The Hill: 30-40 Lawmakers Refuse To Admit Legitimacy Of Obama’s Presidency?

The Hill: 30-40 Lawmakers Refuse To Admit Legitimacy Of Obama’s Presidency?

Chris Drunk Matthews as the question if people don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya and Peter King says, “Yes, 30-40 don’t believe he was born in America”

Peter King looks like Heat-Miser in this video, below.  I am not a GOPer and have not been for 8 years. I am Independent.   But, it is not the GOP who KNOWS that Obama is a usurper.  It is actually patriots that know because we researched this jackass. ….Actually, the GOP also knows but refuses to say out of fear of being called racists.  Being called a racist scares them more than becoming Communists.

Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) said Tuesday that there are about 30 to 40 Republicans in Congress who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency and are seeking to erase everything that’s happened during his administration.

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Our evil Prez says that he was born in Kenya all through the 1990’s.  I believe him.

#BIRTHERGATE-Guess What, Folks? Obama Was STILL #BornInKenya ! Nothings Changed. NOT My President

Guess What, Folks?  Obama Was STILL #BornInKenya ! Nothings Changed. NOT My President.

He is not the American President.  He is a foreign, Muslim USURPER.   Convenient isn’t it – that when this pamphlet was released, Andrew Breibart had just ‘died.’  Sure….And there are bridges in Brooklyn for sale..

Our Muslim crapper put out this pamphlet in the 1990’s, that he was BORN IN KENYA, long before he even ran for King of USSA.


19 African Newspaper Sources, Plus Obama’s  – The Mad Jewess

ABC’s: Racist, ‘White Hispanic’ Hating Leftists Go Birther Against Ted Cruz.

ABC: Racist, ‘White Hispanic’ Hating Leftists Go Birther Against Ted Cruz.

Why are they attacking Ted Cruz?  They have known all along that Obama is born in Kenya.  Obama submitted his own bio in the 1990’s saying he was ‘born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”.   This did not bother the Commie leftists, did it?  Nope.  Why does it bother them now?  Because they hate white Hispanians.  They’re racists, they’re HATERS.  Period.

I love that the Commies think Cruz is a McCarthyite. This makes me HAPPY!

[If it comes out that Sen Cruz is not natural-born, I am sorry to say that I will not be able to support him, except morally.  But NOT for Prez.  Once a birther, always a birther.  I do LOVE Ted Cruz, but someone has to be lawful in this mess. I will not vote for Chris Christie, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio–even on pain of death. I would vote for Rand Paul even though there are some things I have disagreements with like the appt of Chuck Hagel.]

By the way… Signed by OBAMA, long before he ran for King:

Today, Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

Jay Carney Makes Fun Of Obama’s Birth Cert Issue With NO PROOF Otherwise

We all know that Carney has seen Obama’s pamphlet from the early 1990’s. It was on the Drudge report.   This is a mockery to Sheriff Joe who is one of the only righteous law enforcers in America, today. The Commies do this in an effort to demonize. And, they demonize well, because their father is a devil.

We’ve got the proof, we do not back down.

Bill Richardson, former NM Governor knows Obama is an immigrant. So, he’s lying, too..

The ‘birther’ issue has never been a ‘racist’ issue. It has ALWAYS been an eligibility issue.  NO white man would have gotten away with this fraud!

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

#IRS Gate, BenghaziGate? Nothing Is Going To Happen To America’s 1st Kenyan Prez.

There is a reason that nothing happens to OBAMA.

I’ve been watching the net & news re. IRS gate and BenghaziGate.  Nothing is going to happen to the Teflon man.  You’re kidding yourselves if you think otherwise. (I HOPE I am wrong)  

Obama has had one scandal after the next.  Nothing ever touches this jerk.  The 1st thing that happened was the ‘birther’ issue.  Obama even provided information that got leaked out by Breitbarts site last yr in May.  Obama admitted through pamphlets in the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.  Making him totally ineligible to be the President.  Hell, the Commies even use Beck when he trashes us ‘birthers.’  Beck can’t refute this:

Obama had to fill out these bios as many do when they have to speak, publicly (he would have had to approve of his own bio that HE submitted)  Even after the pamphlet came out, the literary agent said they ‘made a mistake’… the 1990’s and corrected it now?! And, people BELIEVED that horsesh*t!  Beck believes it!

Onward… We had Fast and furious. “Political Vel Craft” and I spread this letter from the DOJ all over the place (below). This letter PROVES that Holder and Obama were involved in gunrunning and Fast and furious.  NOTHING happened to them. Border agents are dead and Darrell Issa investigated it.  Issa is a lot of hot air.  All talk, NO action.

See it:

Then, there was Sept. 2012, Benghazi.  Hillary lied, people died. Nothing happened to her and nothing happens to Obama.  Now, its the IRS.  Nothing will happen to Obama and the reason is:


End of story. 

The DNC holds nobody accountable, least of all- a black man.  Just look at black on white crime.   AND, Obama is the biggest perp of black on white collar crime, now because of the IRS scandal. They have no morals and the GOP is morally weak.

