New Black Panthers (The American Pussy Riot) Are In Philly, Again

New Black Panthers are standing guard at Pennsylvania polling

  ….to intimidate evil whitey..!!   Who fought for their ungrateful asses to be free…  So that they could show up 140 years later to ‘kill all crackas and they babies..’  Pathetic.


Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago: Blacks beat 62 Yr Old Father of 12 to death & post video of murder on Facebook

The Negroes beat a ‘white’ Mexican father.  Was this more justice for Trayvon??  We see this everyday.  The media fails in it’s journalism, mentioning nothing of black on white crime and now, black on ‘white’ Mexican crime.

GCrowdy video

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) – Three teenagers are under arrest, charged with beating a Chicago man to death and then posting video of the murder on Facebook.

Delfino Mora, 62, a father of twelve children, was attacked on the 6300 block of North Artesian Avenue early Tuesday morning. He was out collecting cans to make a little extra money to support his family.

A Youtube commenter said:

I know that guy, he went to my school. Geez, seriously he beat up an old man who has 12 kids.    jocelyndj14

-David Ben Moshe

Black Supremacist Woman Beat Down White Woman/Mother Who Is On Life Support~She Looked At Black Supremacist The “Wrong Way”

Black Supremacist Woman Beat Down White Woman/Mother Who Is On Life Support, She Looked At Black Supremacist The “Wrong Way”.. Of course we did not hear about this, because the MSM loves to protect bad blacks. IMO, we are already IN a race-war. And whites are being beaten, murdered, robbed, raped. 

If you dont like my links or youtubes, DO SOMETHING! Report black on white crime, dont be COWARDS.

(I cannot find the original link, if you can, let me have it, thank you.)

Ignore the 1st 30 seconds, and then after the 2.0 minute spot.

Black-Supremacist Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”

Black Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”….Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids.

Well, where are all of the Jews at ADL? Huh?  They are busy. Busy trying to persecute the White Nationalist group CofCC for reporting black on white crime. 

Where is Abe Foxman of the Anti-American, Christian-hating, Religious Jew-hating, ADL? Where is the ACLU? Where is the SPLC? Where are they?  Well…this is what we dumbass Jews get for marching to Mississippi in the 60’s for people that hated us, & butting into neighborhoods that hated us as well.  You wont ever see this JEW marching for anyone’s rights but ‘evil’ whitey’s.  Been there, done that in the 1980’s for the minorities, who never reciprocated, just demanded more & more from me, and resented that I helped them.  

Yeah, Stupid, Schmuck Abe..

I know….