(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale, Oregon

(Drudge just put this up July 17, 2012:  

COPS: 40 kids ‘flash rob’ Oregon store…      

This ‘event’ occurred on June 18.   DRUDGE reads The Mad Jewess, not the vc versa.)

(Raw Surveillance Videos) Albertsons 30-40 BLACK Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Terrorize & Rob Store In Troutdale , Oregon

***Dear readers:  We have to allow this stuff so people don’t think whites are discriminating. It’s better to watch the world burn than be called a racist.

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GCrowdy GCrowdy

BLACK Flash Mob Terrorists Loot Nordstroms In Portland

Black  flash mob terrorists loot Nordstroms in Portland.  How long are ‘evil’ capitalists going to put up with this??  If you will go to that link, you will notice that the media willingly omits the ethnicity of these ‘people.’  This is a bad thing. Why? Because how in the hell will people know what to look for? America is DUMB, now.  This is NOT America.   Things had better change. I mean fast.

I believe that Van Jones and the Bolshevik slob, Medea Benjamin are the ones responsible for these black flash mobs.

(We DO realize that there are innocent black people that are respectable, same with the Jewish & Hispanic community, but as for these ‘minorities’, the bad ones are making them all look terrible, which is why conservative blacks, right minded Jews and conservative Hispanics MUST speak out in rebuke to their people)

50 Black, Domestic Terrorists ‘Flash Mob’ 7-11~Drudge FAILS To Mention RACE–AGAIN

This makes me sick.  For ie: An older couple, black, or white go into a 7/11… A mob of 50 blacks come in and start stealing everything.  …But, here is the kicker: They dont think anything of the mob & get trampled…Why?  Because the MSM, Drudge and all of the talking-head jackasses refused to point out race because of Communist “Political Correctness”. 

IMO, this is domestic terror, Why?

Because I believe that anyone in the store was scared shitless. 


Thanks a lot, DRUDGE, YOU are part of the problemo.

SEE: 50-person mob shoplifts at 7-ELEVEN...