US ARMY: #Bergdahl OK, No Misconduct. U.S. Army Also Saw No Threat W/ Major Nadal Hassan

US ARMY: Bergdahl OK, No Misconduct. U.S. Army Saw No Threat W/ Major Nadal Hassan

Isn’t there a passage/scripture that says: “Where wickedness abounds, lawlessness will increase?

What part of  ‘Bergdahl deserted, was AWOL when caught’ does the US ARMY not get?   POW?   Really?   He left his post, he left his base, voluntarily.. And was seeking the Taliban when they caught him.  Apparently they were not as thrilled with him as he was with them.

Wesley Dallas says:  

The U.S. Army also saw no threat in Major Nadal Hassan during the many years he openly preached the enemy’s doctrine of jihad against American soldiers while wearing the uniform of an American serviceman.

The U.S. Army also disarms our troops so as to make them vulnerable to murderers.

Forgive us if we are skeptical of our Army officials when they try to dissuade us from seeing what is before our very eyes.

In our insane America, the US ARMY said Hassan was AOK also.. 

I guess the men who served with the piece of garbage, Bergdahl mean nothing.  They’re testimonials are zero.


#ANTIWAR Obama: Now, It’s #Bahrain Where “Protesters” Are Hurling Molotov Cocktails, Just Like In Ukraine

#ANTIWAR Obama: Now, It’s #Bahrain Where Anti-Gov “Protesters” Are Hurling Molotov Cocktails, Just Like In Ukraine.

*Note: the left does not call them rebels anymore, they call them “opposition groups” in order to throw us sheep off.

Below in one of the links provided, you will see how military officials (Former JCOS, General Shelton) claim Obama has plotted to destabilize regimes in the Middle East.  Why is it NOT OK when Bush did it, but OK when Obama does it?  The main stream media does not report on Obama’s aggression in the middle east–ever.  The facts are the facts:  Bush’s policies were bad enough, but Obama has continued them through with more force than the Liberal, George Bush.

Obama sold weapons to Bahrain:  Here’s a quick update on the Obama administration’s  decision to sell arms to the Bahrain regime.

Bahraini police firing teargas and birdshot have clashed with stone-throwing protesters in a village west of the capital after the funeral of a young man who died in custody, witnesses said.   The violence on Sunday followed the death of Fadhel Abbas, and threatened to sour a new attempt to restart negotiations between Bahrain’s government and opposition groups.

More-See: Protesters and police clash in Bahrain

See: New law makes ‘offending’ Bahrain king punishable by up to 7 years in prison

More on Obama arms:  Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Egypt & Bahrain…

And, not so fast, “Progressive” Commies.. General Shelton has been questioning a few US regimes:  General (JCOS) Hugh Shelton on Clinton, Rumsfeld, and McCain

Didn’t Senator Barack Obama run as an anti war Prez?  What a totalitarian liar.

An art collage from November 2013

ANTI WHITEY ALERT! It’s Apartheid’s Fault In S.A. For FRAUD Sign Language Interpreter Says WAPO!!!

ANTI WHITEY ALERT! It’s Apartheid’s Fault In S.A. For FRAUD Sign Language Interpreter Says WAPO!!!   Washington Post said this. Can you believe this horse-shit!?


It’s  apartheids fault, 20 years ago for this mental patient & fraud, in the year 2013!   That is what the Commie-left is: Just hate whitey, blame whitey, stomp whitey and send out Obama’s sons to kill whitey while they blame whitey for everything under the sun.  

WAPO blames fake sign language interpreter on Apartheid

America is embarrassing itself daily with these left wing gasbags, lunatics!  I bet if Obama was not prez, this would not have even been said. Or, maybe not… Seems like the last 25 plus years, this is how black liberals and lefty’s talk…

Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Farted In Her Face.

Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Farted In Her Face.

The poor guy had gas, did she want him to explode?  I wonder what a black fart smells like.  We can always ask a liberal since they have their noses up black asses.

David Ben Moshe

Distraught About The Koran Burning? We Dont Think They Burned Enough Of Them. Come & Hate On The Koran HERE

From Donna:  Burn A Virtual Qu’ran. DO IT FOR A SOLDIER..

I have read the Koran. I am married to a man who worked with an organization that was undercover for the FBI/NYC. (He is an expert on Islam) I am not, but my husband is. I couldn’t give a rats ass about Islam.  IMO, the left-wingers are the enemy to fear. Yes, Islam is a menace of a cult.  And I can’t stand their pushy ways. But, the leftists are the problem in America, and because they enable this enemy, the Islamos-I   say;


Piss off a leftist!

When they burn Christian bibles, nobody cares. When they murder Christian-Copts in Egypt, nobody cares. When people call for Jews to be gassed, and murdered-nobody cares.

But, Islamo-nuts go insane when you burn a frickin qu’ran.  These people are WACKO.

Hungarians Burn Their Money To Keep Warm~Coming To America

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “burning money”. The Hungarian Central Bank has begun recycling bank notes withdrawn from circulation by turning them into fire briquettes and donating them to the poor who can use them for burning.

Think this cant happen here? It has happened before in America. 

Confederate bonds come to mind? 

America Spear-heading NO Free-Speech Zone On Behalf Of Islam With UN~Do We Deserve To Die?!

ISLAM in Sweden:

“Blowback” for America…


Libya, Gaddafi’s Daughter~Aisha Gaddafi: “I Will Cont My Fight Against Islamic Terrorists In Libya”

Message from Aisha Qadafi, September 3, 2011:

“Even if my father and my brothers are martyred, I will continue my fight against Islamic terrorists in Libya.

Libya: SEE THIS Message From Aisha Qadhafi

Hitlery Clinton, Samantha Powers & OBAMA Have created an ISLAMIC MONSTER. You want to talk about ISLAM so bad, Americans?  Well, here you go. YOUR EVIL, WICKED, beastly, sonofabitch, Prez-fraud OBAMA has started a serial Jihad war in Libya. 


  -How long America- will you trounce around like a whore and attack like a demon, without fearing any repercussions?  You think God cares nothing for these people and only for us? These people in Libya are fighting ISLAMIC MONSTERS AND WE ARE AIDING THE BEAST.

We are HELPING HAMAS IN PALI as well…  You want ‘blowback?’  Well, now you’ve got it.