China’s DF-41 Missile Can Wipe Out 3 US Cities In One Attack. China Hacks Feds

China’s DF-41 Missile Can Wipe Out 3 US Cities In One Attack. China Hacks Feds

I could be very wrong.. But, I believe that Russia and China will invade the USA.  They have already started their cyber war.  Both nations.  Of course, people tell me I am wrong, 100%.  We owe China, how much?  2-3 trillion?  We have installed NAZI’s in Ukraine and have expanded NATO in Russia’s backyard.. It’s all too close for comfort.

China’s DF-41 solid-fueled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is capable of wiping out three American cities in just one attack.  Report here…

 Chinese and Russians play chess, not checkers.

(WCT)  China’s DF-41 solid-fueled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is capable of wiping out three American cities in just one attack – See more at:
(WCT)  China’s DF-41 solid-fueled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is capable of wiping out three American cities in just one attack – See more at:

#IMPEACH China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

Another country we are screwing with.. And, how much do we OWE them?  This is not how a debtor treats a creditor. What’s next, propagandists? That the Chinese prez is the worlds biggest dictator??

The war machine must make money.  They just can’t leave people be, can they?   Now, Obama is being told by China to get lost.  Obama is the most hated CIC ever.  I’ve never seen such an outcry from so many people here and abroad.  And, this phony ran as an ‘anti-war’ candidate.  Can you imagine how many moderate-type Liberals who are anti-war must feel about this idiots betrayal?  Americans are going to have to unite together and throw the trash OUT!

It’s not just China-Here is Obama burned in India:

PA 9741936 The best Barack Obama burning effigies   Islamists go bonkers for Bonfire Night (photos)



Pakistani protesters burning an effigy of President Obama and an American flag


Yankee Go Home! Posters on the barricades in the People's Republic of Donetsk. #ukraine

The moron and his constituents need to GO! 

Asia Delivers Scathing Rebuke Against Obama. Filipinos Tell Barack To Get Out Of Their Country

Asia Delivers Scathing Attack Against Obama. Phillipinos Tell Barack To Get Out Of Their Country

Is the whole world wrong over US foreign policy and only America is right?  Countries are SICK of our screwed up wars, drones and Obama madness.   Insanity like this:  Benghazi Committee- US Switched sides in ‘war on terror’ and gave 500 million USD to Al Qaeda in Libya.   Here is the PDF file on the Benghazi committee report:  CLICK

Committee on Benghazi : US ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ by facilitating $500 MILLION in weapons deliveries to Libyan al-Qaeda militias, leading to Benghazi attack – See more at:

This is a Jonah day for his imperial majesty, Barack Hussein Obama.  He has been rebuked by 300 German intellectuals for his SNAFU policies in Ukraine.  The former Czech President places sole blame on the US Govt and EU for it’s aggression in Ukraine and now the Phillipinos tell the monster to get out of their country and Asia delivers a scathing rebuke against our dear leader.

Is this just more jealousy over American exceptionalism?? I DONT think so..This idiot needs to go and throw McCain in there while you’re at it.

Click:  Obama Asia tour starts with scathing attack by China state media

Phillipino protesters:  Riot police clash with anti-Obama protesters in Philippines

Obama is hated and everyone in the whole, wide world is a racist for deploring this poor asshole.

I wrote this last yr and was called an ‘evil Ku Klux Klan racist..’ (SMH)  Obama The Insane Is HATED All Over The World.

Will Obama’s lap-dog media show this on TV?  Nope, that’s racist, too & blame George Bush.  You may have the sheep here at home stupified, LEFTISTS but the whole world is on to you & the dirt bag in the White House..

China: Shut Up, U.S.A. We Can Kick Your A$$, US Marines Like ‘Marching Band’, Now

China: Shut Up, U.S.A. We Can Kick Your A$$, US Marines Like ‘Marching Band’, Now

There was a quote in the movie “The Devils advocate” when the Pacino character (Ha’Satan) was conversing with his new protege (Keanu Reeves).  Reeves was losing a battle in court and his wife was going nuts.  Pacino told the formidable lawyer, Reeves: “Maybe its just you’re time to lose.” 

