Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Thailand Govt Shooting Pro-Freedom Protesters. USA Will Side With Imperial Govt

Now that we have seen what is happening in Kiev, Ukraine (Which has descended into chaos lead by EU/America: Commies fighting Nazis fighting Euromaidan fighting civilians)  We have to look at the scenario in Thailand where true, anti-violent protesters, who are oppressed by  the Thai government are trying to rid the country of tyranny.  This protest has NOT been lead by NATO/USA leaders with their agents.  It is much like the American Tea-party in their beginning stages, 2009-2010.

A protest leader killed in a shooting at hands of reds..

The NYSlimes (Always on the wrong side) is yammering:

BANGKOK — Hundreds of thousands of people were blocked from voting on Sunday as antigovernment demonstrators obstructed polling places in Bangkok and southern Thailand in a campaign to ‘suspend’ democracy and replace Parliament with an unelected “people’s council.” More:  Thai Protesters ‘Disrupt’ Early Voting in South

(They are not wanting to suspend ‘democracy’, they want a tyrant gone)  Thailand has its own currency, this situation is nothing like the issue in Ukraine.)

Look how complicit NYTimes is in their wording, calling protesters ‘undermine.’

Click: Continuing Unrest Could Undermine Thailand’s Economy

EU official urges political dialogue  Why is EU there??  None of their business. Thailand is INDEPENDENT/SOVEREIGN. This means that soon America will be involved if not already.  QV believes America is already in the mix, look for his comments.



DEM Congressman, Gauthier Caught Having Sex With 17 Yr Old Boy~Where’s The SAME Outrage Against This PEDO As Left Has For Akin

Filthy, debaucherous Democrat bastards.  Akin says something WAY out of context and asked to leave race. I understand that.  But this PIG is doing little boys. TYPICAL Dem.




Caught: Police revealed that a Minnesota’s Representative Kerry Gauthier had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy.

Read more: FILTH.

Al Queda-Lovin OBAMA & The DEMOCRATS Are Pushing For Syrian Invasion, They Want WW3 W/ RU & CH

These people need to DIE, just die.



First Egypt (Now the radical, Al Queda Muslim bro’hood is in charge of Egypt), then Libya, (Now the radical, Al Queda Muslim bro’hood is in charge of Libya)


The DEMOCRATS want to invade Syria who is allied with Russia and China.  Remember when they pretended to champion against the Iraq war?  Remember how they called the GOP “war-mongers?”  You all know now, that they were FULL OF SHIT.

They are WORSE than the war-loving GOP. Way worse.

‘Champions’ for ‘leaving countries alone?’



US Democrats Push For Syria Invasion