It’s Nazi Pelosi’s Birthday~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY B*TCH! � Pelosi Celebrates 70th Birthday With Health Bill Signing, Cake.

Take a nice Slap, from WE THE PEOPLE.


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Right-wingers are Un-educated according to Media Matters Bloggers

Steyn attacks “the educated left” as among the “threats to Jews in the world today”

by NiceguyEddie (15 minutes ago) 1   Well… seeing how the educated Right is to small in number to be a threat to anyone
{Dumbass Eddie, it is SMALL (r) and TOO, NOT ‘to’.}
Well… I take that back.

ASSAULT: They’re well funded enough to keep misinfomring the UNeducated Right,

..who are in fact VERY LARGE in number.

Wow, new word?  “Misinformring” ShockedElite left wing Snobbery.

IMHO <The stupid Jerks Website- this is where YOU, too, can get ‘edumacated’

Well, so much for YOU/us all being dumb.. Has it escaped “NiceGuyEddie” that he cannot even spell, let alone carry on 2 hours away from being a treasonous rat bastard?

Now….on for the ADL spew that is totally UNCALLED for…the “Jew remarks” over there;

by AB-001 (1 hour and 22 minutes ago) 4   Like all the educated Jews who lean left?

The more this clown defends Rush’s weasel-worded anti-Semitism, the more patronizing he becomes. {ME:} There was ZERO ‘anti-semitism’ in Rush’s statement, and Norman Podhoretz is WITH LimbaughThe underlying message he sends out is “Jews” are a frail group under siege from Islamic extremists and liberals and don’t understand what threatens them, The only obvious solution is have the Israel lovin’ Rush defend those poor misguided Jews. {ME:} It is too bad that we can’t send YOU, jackass, a nice Jihad-Jelly Sandwich, you know about Islam as much as you do that Obama is a “Christian”

That may not be (in their minds) anti-Semitism;{ TRUTH:} {HE IS NOT AN ANTI-SEMITE, YOU TOTAL MOONBAT} it may actually be an honest opinion on their part. But it is patronizing, discussing “the Jews” like a third person apart from mainstream, who need good conservative thinkers like Steyn and Limbaugh to take up their defense.{My thoughts:} Real Jews have STRANDED the left wing, knowing that Democrat FASCISTS hate their GUTSAtlas Shrugs: Obama: Lethal for Israel

Now if those Jews start complaining about a Christmas tree or their kids singing “Silent Night” in public schools, how fast would these guys switch from “protecting” Jews to denouncing “liberals” who want Christmas eliminated from the public schools? {My thoughts:} OK, look asshole… YOU left Wing self-hating Jews in name only have been messing with Christmas, because the TRUTH is, you are ATHEISTS. Jewish people have written OVER 35 Christmas songs, The leading “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin- which probably makes YOUR ass foam at the mouth, AB-ZERO. 

Who would those “liberals” be? Jews like me and these clowns know it. We know folks from Limbaugh’s organization reads these things; certainly his defenders read it as well. Kids, tell your boss to be honest…or would that mean bye bye to $400 million?

So, we are all UN edumacated.. Liberal Jews NEED the ‘left wingers?’ (like a hole in the head) and they are still ranting about Limbaugh, who made an anti-semitic remark, which he didnt. 

Just another day at Soap Opera Central, and how you right wingers never ‘report truth in the media..’ The comedy in all of this is, I really don’t personally like Limbaugh, but this is NOT right, this character assasination!

Desperation has set in @ MOVEON.ORG~ “Rally for OBAMACARE”-Martial Law coming?

Emergency Rallies for Democratic Backbone

MoveOn members are organizing emergency rallies in communities across the country on Tuesday, January 26 to urge Democrats to show some backbone — starting with passage of a real health care reform bill.

Find your closest rally »


*******Let me tell you something, people, STAY FAR AWAY from these people.  FAR AWAY.  They WILL get agressive, and YOU will land yourself in Obama-Prison.  These are dangerous, and desperate people, not for ‘healthcare’ gimme a break…look here: Send Help to Haiti  They only want Obama and the fascists to do what they say, so they can stay IN power.  They ARE pushing for violence, people, and Martial Law, make NO mistake, that is what they are up to. So WATCH OUT., let the left wing go to jail, you WATCH OUT.

Look at their other sponsers, for ie below..there is NO way that you can get ME to believe that VAN JONES is out of the scene, with in on this.  Listen up:




Escalante, who will be arraigned Jan. 11, faces life in prison on the first-degree felony charge involving the death of 17-year-old Charlie Guzman. No further information was immediately available about Guzman, a juvenile.

WHAT IS UP WITH OUR COUNTRY?! We help these damned ILLEGALS, and they murder our people. They need to get OUT of this nation.  How many more AMERICANS have to die before we WAKE UP!


CLICK here: Angry Mob of Racist Extremists Beats Black Man at Town Hall Meeting

(Thanks to Thomas A, from PATTERICO’s website.  Please post it, people must start GETTING that basically if you are not a sick pig-monster LIBERAL, you are just one of us peons that Pelosi shits on.)

I guess the Democrats were right after all. At a town meeting held by a Democrat congressman, a rowdy group of organized and angry thugs showed up to make a point about ObamaCare, and then beat up a man. Race was involved, too: the victim was black — attacked by a man yelling racial slurs.

It’s every Democrat talking point you’ve read about in the last day or two, come to life in an ugly fashion.

With one twist.

 The black victim was a conservative, and the assailants may well have been union thugs:

Kenneth Gladney, a 38-year-old conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with “Don’t tread on me” printed on them.

He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room of the St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was waiting to be treated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face that he suffered in the attack. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started.

“It just seems there’s no freedom of speech without being attacked,” he said.

Not when you have angry mobs of left-wing extremists around . . .

Government FASCISM   against conservatives.

These FASCISTS… “punching back”:

’s agenda will get your ass beaten.