Do You REALLY Want To Get Rid Of Leftism (Communism?) Become McCarthyites

Do You REALLY Want To Get Rid Of Leftism (Communism?) Become McCarthyites

You read what these Communists have done throughout history in this country and wake the hell up:  First Red Scare – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I really get sick and tired of being on twitter and watching conservative people call these radical Communist-leftists ‘Libtards.’  If there is one thing I really hate, it is the underestimating of an enemy.  Especially an enemy that is destroying everything in it’s path.  You conservative people are *NEVER* going to win anything if you keep this up.

Everyone wants the govt officials to call Islam, ‘Islam-Jihad’, etc.  I don’t like Islam, either.  But, it is not Islam that has taken over the country, it is COMMUNISM/MARXISM and the more that you people refuse to name this enemy, the more they laugh their asses off at you.

It is said that Obama is waging psychological warfare on Americans. Of course he is because you are not aware of the power grab of the monster in Chief. Why are people so scared to name this piece of shit & his allies 


I’m tired of the bs.  You deserve to lose your country because you can’t even name this enemy.  They knew back then that McCarthy was right. I know he was right, YOU know he was right but still you refuse to name enemy.  

So: GO DIE, then.


#Communists @Mother Jones Should Be Investigated For Mitch McConnell’s “Bug/Tape” As Well As Judd

#Communists @Mother Jones Should Be Investigated For Mitch McConnell’s “Bug” As Well As Judd

CLICK: Mother Jones Obtains Secret Tape of McConnell Campaign Strategy Session

How did this person (the bugg’ee) know to go to Mother Jones?  Why did they go to Mother Jones? We believe that Mother Jones should be investigated. ASAP.  As well as Ashley Judd.  Convenient how she decided to not run a couple weeks back and now this tape shows up.  Out of no where..

First, they went after McConnell’s wife for being Chinese.  Now, his office is bugged?  

We believe this should be thoroughly investigated.  

Stop Communism - Use your own stuff


Communists @ The DHS Have Named 300,000 Patriots Named “Sovereign” As ‘Terrorists’

Communists @ The DHS Have Named 300K Patriots Named “Sovereign” As ‘Terrorists’

One question; Was the group known as “Sovereign” labeled as terrorists in the 1990’s?  Is the reason they are becoming more sovereign is because the government has become more Communistic and tyrannical?

We think so.

Here is the link: click.

Another link re. Sovereign:

Police teach tactics for handling sovereign citizens

Bill O’Reilly & Megan Kelly Are Enabling Communism In Homosexual Marriage ‘Debate’.

Bill O’Reilly & Megan Kelly Are Enabling Communism In Homosexual Marriage ‘Debate’.

The other day, Megan Kelly said “I’m not going to ‘kiss your butt'” to patriotic Americans re. homosexual marriage.  Kelly is for homosexual-marriage, abominable practices.  As is O’Reilly.  The ‘same sex’ advocates are not ‘winning.’  O’Reilly and Kelly enable Communism.  Making our country LOSE, even for homosexuals, who will also lose their freedom.   Communism and homosexuality were NEVER the norm in America before a couple of decades ago.  What makes it the ‘norm’ now?  


Homosexuality is a way that the Communists have broken our once sane society down.  O’Reilly and Kelly know this.  Time for them to stop this nonsense. Stop brainwashing Libertarians with this junk.  If homosexuals wish to be with each-other, g’head.  Just don’t ask people to pretend it’s normal for marriage. .

It is number 26 of the Communist Party United States of America’s 1963 Goals Necessary to bring down the Constitutional Government of America..

H/T: Present homosexuality and degeneracy as “Normal” | 

If they really think that this is ‘norm’, then show us the positive PHYSICAL attributes of this man/man, woman/woman homosexual, lesbian mess.

There is nothing normal and this is a grave dis-service to homosexuals, this suffering by enabling.

#1. The parts dont fit.

#2. Cant reproduce humans.

#3. Severe buttocks/anal afflictions in homosexual males

End of ‘debate’.

Foot notes:

Please advise us all of the positive, physical, healthy, benefits of homosexuality.Can you prove this was the ‘norm’ in USA.  If so, when did it start?

Can you show where Communists have not used homosexuality to not further an agenda of anti freedom.


Can you disprove this:
Communist Manifesto Number
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Communist Obama-Naming Religious People As “Extremists”-Repeat Of Communist Russian Tactics

Obama is a Communist.  Now using the US Army to name patriot, Religious people as “Extremists”  More proof of his Communism can be read in searches “Bolshevik Revolution”.

Lenin tried to make Russian society communist:

  • Banned all religion, destroyed churches, synagogues and killed priests.
  • A Labour Law gave workers an 8-hour day, unemployment pay and pensions.
  • Free love, divorce and abortion were allowed.

See the link, enclosed: More is reported at FoxNews as follows:

The U.S. Army listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, Fox News has learned.

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers


I woke up this morning at 3AM.  Its always about what time I feel in my heart that God wakes me up to enlightenment and truth of our very bad national situation.  That is when the mind is truly free: 3AM.   Don’t ask me why.

The Obama administration are a bunch of radical Communists and Communist enablers.  Stop calling them “Progressives”. “Progressive” is a code name for COMMUNIST and this is the reason why we have seen the DHS name Veterans and patriots “Hate groups, extremists”, etc.  Ditto The SPLC, who named over 1K patriots named as ‘haters/hate groups’ in March, 2013.  It is easy to name a person a ‘hater’ than to say “Patriot Groups against Obama,”  Right?  Mark Potok is a Communist.  If he was not a Communist, he would not work to break down & subvert dissension against a tyrannical and over-reaching government.  It is patriotic to dissent against tyranny in America. Potok would be WITH patriots, not against them/us.  The SPLC uses Obama’s race and color to call people ‘racists’, which he knows is a lie.  “The end justifies the means.”  This is why he calls patriots, ‘haters and racists’.  Just more Labeling to demonize.  Take away our humanity and they can commit genocide.  This lying pretense that everyone hates Obama just because of his color.. Truly, it’s absurd.  We hate his Communism, racial baiting, class warfare: All Communist tactics. (Plus, we dont even KNOW Obama, he came from nowhere)

The truth is the key: It’s time to stop playing games. You will just keep being defeated, every minute, day, hour.  We need to push more blogs/websites to call these liars what they are: Communists and their enablers.  If you refuse to name them what they are, you will just keep losing every single debate.  You are either a patriot who wants our Constitution restored or you are a Communist or a Communist enabler.  If you can’t handle being in the truth of this situation, than, just get out of the way & let stronger people deal with it.

The reason these Commies call you a”McCarthyite” is because he was right-and they demonized him for it, crucified McCarthy for being a patriot because they wanted Communism.   So, some peoples lives suffered because of McCarthy. So?  Better that than the WHOLE nation-which is why we are in dire straights, now.   McCarthy loved America and didn’t want to see happen what is happening now.  Its so obvious to enlightened patriots what is happening.  Look at that picture of McCarthy.  He was a FINE American.  ALL of these bullying tactics; “You’re a xeno-phobe, homophobe, racist, hater, far, right-wing, conservative”, etc.. Are COMMUNIST tactics to shame and silence you.  The ONLY way to end this war within is to expose these COMMUNISTS.  Also, calling these traitors, “Socialists” is weak. Because, Socialism is accepted.  (Social security, Social workers.)  Its not ‘accepted’ by me, but it IS in our system.. 

This blog will no longer call you conservatives or right-wingers, moderates, etc.  You are patriots fighting off the enemy within: COMMUNISM.  Our century long battle against Communists and Communist enablers.  Anything that breaks down America is an enabler of Communism.   So, you had better think about this while enabling this ‘gay’ marriage, ‘Libertarians’.   “Gay” marriage is total breakdown of American society & is one of the Communist goals of 1963 to ‘present homosexuality as normal.’   It is not the norm at all, Bill HO Reilly and Megan Kelly.  Anyone enabling Obama and his radical homosexual-marriage agenda is enabling Communism.

We are not going to be able to stop the judgements of God on our land, but being in the TRUTH is true repentance, which is what God wants from ALL American people/s.

Please copy/paste, link with my blog on your blog. Time to stop the madness and push liberty.

Communist Party Leader Jarvis Tyner: ‘Keep Pressure On Obama To Take The Offensive’

Communist Party Leader Jarvis Tyner: ‘Keep Pressure On Obama To Take The Offensive’

This is a complete moron in this video.. “Electing Obama was a huge blow to racism?”  Bullsh*t.  The nation is MORE racist than it’s ever been. Idiot!!  In fact, that is ALL ‘liberals’ talk about; racist this and racist that.  Anytime I get a post that talks about racism, I just spam it.  It has zero to do with this Commu-NAZI power grab.  Ditto blogging on Islam, day and night.  Islam sucks, we all know it, & hate it- but it is the COMMUNIST filth that have completely hijacked this god-forsaken nation.

This video just means the leftists are still not happy.  They will never get enough destruction to be fulfilled.

H/T: The Conservative Monster.


Commies+Nazis=The SAME. NAZI Chuck Hagel Endorsed By Communist Party Of AmeriKa-Koo koo, Koo koo

You really have to draw a line in the sand, you sub-human, anti-Israel slugs who call yourselves “Conservatives.”  One thing is certain: Modern day Communism and modern day Nazi-ism are in bed together to dump Israel.   If you find yourself agreeing with people that are sick in the head, chances are YOU are sick in the head..

This much I know: There is an Arab world with 295 million Arab Muslim NAZIs.  And there is a small place that everyone calls the ‘aggressor’, Israel (minority to the max) with 6.7 million people. America is the damned aggressor. Everyone everywhere knows this, now. OBAMA IS A TOTAL AGGRESSOR.  Commies, who are for multi-culture insanity have found a GREAT friend with the Nazi, ‘anti multi-culture’ gang.  Whoda thunk?  Kinda destroys their anti-white campaign. In fact, it makes the anti-white campaign look insane, now.  

 That’s why you come to alternative blogs like mine for the truth.  I am not going turn away from what I believe.  Now, Hagel gets a nod from the Commie AND….The Nazis also LOVE Hagel.  Why? To destroy Israel.  Shows me that I have always been right about these 2 fascist groups. REAL Americans support good Jews in Israel with moral support. Anti American, Anti god freaks support murderous Muslims. Nuf Sed.

Communism and Nazi-ism are both ideologies that are 100% ANTI AMERICAN. ANTI GOD. Anti wholesome.

See Hagel who is endorsed by the Commies… Would be laughable if is was fiction… Alas, it isn’t.  There is NOTHING Obama does that is sane. Here is the link.  I keep telling you there is NO difference in NAZI-ism and Communism.