@Toure Turns On The Jews. Jew Benefitted From “Power Of Whiteness” After The Holocaust @MSNBC

@Toure Turns On The Jews. Jew Benefitted From The “Power Of Whiteness” After The Holocaust

My responses to a nasty, whiny, black Toure supporter:

2 Liberal Jews from NYC: Goodman and Schwerner DIED so that DREK like this could shit on them.  Jews were MURDERED during the Civil rights era so this evil, white-hating, black supremacist could steal from America. Fact.  Liberal Jews are f’n dumb.

A home decor collage from November 2013

Obama The INSANE Ordered Drone Strikes In Yemen On Christmas Eve, Murdering 7

While the Muslim, foreign usurper went to enjoy his little vacation on US taxpayers dime in HI, he ordered people droned and murdered on Christmas Eve in Yemen.

Where are the f’king ‘liberals’ to call out this bastards insanity?  Oh, they are out worshiping the freak.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know-they are just Muzzies.. So, who cares..It may be time now to think that there IS such a thing as blow-back, don’t you think?????

Nigerian Plane-Crash Causes Cousins & Sons Of Obama To Loot

Nigerian Plane-Crash Causes Cousins & Sons Of Obama To Loot.

Seems all too familiar….Of course you will not EVER hear about this in the MSM because the MSM worships bad behavior.

 Los Angeles Black Riots 1992

“White” Hispanic American Beaten By Female Black Mob. Just More Justice For Trayvon..

“White” Hispanic Beaten By Female Black Mob. Just More Justice For Trayvon..

This is commonplace now with bad black people–who are just like the KKK.  The KKK used to beat blacks just because.  The blacks now beat whites & Hispanians just because.

And, I know, we are not supposed to say anything because…

Obama’s ‘Father’ Was Blacklisted In 1959, As An “Anti-white, Anti-American” Terrorist, According To US State Dept

Obama’s “Father” Was Blacklisted In 1959, As An “Anti-white, Anti-American” Terrorist, According To US State Dept

Obama’s Father Was Blacklisted as an “Anti-American, Anti-White” Terrorist in 1959, U.S State Department and British Secret Service Documents Reveal

EXCERPT:Will the mainstream media continue to hide this vital information about Obama’s presidency? Will the State Department ever release Barack Sr.’s file? By no stretch of the imagination should this man he trusted with one ounce of power, yet somehow he has schemed his way to the very top of our body politic. This is nothing less than the greatest crime America has ever known’.

Countdown To Eric Holders Demise…

Eric Holder does not need to resign. He needs to be brought to justice. Preferably by the Terry family. This should be top news, everyday until the bastard is gone.  The only bad thing is that if he resigns…Obama the imposter will put in another Commie as Attny Gen.

SEE: Countdown To Holder’s Demise…

Eric Holder~Obstruction Of Justice, Lied Under Oath, Knew All About ATF In 2010

This is the most corrupt bunch of pigs I have EVER seen.  Holder needs to be impeached.  He knew all about Fast and Furious in 2010.  He LIES. Why even bother taking these slime to court, they are ALL liars–ALL.


Holder changes story about ATF gun-running op...

JAIL-BIRD, TERRORIST: Van Jones To Go On VIOLENT Offense Against Tea-Party…Uhhhh, For What?

Ex-Obama Jail-house czar, Van Jones warns ‘Arab Spring’ coming to U.S.

What can one expect from a common, jailbird?   If anyone will notice…there is no real leadership amongst the Demo-fascists. They have been waiting for the opportune time to  murder Americans ie. Bolsheviks/NAZIS.  Van Jones has already been linked up on this website as the head henchman for the black, terrorist, flash-mobs.  He should be arrested, not preaching violence.

  If you look at this asshole’s website, you will see that he is ‘for’ the middle class. Just what the hell does this animal think the T-party is?  We are the remaining middle class, (right wingers as well).  Van Jones should be sent back to the CAN and the key thrown away.

Leftist Democrat LOSER SLIME, Alec Baldwin Tweets The Holy Grail “N” Word. Not A Peep From The MSM

SEE: Alec Baldwin tweets about N****s in Paris

“Watch them shufflin’ along….see them shufflin along….’ 

    Anyway, here we are, (Me and Donna) trying to deal with racism against white people, and ‘black rage’… We get it 24/7 from “Neo-Conservatives“,  Politically-Correct dupes, dopes & of course,  leftist slime saying we are racists, just for telling the truth about black, terrorist flash mobs.  Blacks beating up grandmas, beating up white people- (whites  are victims in massive amounts of black crimes…)

…BUT-Alec Baldwin, Democrat-leftist tweets the holy Grail “N” word and its OK. I guess all this is all OK as long as we are uplifting black, Obama-morons to be better rappers….

He sho has gottin UGLY!



Black Domestic Terrorist “Flash Mob” Attack Other People Before Beating The Store Clerk, Dallas TX

Obama’s America, courtesy of Eric Holder’s decision to allow the Black Panthers Case to go scot free:

(A heroic, black lady saved the store clerk from being beat to death, thank God.)

‘Black Teen Mob’  after football game, attacked other people before store clerk beating

About 13 days ago:

  Better hurry up and read the above link before it disappears like the last one (above).  Here is the problem with this issue; Unless people start addressing their color, we are going to have MANY innocent victims. We will have many innocent victims because of the racist MSM, who hates white people, obviously.  If they didn’t hate white people, they would report the truth.