ACLU & Far Leftist Groups Defeated Mental Health PROTECTION Law In CT Just Months Before CT Shooting

CLICK & read:  ACLU & Far Left Groups Defeated Connecticut Mental Health Protection Laws Just Months Before Shooting


I have worked with mental patients at great length and for many years in the 1990’s.  There is NO such thing as ‘rights’ when a mental patient is out of their mind.  They don’t even know what they’re doing. You have to medicate them, with or without their ‘permission.’


How stupid can these people be??  CT does not have INVOLUNTARY OUTPATIENT.   Involuntary outpatient /or/ inpatient (in) is when the patient may have to be admitted to psychiatric care at the hospital by diagnosis or (out) watched around the clock in the rehab (by diagnosis) or home by professionals because he/she is a danger to others and himself.  When a patient like this, is this far gone, psychiatric care in the hospital is really the only alternative. A parent really cannot handle this type insanity.

I hope you assholes are happy.. This is what you have created:  A violent society.  And, in this violent society that you CREATED, you don’t even have the decency to help heal and medicate individuals who are succumbed to your craziness & Marxist madness.. AND, you deprive persons of their faith!  Why not face the fact before you get started?  Your Bolshevism/Progressivism is a FAILURE.

ACLU is also against Christianity and prayer. They are behind EVERY SINGLE ousting of prayer and banning of spirituality in public.  They must be brought up on charges, their ‘rights’ completely revoked, their org shut down and they should be charged with manslaughter and murder.


Modern Communism & NAZI-ism, ISLAM Are The SAME~Loughner Proves It-Proof They Are Parallel

BOTH ARE THE SAME.  You have all read now that this demented far leftist, Loughner-Marxist-NAZI was a reader of The Communist Manifesto as well as Mein Kampf.  He is living proof that both modern day movements are the SAME thing.  

  These examples below of how the left wing is also NAZI are unmistakeable, parallel ideologies. There is NO escaping this reality.  As long as I live, I will do everything I can in my power to root out this enemy of America.  Neither ‘ideologies’ are acceptable in this nation and must be EXPUNGED.  It is totally obvious that both ‘ideologies’ are very sick and demented, anti-American.  I believe both ideologies have come in from NAZI Germany and Bolshevik Russia, for they are the same in thought-this evil modern movement.  At any rate: Both of these psychopathic movements will meet together (which they have, Loughner is proof positive) and eventually want the death of patriots, Christians and right-minded Jews. Dont ask me why the serial hatred of the PEOPLE of Israel, I dont know why. It has to be just an anti-God, anti-Jesus, anti-Christian ‘ideology’.

Communism & NAZI-ism are the same:  Both are anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-religious Jew/Spiritual Jew.  To be part of either leftist movements, you suffer from these disorders (severely:)

