prez’ who was going to make the world into a peaceful place. Hearts, flowers and no more war.  What a crock. People believed this idiot. Why did they believe him? 2 things: 1. He’s black and 49% Americans worship black people. 2. Bush was not a good president and anyone but a Republican in office was their motto.  

Whatever the case may be; Not vetting a man is treasonous.  Obama was probably not born in America-he said so himself all through the 1990’s. Obama is a Communist/Muslim.  A Christian, God-fearing, white male is supposed to be in charge of America where 68% whites are the majority.  Don’t like that? Move to Africa because Obama…


Popular and widely read Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd published the picture today portraying U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama as Satan himself. 


Dear PILL O’Reilly: Obama Hurts HIMSELF With His WW3 Syria Mess, You Jackass

Dear PILL O’Reilly: Obama Hurts HIMSELF With His WW3 Syria Mess, You Jackass

I just read what Pill said on another blog–I don’t watch him anymore because I believe he is batting a thousand in craziness.  Nobody has ‘hurt’ Obama, Pill.  The Main stream protects this idiot and you help them.  It is yourself that just wants a nuke war right along with Obama–pretending that the Rebels are not the ones instigating the gas/chems.  You make me sick.  You are becoming more and more irrelevant.  You are not a truth-teller.  You are just an ugly, warped, frustrated, old man whose time is short to be in the spotlight.

We are in serious times and Bill O just wants to blame patriotic people for Obama’s lies about Syria and WW3.  He may as well just go join the Communist cabal of world domination.  Nobody hurts Obama like Obama hurts Obama.

BillO argues to Krauthammer that some conservatives oppose Syria because they just don’t like the president, because they want to hurt him politically. He says it’s all about ideology.

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why

Bill O’Reilly Has Had The Left On Defense For 2 Weeks. I Will Tell You Why


First off: I am not a huge Bill O fan.  However.. He engaged on a topic that is near to my heart: RACISM against white people.

The Left wing cabal of insanity have ‘golden calves’.  The most revered golden calf to the Dem regime is the Liberal/Democrat black community.  To touch that ‘g’od is to approach their holy grail.  To approach the Liberal holy grail is to touch their cart–so to speak. SO-TOUCH IT, OFTEN!


How can Bill O keep the Liberal Dems on the defense?  Stay on the subject of black on black and black/white crime.  BUT, he needs to start covering what many black young men are doing to white people–if he is to have an HONEST discussion on this debate.  The fact is: White people ARE suffering from racism in America.  At the hands of blacks and also militant, Marxist Mexicans.  This needs to stop.  White people are sick and tired of being pushed around (Patriotic and Liberal people, btw) by Time mag, the likes of Dan Savage, Tim Wise and every other racist ‘anti-racist.’  They are not ‘anti racist’, they are PRO racism against white people.

Bill O’Reilly said last week that he has been covering the racial issue for 17 years.  Why he said this, I don’t know-that is not truth. IF it was truth, we would NOT have this racism even if Obama had gotten elected because it would not have been hidden from view as it is today (racism against whites). So, honesty is a necessity, BILLY.  And, Bills love for these illegals totally contradicts his interview with Jamiel Shaws mother: Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly (The reason Bill O interviewed Ms. Shaw is because The Mad Jewess reported on this subject, 3 or more yrs ago. His site was in our stats at the time)

Bill O’Reilly needs to have his researchers book mark sites like; Top Conservative News, Colin Flaherty,  & New Nation News.  He needs to report and talk about the crimes that we also post here at The Mad Jewess. He should make this his #1 talking points for the next 10 years until this racism STOPS.


How do we keep them on defense even more will be the next topic I will write about, soon…

Keep Communist Liberals on DEFENSE, O’Reilly and I will try to be nice...

Bill O’Reilly Knocks It Out Of The Park Last Night In A Speech Regarding Black Crimes

Bill O’Reilly Knocks It Out Of The Park Last Night In A Speech Regarding Black Crimes

Very good, Billy Boy…

Bravo to our favorite windbag, Bill O’Reilly.  He totally knocked it out of the park last night regarding many black people.  If more commentators on both sides started addressing this issue, non stop, the black community (as a whole) would be forced to change. And THAT would be a ‘change we could all believe in’.

O’Reilly Is A Nasty Jerk-Off. Screaming & Yelling At Former Brainwashed Liberal, Kirsten Powers

O’Reilly Is A Nasty Jerk-Off. Screaming & Yelling At Former Brainwashed Liberal, Kirsten Powers


I am so sick of this nasty, little freak, Betsey O’Reilly.  Kirsten is probably one of the only decent Liberals in America.  AND, she is coming out of the Commie brainwashing.  At least this jackass could be nicer to her.  She is trying to get the most facts out – about what happened with the IRS and Shulman visiting the WH 100,000x.   Can you imagine the fire this poor thing comes under for standing on the side of what is right?  You know how shitty the leftist cabal is.  They are friggin ruthless, inhumane and downright evil.   This gal needs encouragement. AND, hopefully she will not turncoat like Juan Williams.

Kudos to this gal.  It CAN’T be easy being a Lib and standing up to these Bolshevik Nazis.

Also, I am not a real big Alex Jones fan, but last night, O’Reilly had a video that featured Jones yelling and while he [Alex] was yelling, O’Reilly was talking about ‘hate speech.’ Subliminal crap..  Alex is a little weird, that’s true, but he is not a hater.  Who cares if he is??  People bled the ground and died so that Alex could have freedom of speech. O’Reilly, go take some happy pills or anti depressants. People are SICK of you.

Let’s talk about hate speech, O’Really:

#BenghaziGate With Bill O’Reilly & The PINHEAD Zone


Tonight, on Bill O’Reilly & The PINHEAD Zone- He says the ‘far right’ will be ‘partisan’ re. Benghazigate..  & the Democrats will try to ‘hide it’..In otherwords, cover it up some more..Is this jackass for real??? … And even though Hitlery says “What difference does it make?”  FOUR American people are dead & the administration knew WHY they were KIA and lied about it, AND spread the lie out over a 2 week period just to win an election.

Well, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, it does make a difference because 4 Americans are dead because of YOUR incompetence.

Add hundreds of more innocent foreign civilians to the casualty list in the middle east that are dead by Obama drones…and O’Reilly says we’re ‘partial?’

One thing is for certain; Bill O’Reilly is NOT

Looking out for you….”  Americans.

This should be O’Reilly’s theme song:


Note: There is no ‘far right’.  There are patriots and there are Commie enablers. Bill is a COMMIE enabler.

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