NO MAS Anti-American & Segregated: The Arizona Ban on Racist ‘Ethnic Studies’ Classes Takes Effect

 Proud This is a youtube that DONNA found, this am.  This is exactly what should happen all across this nation. What we have here is a disease and cancer called Marxism/Progressivism. Marxism totally rots a nation as we can well see. In this case, the left-wing proves their REAL racism against America in general, against white people, etc. by ‘inventing’ classes & class warfare like this, to segregate kids to hate America, and become Mexican supremists, Black supremists, Asian supremists-the list goes on and on- but whites are not allowed to love what their country has done-NO!! That would be blasphemous! Time for a REAL CHANGE- time to go back to the basics-AMERICAN BASICS, and if you dont like it, go back to the shithole that you hail to. Feel free, and I wish you well…



Sheriff Wants To Sue Mexico For The Cost Of Having To Jail Illegals Here

  • SEE:
  • Go to fullsize image  Good, someone steps up to the plate. He is looking for a pro-bono Lawyer. If you all know one that will take the case, get in contact with him/her.  I am SICK of illegals. Recently I was in Tombstone, and coming out of Tombstone there is a border patrol. At first I was happy, then when I thought about it… WHY do we even have this in the first place? Our borders should be SHUT. PERIOD! NO ILLEGALS should be here!!!!!!

      I love what he says at the bottom of the link;

       I’ve often said I wish I could deport some Americans,” he said.  Too Funny 


    Bed Bug Epidemic: Day-Traders: Be Smart, Buy Stock In PEST CONTROL

    Worst Bed Bug InfestationI am dead serious about this. Buy stock in bed bug fumigation.  The bed bug situation is OUT OF CONTROL and will get worse as more and more illegals from South of the border come in, as well as illegals from other nations that are 3rd world.  The rest of you, buy ‘OFF’ and put it on if you go to motels/hotels, etc.  These bugs do massive damage.

    See:  Reagan Building bedbugs: Pest control team dispatched to USAID offices

    See also my posts that nobody else cares to give a damn to cover: 

    UPDATE! Last Night, FOX News FINALLY Covered The SNAFU BedBug

    Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

    Go to fullsize imageRa, f*cking Ra. They already have a country and they want to steal ours too. MEXICANS ARE NOT “indigenous” to America. The Native Americans are, and they are NOT Mexican, they are not even “Aztlan”. So, chalk one up for dipshit leftists that are ‘white’, who enable these scumbags.

    Do some research, morons.. The Gasden Purchase ring a bell with you asswipe buffoons? 1853? Hello  

       Is there a ‘liberal’ that will tell the truth for a CHANGE we can all believe in?

      Hopefully, the illegal invaders, Americas “Palestinians” occupying AZ & Texas will just go the hell home. Lets give Mehico, the piece of shit 3rd world hell hole, a nice big fatass happy Birthday…

    Brewer Fighting Off Americas MOST Oppressive Regime In History AND The U.N.?! Brewer For President!

    Arizona Governor Jan BrewerSee this DICTATOR/FASCIST In Chief Has Handed Over AZ & 22 U.S. States To United Nations?! WTF!

    And..Look at all of these links below. Our governor here in Arizona is one of the most gutsiest people I have ever encountered. We met her the other day in Prescott, AZ.  This is one tough woman. God Bless Jan Brewer. She IS a leader.

      Toss the Palin girl, too many hang-ups.  IF we are to have a woman for a Prez, Jan Brewer is IT. This woman has more testosterone that most men that have been emasculated, on purpose, by left wing Bolsheviks and the Marxist feminist Gestapo.

    Jan Brewer to Obama Admin: Withdraw that UN Human Rights Report …

    Brewer condemns report to UN mentioning Ariz. law – Yahoo! News

    Arizona Ethnic Studies Law Signed By Governor Brewer, Condemned By …

    Gov. Jan Brewer condemns report to the United Nations mentioning …

    Hot Air » Brewer blasts Obama over submission to UN specifying AZ …

    Governor Brewer takes on the United Nations, The US Department of …


    See this: Migrants turn to the sea to enter U.S. illegally


    Conservative Councilman In Prescott, AZ CANNED 4 Opposing A MURAL!

