WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

Communism is treachery in America.  We do NOT have to go this route.  Expose these bastards.  Print up the Communist ‘goals for America’ from 1963, Judge Herlong.  Memorize them.  Corner this opponent bastard.

Limbaugh called DeBlasio a Communist yesterday.  That’s what DeBlasio is. New Yorkers that are patriotic should get the hell out and come to Arizona, especially Italians.  MANY Italians are in Phoenix/Scottsdale.  Patriotic people have to have somewhere to go to be safe from Communist fascists.


Some of his quotes, below:  NYC Elects a Communist Mayor – The Rush Limbaugh Show 

RUSH: I am so happy I moved out of New York, folks.  I cannot begin to tell you. This guy, what did he get, 73% of the vote or something? (interruption)

Yeah, you can predict what’s gonna happen in New York.  You can literally predict it.  This guy is gonna go after the rich like they’ve never been gone after before.  That’s gonna be the sole focus of what he does.  They’re not paying their fair share. They’re gonna be paying taxes they don’t know they have.  They’re gonna be giving up money that they didn’t know they had hidden away.  This guy is gonna take everything he can from ’em.  I am so, so glad I left.  Let’s just get right down to it.  That’s what he is.  He’s a Communist. Everything’s “the collective.” Let’s just be honest about what this guy is.  There’s no two ways about it

You have no idea how right he is, New Yorkers & what a price you are going to pay. Sadly, you deserve it. Terrible city. Evil.

Rush did excellent:

He’s a Sandinista.

He’s cCmmunist,

I’m telling you, he’s a Communist.

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh.  Thank you.  You have guts.  You, Savage & Horowitz.  Thank you.  God bless.  Keep it up.  Don’t listen to the MSM, Right Wing Watch, etc.  They are Communists and they know it.  Their new term is “Progressive.” TO HIDE what they really are because Communism is treason. Anyone that knows anything about these sob Commies, knows that ‘progressive’ is just a fancy term for Communist.  Back them up against the wall. EVERYTHING they do is to destroy, kill, take, tax and totalitarian.

NAMING ENEMY WITHIN IS KEY.  BIG KEY.  Don’t believe?  Look at Senator McCarthy’s black list sometime.

They ARE Communists, stop calling them ‘liberals!’  They’re dangerous. They can be terrorists for the ‘greater good.’  They are evil.  More proof of their treachery can be found in both parties: 

Election Review: The Establishment in Both Parties Want a Repudiation of the Tea Party  (In other words: Kill, destroy, demonize, discredit, demean, defame)

#Communism Is NOT Dead. It’s Alive, In Many Countries. Marxism Is The Greatest Killing Machine On Earth

#Communism Is NOT Dead. It’s Alive, In Many Countries. Marxism Is The Greatest Killing Machine On Earth

It’s being taught in public schools. The end of socialism is Communism.  It is in both Republican and Democrat parties.  TMJ is right: Stop calling people “liberal” or “progressive”, they are Communists.  If you don’t name an enemy, you don’t win.

Part 1 & 2:


Watch the rest:  Ch Heer (Subscribe to that Youtube account)


Comments on for 24 hours, no divisiveness.


Bill O’Reilly & Megan Kelly Are Enabling Communism In Homosexual Marriage ‘Debate’.

Bill O’Reilly & Megan Kelly Are Enabling Communism In Homosexual Marriage ‘Debate’.

The other day, Megan Kelly said “I’m not going to ‘kiss your butt'” to patriotic Americans re. homosexual marriage.  Kelly is for homosexual-marriage, abominable practices.  As is O’Reilly.  The ‘same sex’ advocates are not ‘winning.’  O’Reilly and Kelly enable Communism.  Making our country LOSE, even for homosexuals, who will also lose their freedom.   Communism and homosexuality were NEVER the norm in America before a couple of decades ago.  What makes it the ‘norm’ now?  


Homosexuality is a way that the Communists have broken our once sane society down.  O’Reilly and Kelly know this.  Time for them to stop this nonsense. Stop brainwashing Libertarians with this junk.  If homosexuals wish to be with each-other, g’head.  Just don’t ask people to pretend it’s normal for marriage. .

It is number 26 of the Communist Party United States of America’s 1963 Goals Necessary to bring down the Constitutional Government of America..

H/T: Present homosexuality and degeneracy as “Normal” | 

If they really think that this is ‘norm’, then show us the positive PHYSICAL attributes of this man/man, woman/woman homosexual, lesbian mess.

There is nothing normal and this is a grave dis-service to homosexuals, this suffering by enabling.

#1. The parts dont fit.

#2. Cant reproduce humans.

#3. Severe buttocks/anal afflictions in homosexual males

End of ‘debate’.

Foot notes:

Please advise us all of the positive, physical, healthy, benefits of homosexuality.Can you prove this was the ‘norm’ in USA.  If so, when did it start?

Can you show where Communists have not used homosexuality to not further an agenda of anti freedom.


Can you disprove this:
Communist Manifesto Number
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Left-Wing Gangs In Germany: “We Love Genocide”

What is the real difference in Nazi-ism vs. Communism? The end result is genocide. Nazi-ism would be blind patriotism for country. Communism is no patriotism, but they both have the same end results. Meaning there is not much difference in either ideology.

Americans are supposed to have one ideology; Freedom and Liberty.

Violent left-wing gangs march with banners reading “We love genocide…..”  See the news, here: I thumb-nailed it so you will go to C of C C’s site..Left-wing gangs shock Germany


We’re SICK Of Muslim Fascism & Marxist Bullies! BURN THE Q’uran! BURN The Communist Manifesto!

I am SICK of these sobs! I am TIRED of these Bolshevik Marxists and Muslim Jihadi- NUTS. Like CAIR, and the ACLU.

WE HATE YOU ALL, got that? We HATE your guts:  Take your anti-American, Commie BS, your  anti-GOD, pro-allah Jihad CRAP and…



This is especially for

Bare Naked Islam, the Muslims Jihados worst enemy LOL!!!

Coming Soon:  The BURNING Of The Enemy Within.