The Daily Koo Koo (KOS) Does Not Like My Post About Hitlery Rotten Clinton…


Second, on your dumbass claim:

8ackgr0und N015e says  That is what we are dealing with here — as naked as you can get — these people are DELIGHTED to send Americans into a meat grinder if it advances their agenda.  They don’t give a fuck who they hurt, who they kill, what they destroy.  This is beyond reckless.  This is malicious and wanton disregard for human life.   I find it hard to believe this sort of thing is not a crime.

Let’s talk ‘human rights.’  For the safety of the world:  If I was in power, there would be NO KOS, no leftists, no Bolsheviks, no Marxists, Progressives, ‘Liberals’, and anything else you bastards call yourself this week.  You would cease to exist. 

We dont give a ‘fuck’ who we hurt and destroy?”  (I am a protector of innocent babies, unborn, partial birth-you are not) It is Obama that sent our men into Libya and Egypt and destroyed their country.  As far as Syria goes, dipshit, we have NO business being there.  If the Muslims want to kill each-other, who cares. (Ditto our feelings with GWB, 43.)

Now, back to what I feel for Hitlery Sodom Clinton: