#IMPEACH China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

China To Obama: STAY OUT OF OUR DISPUTES! Stop Inspiring Militancy!

Another country we are screwing with.. And, how much do we OWE them?  This is not how a debtor treats a creditor. What’s next, propagandists? That the Chinese prez is the worlds biggest dictator??

The war machine must make money.  They just can’t leave people be, can they?   Now, Obama is being told by China to get lost.  Obama is the most hated CIC ever.  I’ve never seen such an outcry from so many people here and abroad.  And, this phony ran as an ‘anti-war’ candidate.  Can you imagine how many moderate-type Liberals who are anti-war must feel about this idiots betrayal?  Americans are going to have to unite together and throw the trash OUT!

It’s not just China-Here is Obama burned in India:

PA 9741936 The best Barack Obama burning effigies   Islamists go bonkers for Bonfire Night (photos)



Pakistani protesters burning an effigy of President Obama and an American flag


Yankee Go Home! Posters on the barricades in the People's Republic of Donetsk. #ukraine http://t.co/og0OyIQtkC

The moron and his constituents need to GO! 

Democrat, #COMMUNIST Michael Arth Pushing for China’s 1 Child Population Control In USA

Democrat, #COMMUNIST Michael Arth Pushing for China’s 1 Child Population Control In USA

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Is the ideology of the Democrats ever for life in any way, shape or form? We know they protested the wars in the early 2000’s, but now the wars are OK with Obama as president.  Now, they want to halt growth of the family.  Will this affect the Latino’s as well? And what do they think of their new country..?

Click- Hat Tip Maziel: Top Democrat Pushing For “One Child” Population Control In America

China gets contracts for US infrastructure construction

By GoldbugGal

We owe, we owe, so off to work THEY go … China owns us .. Can you speak Chinese yet? If not, you better learn .. or enjoy your endless weeks of unemployment and welfare, folks ….
Homeland Security .. in our faces …

Russian General: Chinese Warhead Arsenal TWICE As Large As US Estimates

Russian General: Chinese Warhead Arsenal TWICE As Large As US Estimates…The Szechuan Surprise

  Don’t say I have not warned you.  Since American men refuse to do anything to oust this foreign usurper and most of the house and senate, GOD will allow a huge invasion on our soil.  Its coming.  You asked for it.  God will NOT EVER tolerate a nation who allows men/men, women/women to sanctify their perversion through marriage. God will NOT EVER bless a nation that murders hundreds of thousands of babies every month.  Judgement needs to come.  It needs to come from GOD. Because MEN do NOTHING. Men now expect women to fight….physically….. with guns and blood.  Damned sickening.  I, as a woman, KNOW that I am not capable of battle.  But, ya’all come near me and mine, or my property… you sicko, perverted, debaucherous ‘liberals’ and you are dead.

I can hear the laughing and cackling of the satanic left…

I say; keep laughing. Laugh hard.  It is people who love God and his justice that will laugh in the end.  I will cry for JOY when we see your end……….

F*CK THE FEDS: ‘Feds Clear Chinas 1st USA Bank Takeover.’ (People LOL @ Me About China Taking Over)

F*CK THE FEDS: ‘Feds Clear Chinas 1st USA Bank Takeover. 

  Leftists, pseudo-cons said that I was ‘bat shit insane’ when I said this would happen. ENJOY IT AMERIKA. Enjoy our new masters.. Soon, they will come and burn us with fire. DUMMIES! WAKE UP G-DAMMIT…Traitors within are hanging us out to dry every damned day. Keep telling me I am crazy. It is not me, it is YOU that are not HEARING.

EXCERPT: ‘The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market to ICBC, China’s biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.’

WTF? Russian Military Drills Taking Place Next Month In Colorado-Russia To Take Hold Of Denver Airport

WTF? Russian Military Drills Taking Place Next Month In Colorado-Russia To Take Hold Of Denver Airport

A bizarre report prepared by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation that is circulating in the Kremlin today on the joint US-Russia military drills taking place next month in the State of Colorado.  The rest here…

...Ya all keep calling ME crazy.  I am not the crazy one. China and Russia ARE meeting THIS week, exercising military drills. I believe they will attack us.

See it YOURSELF: News for China and Russia drill exercise

China & Russia Are Joining Forces. Preparing For Naval Excercises

China & Russia Are Joining Forces. Preparing For Naval Excercises   Are they going to invade America?  Or is God going to destroy America? We have been evil. We have allowed so much evil.

Keep fighting liberalism… Our SURVIVAL depends on it.

Quote: ‘There is coming an invasion of NORTH AMERICA. China will come up on us when we are not aware. This is an open vision I personally had in 2007 that need to share with you. THIS NOT A JOKE! Rev 9 tells us an army 200 million men strong that will kill 1/3 of men on the earth.’

If We Attack Iran~Russia & China WILL Attack Us.

  I will tell you all this much.. I don’t ‘like’ Iran.  But, we have been warned by nations that have their heads on, that we have lost all wisdom and prudence.    I have had so many prophetic dreams of coming invasion on US soil, and the more I watch Obama and the weak GOP, the more I see we are wide open to attack on all sea-boards, the gulf, the Port of Los Angeles, plus the fact that we have serious treachery from within. 

  We are a nation that has *NO* moral compass. NONE.   I have heard many people say “bomb Iran”.   This is stupidity speaking.  There are other nations involved & allied with Iran.   America is NOT the ‘big guy on the block‘ anymore. We are one of the  weakest nations and certainly one of the most debaucherous.     Anyone that has read “Sun Tsu, The Art Of War”, knows that a nation and their military MUST be moral. We are not. We have queers/sodomy and even beastiality in our nation as well as military.

How many of you are willing to attack Iran at the risk of being invaded on our own soil? Its not worth it. 

As far as Israel: God is supposed to be the protector of Israel, NOT man.  It is time for Israel to turn to GOD.

“The US has unfortunately lost wisdom and prudence in dealing with international issues. It depends only on power,” the media quoted Salehi as saying.

H/T QV: Moscow warns against attacking Iran

I don’t ‘like’ R.T., but people had better WAKE UP.