  • The #1 on the hit parade: You must hate Israel no matter what/or you are painted as some traitor. Very few on either side are supporters of the PEOPLE of Israel.  Both Commie/left and NAZI (fake rightists) are very sick individuals, even will align themselves with enemies like Ahmadinejad against America, (have sympathy for Muslim terrorists as well, like Bin Laden). They also think that our Military are ‘occupiers’. Typical leftist/fake rightist propaganda. BOTH also love this Assange character. I dont know why.  Commie-NAZI-ism is an evil sickness.
  • EXTREME racism. (Segregated, hyphenated Americans ie “African-Americans, Mexican-Americans” -NAZIs are like this as well as leftists, there is no difference in these people. NAZIs want to know right away what your roots/nationality is. Many Americans started asking  honest questions about minorities after the election of BHO, but they are NOT severe racists by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Must HATE Born-again Christians, consider them an enemy as well as right minded, patriotic or religious Jews.  This is a MUST.  They have to paint you as some ‘traitor’. However, THEY are the traitors of God. Traitors of real Christian faith & basic American principles. Terms “Israel-firster, flag-waving” is cited often in this evil brainwashing rhetoric.
  • Paganism/atheism is OK and even good. It is acceptable to both disorders. Worship of self, and in the fake rightists case ‘ODIN’ a FALSE ‘g’od.  Same thing.
  • PRO-HOMOSEXUAL, on the left, because they need to push for the bogus civil-rights, just to get more votes. On the NAZI (fake rightists) to gain more momentum. On the fake right, as long as you are anti-Israel and “anti-“ZOG”, a coined term by fake rightists and leftists. Perfect example is Ron Pauls recent repeal of DADT. If you are a blatant homosexual, the NAZI movement will like you fine, IF you are a Christian-hater/Israel/Jew-hater.
  • MUST be an affluent propagandist against religious, God-fearing, patriotic people. Especially good in anti-Israel, “ZOG” propaganda. You MUST also bring up the USS Liberty as a tool to cripple and paralyze-but the truth is; America was NOT an ally with Israel until 1976, the USS Liberty tragedy occured in 1967, look it up yourself. You will not EVER hear of this fact as they slam this in your face.    You MUST hate the PEOPLE of Israel and call them “Talmudist-devils”, “ZOG” &  “false prophet-Christians”. Terms “Israel-firster, flag-waving” are used by fake rightists & leftists.  -You MUST be excellent on both sides of the coin ‘labeling Americans’ and painting them in the worst light possible. You must be very good in brainwashing masses and putting out propaganda, which is, ANTI-American. {Americans did not ever put out this type propaganda, unless we were at war.}
  • MUST care about Muslim/Jihadists,  & G. Zero, as well-Ron Paul is evidence alone- You MUST care more for the happiness of the Muslims more than you care, for Christians and right minded Jews.
  • You MUST call Christians, “X-TIANS”.  As to devalue their faith
  • You MUST want a blood bath in America to occur to have 1 of the 2 below:

(BTW: Patriotic Americans do NOT ever ‘want’ a blood bath to occur, they see it as a LAST resort. Commies and NAZIs (fake rightists) want a blood bath, period)

  1. A Communist, big government nation with total predjudiced chaos.


  1.   National Socialism-NAZI that has NO government and total chaos.

You MUST want a very un-natural, and evil nationalism that is NOT founded on American principles.


Both of these movements must be ousted from America. Both are radical, and anti-American.

Both ‘ideologies believe that:

  • A. Communism works


  • B. NAZI-ism works.  BOTH are failures.

True-blooded Americans know that no matter how terrible it gets; They know that our God-given rights, established by the founders of this nation are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These ideas were exclusive only to America. Founded in much trevail and prayer by wonderful Christian men. If you suffer from these things above: SEEK HELP. You are SICK and very unbalanced.





Where Is Gore? Because It Is SNOWING In GA 4 The 1st Time Since 1882


Atlanta’s First White Christmas Since 1882

  Uhhhh…..Oh, ALLLL…Where are you?  Huh, sugar? This is ‘global warming’, AL?   You know, AL, you’d be half good if ya weren’t half bad.  You all know that this global warming shit is a lot of hot air-for real, right?  I wish this bag-of-baked-wind would be forced to confess the truth about this HOAX!!!

From Revelations 3:16 in the N.T.: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.



Want To Make The Obamas Really Angry?

You deserve a break today, so get up and get away….  Woohoo! 

This is what I suggest:

Go to fullsize imageTake the kids out this weekend. Knock yourself out, buy a nice Hot fudge Sundae for patriotic purposes. A real one, with all of the fattening nuts, cherry, whipped cream, etc..

Go to fullsize imageMake sure to add in a nice, American hot dog, with all the fixins.. relish, mustard, hell-add some chilli, cheese- do your patriotic duty this weekend to stand against tyranny!  You can always give your kids the boring veggies on the weekdays.

Go to fullsize imageI, personally have not had a snickers bar for years, or even a candy bar-but spend that extra 80 cents and let your child really have a wonderful weekend filled with the most fun foods in the planet.  I’ll tell ya, if you do this, your kids will have weekends they will never forget for the rest of their lives, they will talk about it when they are in their 40’s.

Go to fullsize imageIf you cant do all of these things at ones, this is my biggest suggestion;  Mickey D’s. This is sure to piss the Obamas off beyond measure, since they are screwing McDonalds, even seeking to oust the old Clown Mascot for their Marxist happy horse-shit.