      Now it’s a full blown controversy, with statewide and even national media paying attention. Right now, the spotlight is on Blair, who made comments that some interpreted as being racist.

    SEE: Steve Blair Fired By KYCA

    ** *The reason that people do NOT like this GRAFITI mural is because it pushes this lousy fucking GREEN agenda.  This town is being infiltrated by left wing SCHMUCKS. This town is ELDERLY people, they bother NOBODY.  We have NO crime in this town, and this is what the left wing comes and does, they fuck up every g’d thing they can get their hands on. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    USING KIDS, below- as the left wing ALWAYS does, the fucking NAZIS. The little kid says ‘ My mom is on the internet, and this GUY NAMED STEVE BLAIR’ – this kid does not give a shit about Steve Blair– he is a KID, kids go outside here in this town, they go and PLAY. 

    And look at this hogwash SHIT too:

    Steve Blair, Prescott, AZ., Councilman, Radio Show Host Who Waged Racist Campaign Over Public Mural, Fired by KYCA

    Here is the LOUSY ass mural that is  GRAFITI. Me and my husband moved OUT of NYC to get the hell AWAY from this grafiti shit, and here it is….following us, like the left wing SHIT it IS.  Look at the MARXIST HIPPY crumbs here, and tell me this is not a fucking AGENDA to destroy this town.



    This half-page advertisement appeared Friday in the Arizona Republic, prompting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to call for a clarification. A second version that featured beachgoers and additional words — “who want to have a great time” — ran on Saturday.

    I want people to GET something, I don’t play fair. Fair is a poor excuse for not wanting to battle.

    I mean to demonize enemies, and I don’t give a shit what words…just words that the Marxist-NAZI pro-enemy uses against me.  Republicans & Democrats have destroyed this nation.

    We are the idiots that voted the bastards in.  In some ways I believe we deserve what we’ve got coming, and in many ways, we do not deserve this.

    Ken Hendricks didn’t deserve to die as a ‘sacrifice’ for the Marxists:

    Officer Shane Figeroa, Husband & father didn’t deserve this.

    Brenna Schneller didn’t deserve to be offered up to the P.C. “g”od called Liberalism.

    Did Josie Bluhm deserve to be brutally murdered by an insane SAVAGE wetback illegal SOB?

    Martin Kudlas, AGE 3?  Was he a threat to the PC Police, that he had to die, because they REFUSE to protect this nation?

    Support AZ, Buy Art, Jewelry, Leather~See the Grand Canyon!

    I am glad that we chose to live in AZ. They can boycott us, but they cannot steal our soul here. We will fight them, we will kick the Marxism out, we will stand up to the tyrants here in AZ. There are so many great things about AZ, gorgeous places to visit; The Grand Canyon, Scottsdale (great artists and an artist haven, as well as Sedona) Prescott, Flagstaff. 

    See Thunderbird Artists Homepage | Fine Art and Wine Festivals …

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    You follow the drift. Help out AZ. Screw the Left Wingers that have ZERO clue of what we have been going through on our borders of death and destruction.

    AMERICA: BOYCOTT MEXICO, NOW. SCREW Their Tacos & Burritos!

    “No more El Poulgas (Flea Markets), No more cheap shit. NO MORE Mexican products come to OUR households. NO fruit from Mexico. NO Mexican restaurants, no Mexican Squat!  The Hell with your beans, tortillas, & the hell with your horchatas! List of Mexican Products: Mexico’s Top Exports & Imports: Most Popular Products Traded

    Liberals want to PLAY GAMES in other states, we will boycott every single last damned product from Mehico.  NO Mexican NADA in my household! Take a good, cold, hard look at these little hypocrite SOBs: Mexican Hypocrisy? US Neighbor Has Its Own Tough Take on Immigration


     Liberals/Progressives…You had better think twice about your diatribe of bullshit a mile deep. We will BANKRUPT these little chili-chopper allies of yours.