NO MAS Anti-American & Segregated: The Arizona Ban on Racist ‘Ethnic Studies’ Classes Takes Effect

 Proud This is a youtube that DONNA found, this am.  This is exactly what should happen all across this nation. What we have here is a disease and cancer called Marxism/Progressivism. Marxism totally rots a nation as we can well see. In this case, the left-wing proves their REAL racism against America in general, against white people, etc. by ‘inventing’ classes & class warfare like this, to segregate kids to hate America, and become Mexican supremists, Black supremists, Asian supremists-the list goes on and on- but whites are not allowed to love what their country has done-NO!! That would be blasphemous! Time for a REAL CHANGE- time to go back to the basics-AMERICAN BASICS, and if you dont like it, go back to the shithole that you hail to. Feel free, and I wish you well…



Gee, Should We Celebrate? Mexico Is Celebrating 200 Years..

Go to fullsize imageRa, f*cking Ra. They already have a country and they want to steal ours too. MEXICANS ARE NOT “indigenous” to America. The Native Americans are, and they are NOT Mexican, they are not even “Aztlan”. So, chalk one up for dipshit leftists that are ‘white’, who enable these scumbags.

Do some research, morons.. The Gasden Purchase ring a bell with you asswipe buffoons? 1853? Hello  

   Is there a ‘liberal’ that will tell the truth for a CHANGE we can all believe in?

  Hopefully, the illegal invaders, Americas “Palestinians” occupying AZ & Texas will just go the hell home. Lets give Mehico, the piece of shit 3rd world hell hole, a nice big fatass happy Birthday…

I’m SICK Of Obama. ITS US AGAINST THEM- Leave Arizona Alone, Obama. NO TRESPASSING


burritoIt is us against them. So, for Arizonans, get ready. I can almost guarantee that Obama and his Marxist- Bolshevik Nazis will send troops here to ‘put us in our place’. Just a question…What would stop this sonofabitch from taking that step?

Well, here at MAH house, we believe in the death penalty. You come here to MY land, my yard- Obama-bots, and prepare to meet your maker. I have had it. I am finished. I just bought a thousand rounds of ammunition today. ANY illegal that comes on MY land- you are no longer just an illegal, you are a dead illegal. My family is not going to get kidnapped, abducted for slave trade, I will not have it. I am over, basta, finite’.

 Also, you illegal bastards…take your disgusting food, that is made from remains of shit left over from last weeks barfing party, and gag yourselves with a damned blender. Animals.

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Definition of illegal:

unlawful; illegitimate; illicit; unlicensed. Illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, criminal  can all describe actions not in accord with law. Illegal  refers most specifically to violations of statutes or, in organized athletics, codified rules: an illegal seizure of property; an illegal block ( in football ). Unlawful  means not sanctioned by or according to law: an unlawful claim to the inheritance; to take unlawful advantage of the trading situation. Illegitimate  means lacking legal or traditional right or rights: an illegitimate child; illegitimate use of privileged knowledge. Illicit,  which originally meant simply “not permitted,” now most often applies to matters regulated by law with specific emphasis on the way things are carried out: illicit conversion of property; an illicit attempt to control the market. Criminal  most often refers to violation of the statutes of penal as opposed to civil law. All felonies are criminal as are all crimes sometimes punishable by death such as murder, arson, and kidnapping: a criminal act.

Brewer Fighting Off Americas MOST Oppressive Regime In History AND The U.N.?! Brewer For President!

Arizona Governor Jan BrewerSee this DICTATOR/FASCIST In Chief Has Handed Over AZ & 22 U.S. States To United Nations?! WTF!

And..Look at all of these links below. Our governor here in Arizona is one of the most gutsiest people I have ever encountered. We met her the other day in Prescott, AZ.  This is one tough woman. God Bless Jan Brewer. She IS a leader.

  Toss the Palin girl, too many hang-ups.  IF we are to have a woman for a Prez, Jan Brewer is IT. This woman has more testosterone that most men that have been emasculated, on purpose, by left wing Bolsheviks and the Marxist feminist Gestapo.

Jan Brewer to Obama Admin: Withdraw that UN Human Rights Report …

Brewer condemns report to UN mentioning Ariz. law – Yahoo! News

Arizona Ethnic Studies Law Signed By Governor Brewer, Condemned By …

Gov. Jan Brewer condemns report to the United Nations mentioning …

Hot Air » Brewer blasts Obama over submission to UN specifying AZ …

Governor Brewer takes on the United Nations, The US Department of …


See this: Migrants turn to the sea to enter U.S. illegally


Memorial Day Tribute To Fallen Soldiers & Vets


We dont even deserve the Military. We deserve zero. We have shit all over our military, from the far left, to the liberals, to the moderates, to the FAKE ASS GOP, to the Sicko jerk Neo-Nazis that call our troops- traitors & “Israel-firsters”.  We deserve all the bad we’ve got coming. All I want is our men back home–like 8 years ago now.

  We need to beg them to protect us from this EVIL government. We need to risk our lives now, we need to put our precious hides on the line for them. We don’t need any more Tea Parties, we need a shout of freedom such as the world has never heard before- when we move our fat asses straight to DC and kick out every last G’D traitor there is.


  THAT is what we have a military for, and we are lousy people. We don’t deserve to wipe the boots of the military, let alone my sitting here writing this post. Our women cannot even try to look pretty for their husband-soldiers, returning- some-just bitter bitches that leave their men high and dry when they go and fight in war. Shame on us.

I AM SO SORRY for allowing you men and women {soldiers}, to have to come back here -to a rotten, treacherous, bratty nation of debaucherous scum that should go kill their own damned selves, or get the hell out. 


Thank you for what you have done, I an totally indebted- but, I am ashamed.

I hope you all cry your guts out for treating our troops like shit after you hear this song below.

BTW: Take “Cinco De Mayo” & Shove It Up Your ASS, TOO!

 “O-M-G, Mad Jewess, you are so mean, hateful & RACIST!- Says Miss Dipshit-Feminazi… Marxist-Mike, Or Joe-Liberal Jerk Off…

 Italians have their days in NYC, Irish have St. Pattys Day. The Portuguese in Cali have their day, and the Greeks their day, the Jews have Israeli day in NYC. But they are NICE people that do these things, unless they are Kommies and do it on purpose to make political points.  My best friend is full blooded Mexican, and even SHE refuses to celebrate “Cinco De Mayo” – Why would ANY American that is patriotic want to celebrate some stupid ass holiday that is run by OPPRESSORS of America? People that MURDER on our borders? Kidnap little children for slave trade? That is what these ILLEGALS and their allies do.

Cinco de Mayo I dont give a rats ass about some ‘victory’ over Puebla. OK? It has NOTHING to do with America. I am sick and tired of the MEXICAN FIRSTERS-Your culture sucks, it is violent and full of drugs, and you jerks know this. Even my best friend says Mexico is a damned shit-hole, nothing to be ‘proud of’.  Take your stupid, UGLY, mis-colored, bad taste in flags and just go home. If you do not want to be a part of what is left in America, then GO HOME. NO MORE ILLEGALS, Stick Cinco De Mayo up your ass, we are SICK of your shit. Either fight with us OR bring your burritos and tacos, so we can shove THAT up your ass too.

“Feliz Cinco De Mayo” NO, I wish you a terrible Cinco De Mayo. I am sick of you assholes that SUPPORT MURDER and then worry about some ‘profiling’  Go look at your OWN immigration laws in Mexico, and shove that shit where the sun dont shine.  If you are a GOOD American that is not a MEXICAN FIRSTER, like my best friend, then by all means, stay, but if not:


Let The ILLEGALS Riot! We’ll LOL When the Guard Takes them AWAY


Let these ILLEGAL-CRIMINALS riot, who cares. I, personally hope they get worse, this way the National Guard can spot em!  I hope these Mo-Fo’s go nutty. I hope their protests get as nasty as I think they will. I will sit on top of a little hill in Phoenix and Laugh my ass off. Ha Ha Ha… REAL “Justice” finally served. Served for: Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial, Memorial, illegal alien ...  You all go take a good look at that list, but just to name a few, this is who the left wing pigs have cared nothing for:

Breanna Schneller, 18

High School Senior, daughter

Murdered by

Raul Ponce-Rocha, 22-ILLEGAL

Josie Bluhm, 4



Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa-ILLEGAL

  So, you ANIMALS that hate Americans so much, hate these people above, and LOVE ILLEGALS more, GO TO HELL. Fuck YOURSELVES forever in chains, fire and worms. You deserve it. Fuck Obama, Fuck Bush, Screw all of you FAKE ASS “Do-gooders.” Liars, criminals, crooks, stealers of life, “Progressives”, ugly, spinster, feminazi bitches, Alinsky, ‘gay’s.  ETC.

REAL JUSTICE now, for a “Change We Can Believe IN!”

You see This, ILLEGALS? It says WE THE PEOPLE Of AZ.

Arizona-Americans: It Is Time To BURN THE MEXICAN FLAG


Time to burn down the foreign ILLEGAL/Mexican DOMINANCE-Fascist, NAZI flag.  They have taken our flag, which represented freedom, even for them, they desecrated it, and hung it upside down, under their banner, which is an ugly bad-taste banner, BTW….  These wetback ILLEGAL bastards and their Anti-American allies, have trampled all over the South-west and we did nothing for FEAR of being called ‘racists’, well, that day is over.  NO more foreign flags, NO MORE. Fuk your holidays. Take Cinco De Mayo and shove it up your asses.


Tolerance for evil, tolerance for illegal scum taking our life-blood and treasure, it is cooked.  I see a Mexican flag, and I WILL BURN it. Burn it, spit on it, tear it up, and flush it in the shitter. NO OTHER FLAG SHOULD FLY IN AMERICA, BUT THE US FLAG, PERIOD.