Go to fullsize imageLastly, don’t forget to make sure this weekend, after church or whatever you do on Sunday or Saturday; Don’t forget to go to a playground!! Even if they are pre-teens, push them on a swing, read them a funny story and sing God Bless America. 

As you can tell by these videos below… America is a ‘racist’ nation (sure-eyeroll) These videos are from 1971:

Bed Bug Epidemic: Day-Traders: Be Smart, Buy Stock In PEST CONTROL

Worst Bed Bug InfestationI am dead serious about this. Buy stock in bed bug fumigation.  The bed bug situation is OUT OF CONTROL and will get worse as more and more illegals from South of the border come in, as well as illegals from other nations that are 3rd world.  The rest of you, buy ‘OFF’ and put it on if you go to motels/hotels, etc.  These bugs do massive damage.

See:  Reagan Building bedbugs: Pest control team dispatched to USAID offices

See also my posts that nobody else cares to give a damn to cover: 

UPDATE! Last Night, FOX News FINALLY Covered The SNAFU BedBug

The Obama War On McDonalds~This Is Why The Obamas Are Attacking The Happy Meal..

Ronald McDonald was survivedThey want to destroy the fast food industry because they are franchises.  They want to destroy the private sector that employs so many.  That’s why the dems complained that Bush created “fast food jobs” and why Michelle is making the fast food industry out to be the villains to our health.  Fast Food is an always on-going industry, so the dems are killing them.  Says my Blogger-buddy Pancake.

SEE:  ObamaCare Forces McDonalds to Drop Health Insurance

  This is the reason why Manchelle Obama is talking veggies.. They are Fascist-Nazis that want control of your childs Happy Meal.. This is how hateful these bastards REALLY are.  Kids are not fans of veggies.. Parents make children eat them because they are good for you. But a once a month treat to McDonalds was always fun.  Who knows? Maybe in our time we will see the end of McDonalds as the Obamas shove wet spinach down our throats—rat bastards.

See this too, “Childs nutrition bill stalls in the house”:


Brewer Fighting Off Americas MOST Oppressive Regime In History AND The U.N.?! Brewer For President!

Arizona Governor Jan BrewerSee this DICTATOR/FASCIST In Chief Has Handed Over AZ & 22 U.S. States To United Nations?! WTF!

And..Look at all of these links below. Our governor here in Arizona is one of the most gutsiest people I have ever encountered. We met her the other day in Prescott, AZ.  This is one tough woman. God Bless Jan Brewer. She IS a leader.

  Toss the Palin girl, too many hang-ups.  IF we are to have a woman for a Prez, Jan Brewer is IT. This woman has more testosterone that most men that have been emasculated, on purpose, by left wing Bolsheviks and the Marxist feminist Gestapo.

Jan Brewer to Obama Admin: Withdraw that UN Human Rights Report …

Brewer condemns report to UN mentioning Ariz. law – Yahoo! News

Arizona Ethnic Studies Law Signed By Governor Brewer, Condemned By …

Gov. Jan Brewer condemns report to the United Nations mentioning …

Hot Air » Brewer blasts Obama over submission to UN specifying AZ …

Governor Brewer takes on the United Nations, The US Department of …


See this: Migrants turn to the sea to enter U.S. illegally


Lou Dobbs 6/28-Talks On “Obama Transparency” <<LOL~Sure…

Lou dobbs is a great man & patriot that was silenced by the FAR LEFT, called a racist, (even though he is married to a MEXICAN) and ousted off of CNN by:

Media Matters for Communists: Hannity, Dobbs baselessly claim Obama and Democrats are not “committed to securing our borders” This article, particular funny to me, considering that NO President or administration wants to close our borders, kick the ILLEGALS out, not Bad Borders Bush, not Clinton,  who opened them wide, and definitely NOT Obama who creates more division than any President EVER, by pushing for a lawsuit against Arizona.   Just out of curiousity, all of you g’d left wing SCHMUCKS, when were you silenced under Bush? You weren’t.  You called Bush a “fascist”, and you were wrong, Obama IS the fascist, and you don’t give a shit, because it’s not fascism when YOU do it.

Well, we’re starting to see some of that transparency that then Senator Obama promised he’d usher into the White House. Problem is, that what we are seeing is just a disgusting distortion of what leadership is supposed to look like in the country.