Oh, by the way:


He is satanic.

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?   

Extra, Extra, read all about it….!!! EXCLUSIVE: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: ‘WE WILL INVESTIGATE‘ IRS, BENGHAZI, AP SCANDALS   (Please, utter bullshit) Investigate? Yeah, AND??  Nothing, just talk to shut people up.


No, I don’t believe the Commie creep, Obama is crumbling.  There is no humility in the Communist/Democrat party OR their fearless leader.   And NO balls in the GOP..   I do not believe Obama & his cohorts will be impeached and tossed out of office.  In fact, the IRS scandal is nothing to these Dems. Ok? Besides the fact that Tea-Party groups closed shop after being threatened with the IRS and intimidated instead of fighting back..(Plus, the FACT that they kicked out people like me and Pastor Manning & many others from their tea-party) People that have been fighting these Commies for many years in NYC and Cali)    

4 dead in Benghazi. So? No biggie, its for the ‘greater good’.  Fast and furious?? The price Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata had to pay for the collective (Mexican & South American) illegals.  

If the GOP and the SCOTUS didn’t even take the birth certificate serious…. Hell, many ‘patriotic’ conservatives did not take this situation serious like Michelle Malkin  who called ‘birthers’ a circus, even though Obama’s 1990’s pamphlet was found by Breitbart’s people (Bio he would have had to approve of) If Malkin really believed this was a ‘circus’, why has she not stood up to call Sheriff Joe out? Is HE a ‘circus?’

The truth was right in the faces of people and still they did not believe it!!!!! 

Sorry, people.  NOTHING will happen.  Nothing. The way to win a fight and a war is to humiliate and totally obliterate your opponent while he is going down. Which is something that many ‘conservatives’ are not capable of doing because they are more scared of being labeled racist then beating the shit out of these Communists until they are bloody and DEAD.

IF you want him/them to go down…

NOW is the time to kick the dog UNTIL IT IS DOWN.

……Because Obama has brought a gun to the knife fight.


Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

Obama’s Non-Natural Born Status Leaves Him Open To Blackmail

In the 1990’s, Obama had no issue with his own bio which he submitted for pamphlet’s saying he was ‘born in Kenya’:

It is truth that the West, TX fertilizer plant has had a long, drawn-out lawsuit with corporate bully, Monsanto.  It is documented in the Wall Street Journal.  Monsanto has been kicked out of quite a few countries.  The GMO giant does not want to lose stupid Americans as customers to stay alive and buy their products while killing them with GMO foods. (WSJ: Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit)

It is a fact that the mercenary group known as “Blackwater” is owned by Monsanto: Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups

Fact:(Could be Blackmail?) Obama signed the  Monsanto Protection Act into Law 

That could have been the weapon (blackmail) Monsanto used to perform the West, TX tragedy?

Video author:

I slowed the video down to a frame by frame analysis, and there is a prior explosion that occurs about two football fields away from the fertilizer facility, before the facility explodes. How is that possible?

How many more laws, bills, etc have been signed because of potential Blackmail?? What about the anti-gun, UN??  It is time for American people to use their brains. Unless you want the media to do that for you.  Meaning you are already Communists.

-David Ben Moshe

Birther News-CA Judge Reinstates Obama Eligibility Lawsuit: Identity Document Fraud & Election Fraud

Click: CA Judge Reinstates Obama Eligibility Lawsuit: Identity Document Fraud & Election Fraud

Click: Examiner: Retired Washington Supreme Court Justice Joins Obama Birther Fight

Click: Update: Obama Challenger Talks Sanctions For Challenging Obama Identity Document Fraud

Nothing has changed. Obama still is not legit. I will not EVER recognize this foreign usurper as a president. EVER.

Arpaio Team: More Evidence Obama’s Online ‘Birth Certificate’ Is Forgery. Imagine If This Was A Republican??

Just imagine if this was a Republican?  It would be front page news, day and night.  Of course Obama is not American.  Nothing he does is American. Even the Commie, Clinton never pushed things THIS far.  Do most Americans care? Nope.  They will not ever care until they are starving to death, rioting, and eating each other.

CLICK: Team Arpaio: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic Document Is 100% Forgery

Of course, we here, believe Obama’s own bio:

We believe the newspapers that declared he was born in Kenya:

We believe former Leftist, N.M., Gov Bill Richardson, when he said “Obama is an immigrant”

White House Scrubs Petition Seeking Obama Resignation Due To Forged Identity Records

Why would they do this if they didn’t know themselves that he is not eligible? Answer: They WOULDN’T.  Innocent people can take any criticism. Guilty can’t.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born in Kenya.  Why are the liberals so ashamed of where their man was born? They have never cared for America.  This should not bother the average hypocrite lib in the least bit.

CLICK: White House Scrubs Petition Seeking Obama Resignation Due To Forged Identity Records

We are not one to call the usurper-Prez a liar. He said all through the 1990’s that he was born in Kenya, we don’t disagree with him/it. The publishers never corrected him in 10 years on this pamphlet that HE put out: