MSNBC #Pinko Dingbat “Confederate Flag Threat To Obama”, But Nothing About Illegals OR Commies & Their UGLY Flags

MSNBC #Pinko Dingbat “Confederate Flag Threat To Obama”, But Nothing About Illegals OR Commies & Their UGLY Flags

Does anyone else get sick of the constant bullshit?  Because I do.  The protest last weekend brought out a southern Gent who is also a Marine.  He was a Marine and had Confederate flag with him.  The red, white and blue Confederate flag is a battle flag.  It is part of our history.  To me (now) it represents fighting against a tyrannical union government who forces themselves on all states.  To Commie jerk offs, it only represents slavery.  Why does it represent slavery to them?  So they can pretend to give a shit about black people–which they don’t.  IF they did, they would report the murders, rapes and robbings of the blacks who constantly perpetrate racial/hate crimes against white Americans.  They allow whites to die for the ‘greater good’ and let many blacks act like savages.

Why is there never an outrage against the illegal wetbacks & their ugly, bad taste in flags??  Because they need to give them amnesty so that they will have 11/20 million potential Democrat/Communist voters.  You blacks that support the Democrat party are just used.  But, you are also takers.  So, you deserve to be politically abused like yesterday’s garbage.  The MSM says nothing about the Commie flags at Demo-rallies.  Communists are anti-redemptive murderers who should be killed in defense of the collective…


She is a jackass. The only threat IS Obama.

We, here on my website like almost all American flags.  Except the Commie flags that are flown at Democrat rallies.  Which should be BANNED forever.  You may not like the Dixie states–that’s your affair, but at least they are not COMMUNIST traitors.

College Wants To Remove Black Mans Confederate Flag In His Window..& Young Girl SUSUPENDED For Wearing Confederate Flag

This is what he says:

My college wants me to remove my Confederate Flag from my window. It will not go down without a FIGHT!!!

He is also tired of the constant Communist, race-hustling bullshit.


Here is a young lady who got SUSPENDED for wearing her Confederate Flag:

Here in Amerika, WE IS OK with the foreign, ugly WETBACK flag, but not the Confederate flag…We is OK with that…It is perfectly OK with America-hating Americans to disrespect our national identity:

If you wonder why people hate the hell out of the USA, it is because of the Communist “Liberal” TRAITORS & back-stabbers. Period.

NOBODY respects a sell-out.

Islamic Flag OK In America; CONFEDERATE FLAG No good: ARE WE INSANE?!

View Image Some people are REAL morons; They have ZERO clue that the Confederate flag is a HERITAGE, not some ‘white supremist’ crap, so I added a few pics of black people with it, because it IS their history as well.BRING IT ON GOD.

This is the height of total insanity. This nation has lost ALL reason, and you can thank the LIBERALS/Progressives, Marxists- WHATEVER they call themselves THIS week.

  Tell ya what…. We allow this?  Then we deserve to be bombed by enemies, we deserve anything that is coming our way.  As for me and MY house? We will hang the CONFEDERATE flag now, and hang it HIGH! F-k YOU LEFTISTS. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, judgement is on the horizon, and already happening- when God allows his wrath all over America, I will not shed a tear for your treachery. Not ONE tear.  I pray now that we get it bad. We deserve it- turning our backs on our forefathers, forsaking our Christian roots, and throwing out Gods laws:



Prepare your wrath-We deserve the fate.

View Image






Southern Whites: The Marines Do NOT want You..Here Is What I Say


  Who the hell wants to be under a FALSE ‘president’ anyway? Protect your wives and children, make sure you are locked and loaded, because Obama and his black racist drek hate your guts.  It is bad enough we have been at war for 10 years with NO end in site.  I bet that Moslems are allowed, I would not even be surprised if they are going to allow illegals and minorities that want to leech off of Americans.  Screw them, they can go to hell. I have supported the Military ALL my life, I have not wavered until now. This is disgusting. I bet Obama will let these lousy sobs hang the UGLY Mexican flag in the barracks..

  Southerners are the best fighters in this nation, they are educated and bred as fine, decent people. This govt. is nothing decent. They are racist animals and neo-Nazi fascists fucks. I am so sick and tired of all of this.  When you Southerners are ready to shake this shit down, come and get with us here in AZ so we can bring LAW back to this nation. 

  If anyone says that this is NOT “fascism” they are fucking kidding themselves. the racism is against WHITE MEN.  Period.

  FASCISM: A governmental system led by a dictator (OBAMA) having complete power, (OBAMA AND HIS CZARS) forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, (OBAMA, ACLU, ADL, MMFA, SPLC) regimenting all industry, (CAR COs, BANKS) commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. (“EVIL” Whitey as new ‘enemy”)

{Just as the Jew was the ‘enemy’ in NAZI Germany, Hitler took over the banks, and car co’s, and was a racist, only in reverse, just as Obama is a RACIST.}  

Here, OBAMA you asshole, TAKE THAT:

See this crap: You won’t believe what military
thinks of historic Southern symbol

I notice in the picture below that during WW2, the Military did not seem to mind the pretty stars and bars flag…

Mexican Flag OK, Confederate Flag-NO GOOD?! WTF?!

Mexican-firsters  all over the United States of AMERICA hang their flags from Mehico.  They even hang them OVER the US flag, they push it so far, that they hang it upside down;

  OUR flag upside down. 

 The ACLeftwing Jews have had a hizzy fit, and their little panties in a wad over the Confederate Flag.  What the hell is with these wind-bags?  Hello? Secretary of War of the northern Aggression; JUDAH BENJAMIN ring a bell, you gasbags?  Or the SPLeft-wing Jews? Do you casually FORGET this fine man, plus thousands of Jewish people that fought on the side of the Confederates? 

You ENEMIES are totally whacked.  You uplift a whole people,  (mainly blacks and Mexicans now) even over your own heritage.  You make me SICK. Black people are GOD to Left-wing Jews, it is SICKENING!

These RABID, white-hating, AMERICA-HATING zero’s  have done absolutely nothing about the Mehicano flag hanging in our nation, and disregard T. Roosevelt, a “PROGRESSIVE”

In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

President Theodore Roosevelt 1919


This is just one of the reasons that if we were in a massive insurgency, you would see The Mad Jewess go to knock off these serial ass kissing enemies within FIRST.

See this ATROCITY:




 and tell them to FUCK OFF.