BREAKING NEWS Gen. Paul Vallely: Impeach Obama For #Benghazi Cover-Up

BREAKING NEWS Gen. Paul Vallely: Impeach Obama For Benghazi ‘Cover-Up’

But, we can’t impeach him because it’s racist.  Fact:  If Obama was a white man, he would have been forced to resign.   Which is what Obama should do instead of putting us through impeachment.   But, he won’t do that because he da bro.


More Obama Purge? U.S. Navy Commander Found Murdered In Hotel

More Obama Purge? U.S. Navy Commander Found Murdered In Hotel

The big brass that are purged or in this case, murdered…Are they the type patriots who refused to fire on US citizens when the time comes?  Obama has a large dead pool: Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’

Commander Doss was the man who interrogated Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who during the interrogation purportedly admitted to being the mastermind behind 9-11.  Read more at AJNnews

ATTENTION Boston Globe Writer, Jeff Jacoby’s Son, Caleb Jacoby Is Missing. Please See:

Boston Globe Writer, Jeff Jacoby’s Son, Caleb Jacoby Is Missing. Please See:

If you have seen Caleb Jacoby, please call the number below:

Frantic Search for Missing Teenage Son of Boston Globe Columnist Jeff Jacoby

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Patriot Blaine Cooper Tells Obama & Liberals To F*ck Off & Burns Qu’ran

Patriot Blaine Cooper Tells Obama To F*ck Off & Burns Qu’ran

And, he lives a mile or so away–it’s good to have great patriots as neighbors:

Cooper is the patriot who stood up to McCain at the City Hall in Prescott, AZ:

-David Ben Moshe

PS:  Here is MJ’s parody of “Burn the Qu’ran”

NYC: Did Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” By Beating A Black Man Dec 1st?

Did The Religious Jews Finally Respond To “Knock Out” Beating A Black Dec 1st?

Hoax? Hasidic Jews supposedly beat a black man in Brooklyn, NYC.  What do you think?  Did they do this to set an example? Or, is this black man making this up as we have seen with so many fake ‘hate crimes’?

The black man in this video seems to think that you should not be allowed to hit people like this and get away with it.  He called this a ‘hate crime.’ He says ‘we’re all equal.’   Did anyone tell him that his folks get away with these type crimes, daily?  I see that “Your Jewish News” [underneath link] calls the Shomrim a ‘vigilante group’, but they don’t call the black ‘knock out’ males, vigilantes.  Interesting.

Click- Members of Orthodox Jewish vigilante group Shomrim beat black man in Williamsburg and call him f****t

If this did happen and its not a hoax, perhaps blacks had better start rethinking their positions in beating whites, Jews and Asians because there are bound to be ramifications at some point.

-David Ben Moshe

#GoodNews: Skinny White Boy Brutalizes A Son Of Obama.

#GoodNews: Skinny White Boy Brutalizes A Son Of Obama.

This white kid slam dunks a son of Obama.  Made my day.

Via Email – courtesy Rolph:

Skinny White Boy Knocks out A ‘son of Obama’  (Click to see  full screen in the link)


Dis be racis…!

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

US Military Should Give Obama 48 Hours To Get Out

The military in Egypt have given Mohammed Morsi 48 hours to get out, as millions protest.  Morsi’s only care is pushing the Muslim Brotherhood on them instead of fixing the massive unemployment problem or the 2nd problem the masses are complaining about, lack of security.   As of this writing, about 10 of those 48 hours remain. Of course, the next tyrant that they pick wont be any better. There are no George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s or James Madison’s in Muslim countries.
Are the Egyptians far more patriotic than Americans?   They gave their dictator a chance and no see that the only thing he is concerned with is greater power.  In the US, we have a president up to his elbows in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP including FOX Washington reporter, Rosen, and most recently NSA spying on average American & one scandal after the next. Wait—since then, IRS parties and other wastes have come to light, just like another department did about 1 year ago. Remember the GSA fraud and waste? Yet there is barely a peep from the American people or our useless congress, who are there only to get themselves elected once again.
If the Egyptian people can riot, why cant Americans? If the Egyptian military can give Morsi 48 hours to get out, why cant the American military do the same here?
-David Ben Moshe

The Banana Republic Of America

The Banana Republic of America Posted by David Ben Moshe-

The United States rose to the top of all countries, like a comet. A country with no ancient traditions but with plenty of tough pioneer spirit, conquered the westward march, invented most modern inventions and put a man on the moon. Then like all previous empires, we didn’t learn a thing from the previous ones that collapsed.
It wasn’t enough that we were the greatest nation that the world ever saw. We had to fiddle with it. We gave equal rights to savages. That wasn’t enough, so we gave them special rights. We still weren’t finished. In 1965, we changed our immigration policy so that even more savages and dumbbells came flooding in here by the millions. Of course, our home grown and new dumbbells couldn’t keep up, so we lowered standards, not once, but over and over for them. We gave up on our native language, religions, and culture to accommodate them. Corporate greed ran amok. Manufacturing was sent to Asia for cheap labor that our labor couldn’t compete with, while the salaries of executives went through the roof. Meanwhile, the middle class was in the process of being killed off. A nation that manufactures nothing is nothing.
We punished those who spoke out against this insanity by scaring them with silly names of racist, nativist, xenophobe, homophobe and Nazi. If you were unhappy with the new America, you were an outcast, a crazy person, not to be listened to. Even so called conservatives and conservative talk show hosts can only touch the fringes of this. If they spoke the truth, their sponsors would quickly get cold feet and bolt.
Well, we have even sunk lower than that. We are famous for our manufacturing of Kleenex and very little else. We import much and export little. Our schools cant teach and our children cant learn. We reward illegal aliens by the threat of making them citizens. We are the only nation in the world that places no value on its citizenship, the only nation that lets an illegal have a baby here, that automatically becomes a citizen. We fight wars that we don’t win but let them go on for years, treating our boys like cannon fodder. We have massive debt, 17 trillion and unfunded liabilities in the godzillions. Our legal system is a joke, and suing someone is like winning the lottery. We have multiple murders daily, usually black on white crime but also Hispanic on white crime and the white majority is even afraid to speak out. Finally, we have a government steeped in multiple stages of corruption and that’s just what is known so far. Imagine what is just under the surface. You can also imagine what is going on in state and local levels if the federal government is any indication.
We have lost our pioneer and ‘We can do it’ spirit and now the nation is full of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ people. We aren’t a third world nation. We are a banana republic and deserve no less.
-David Ben Moshe