And, THAT is what is happening in America.  It/s our time to lose.  It does not make me happy to say this.  I didn’t grow up in a losing country.  I have had to swallow this bitter pill because this is NOT my America, anymore.  I don’t know what the hell it is, but it is not America.  

China can easily place 200 million on a battle field, people. 200 million.  So, get armed.  The future is uncertain.


A casual remark by a U.S. general during a breakfast has made China mad, really mad, and Beijing’s response is far less than civil and humble.

On April 11, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Wissler, commander of the 18,000 Marines in Okinawa, Japan, told reporters at a Washington breakfast meeting that the Marines in the Pacific would quickly retake the Senkaku island group and return it to Japan if China were to invade it.

Read more: At The WA TIMES (I’m banned there)


Let me tell you.. China hates America and we are their sworn enemy because we do not pay our debt.  Here is anti American propaganda the Chinese draw:

And, just who is going to stop all the madness and order things aright? Obama?  Sure.. Next week after the fire.

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

So many Americans refuse to see the precarious position we are in.  The US Government has absolutely NO humility.  We are robbing from Peter to pay Paul and now Chuck Hagel is warning China to stop fighting over some disputed land with Japan?  We have no standing.  How much do we OWE China??  Over a trillion?

Let me tell you something about debtors (I was a debt collector in the 1990’s), Debtors never have any intention of paying bills.  If they do not make an effort to pay a bill, they ‘ain’t never gonna pay that bill.’  That’s the facts.  The ONLY thing we should be telling China is:  “How much will you settle this debt out for?”   The reason I say ‘settle’ is because the US Govt will NEVER pay the bill to China in full.

I can’t take the stupidity anymore, its making me want to blow a gasket.  A little less conversation…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On The Open Market?

Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On the Open Market?

Hoax, or truth?

We don’t know.  We’re just asking.  The MSM news said: ‘Economy seems to be slowing including a slower outlook on China’,  on Friday the 24th.   However, this cache below from CNN states that China placed treasury bonds on the open market and closed the South China Sea on January 23rd.   We do not know if CNN was hacked or if they just won’t tell the public what is happening (they never tell the public what is happening) So, who knows….?  We’ll be watching.

‘Hacked’ CNN Reports “China Dumps All US Bonds”  Click here

This is the web cache photo from CNN website:

This is where the S. China sea is:

In case this means war: 

USA has Canada and Mexico to defend us…what can go wrong..?


It Is Reported That China Is Purchasing The Federal Reserve?

It Is Reported That China Is Purchasing The Federal Reserve?

The Democrats with Obama in charge could have reversed Bush’s deficit spending as they promised in the 2008 campaign.  But, they didn’t and America has fallen because of the irresponsibility of the Democrat party.  We will be owned by China in 3-5 years. Learn Mandarin.

Democrats + Republicans =The Same

China has recently purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan for $725 million.  One could reason that they have in fact purchased all of JP Morgan.  And I’m sure it will soon be announced that China has or is in the process of purchasing other Western banks and physical assets. These banks make up the majority owners of the Federal Reserve.  See that news here on Bloomberg

Hat Tip, Tony: China to Purchase the Federal Reserve


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Chinese Tycoon May Buy NYTimes. Says NYT Must “Verify All Stories Are TRUTH”. FIRE ALL OF EM, Mr. Guangbiao

Chinese Tycoon May Buy NYTimes. Says NYT Must “Verify All Stories Are TRUTH”. FIRE ALL OF EM, Mr. Guangbiao

Good.  Someone wants to buy the old, washed-up NY Slimes.  And, he (Mr Guangbiao) is demanding that they verify ALL stories and must print the truth.  The creeps that own it say that it’s ‘not for sale.’    Yeah right..They can’t give up the paper, it being a Communist tool for the red Left owners.

Chinese recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao said on Tuesday he is set to begin negotiations to buy the New York Times.

“If I acquire the Times, the paper will only report the truth and must verify all information,” Chen told Reuters.

BTW, Mr. Guangbiao……Defense Expert Tells WSJ-NY Times Benghazi Piece Backfired on The Paper (In other words, LIED)

I say:


A home decor collage from November 2013

Other lies of the NYSlimes:

New York Times corrects AR-15 Navy Yard story, still misses the mark

Judy Miller Alert! The New York Times Is Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Program

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

Russia, “Human Rights Violaters?” Bill O’Reilly WRONG, Again.

  Last week before the holidays, I was in Las Vegas for 5 days.  My husband was watching Bill O’Reilly (UGH!)   O’Reilly was calling Putin some stupid names (Much like Liberals name-call when they do not have facts)  He and his guest were saying that Russia is a ‘human rights violator’ because of gays… Putin knows that #26 in the Communist Manifesto: ‘Present homosexuality as normal.’  Vladimir Putin does not want Communist propaganda in Russia, they already went through 100 years of Communism.  They do not want to relive this, obviously.

But, do let’s stop being a hypocrite.  A true patriot will call out their own country when it is evil and wrong.

1.  America fires or suspends Christians who speak out on behalf of their faith.  Russia is trying to save Christians around the globe, namely in Syria & the middle east.

2.  America now bombs/drones countries at will.  Russia is trying to STOP this type of aggression, for eg: Syria.  America helped murder Gadaffi.  After the killing, Hillary Clinton was quoted “We came, we saw, he died.”   Russia asked what right we had to just kill a leader of a country. 

3. America is now immoral with filthy acts of depravity that pollute the land through through liberalism. Our country, which allows minorities to rule over the majority.  Russia reprimands their minorities who undermine their country, which is better for their ‘collective.’

4. America allows the voices of aggressive suggestions re. militant LGBT in schools, pushing propaganda of the worst sort in as low as 5th grade.  Which confuses our children and ultimately turns many of our young men and women to a life-style they would not normally have even paid attention to.  Russia ostracizes and bans un-natural sexual propaganda and those that enforce and endorse it:  This being better & more healthy for the majority collective.

5.  America has the most ridiculous, infantile leader in world history (B. Hussein Obama) who lies, uses false flag terror psy ops in an effort to confiscate our guns which would leave us defenseless against government tyranny.  Russia has a leader that is so well liked, they voted him in 3x over.  Putin also adopted America’s 2nd Amendment of the Constitution seeing economic times becoming worse & possible violence breaking out.

Who has the problems, again, O’Reilly?  America, not Russia.  Get your head out of your ass. This is not 1986.

It’s not that I ‘love’ Vladimir Putin:  Its the fact that I will call a spade…a spade.  It is not Putin that is to be feared.  It is the American govt with Obama in charge.

By the way… You may just want to take up and pay attention, American people:

Serious news that nobody paid attn to: US Dollar Being Swept Out Of Russia 

More Obama Madness: Russia Threatens Nukes. US Navy Being Halted By China

More Obama Madness: Russia Threatens Nukes. US Navy Being Halted By China


Obama is dying to get us into WW3 ever since he got in office.  1st it was Egypt, then Libya, then Syria.  Now, he is pissing off our creditor, China and antagonizing Russia.  The 2 countries, Russia and China together, can kick the crap out of us and I will tell you why:  They are not afraid to fight.  Our government does not let our men fight.  Plus they train our men to be sensitive to women.  So, that means if they meet them in the ocean, our men are dead.   IF Russia/China were to invade by land, they would not win because everyone has guns. HOWEVER: They are not afraid to nuke and we are afraid.  So, they could just nuke America and leave half of the country immobilized.  


Don’t say I didnt warn you. I did. As did QV. Over and over. Time and time again.  God has given America every chance to repent and turn to him, but we have refused (as a whole) So, it will have been deserved (if this happens) I am sickened to tell you this.  I dont know what is going to happen. I am only looking at the times & signs around me.

 U.S. Navy-China showdown

Russian Official Threatens to Nuke U.S.